How to get too reliable in bed and improve sex quality

How to get free in bed.

, How to get too reliable in bed and improve sex quality

The theme of freedom in sexual relations worries both family, long -established couples, and men and women who have just begun to know each other in bed. Snowing, fear of losing, fears and complexes about your body – all this prevents you from fully enjoying intimacy. The host of sex training Yulia Gayvoronskaya talks about the listener of her courses, who did not allow her husband to consider Vulva during oral caresses addressed to her. She literally made him close his eyes, because she believed that her genitals looked unattractive. Excessive accentuation on the beauty of the body often causes clamps in sex, excessive tension in bed and interference in emotional connection.

Defeat complexes due to appearance

Men are not particularly worried about the fact that their forms are not too athletic, but very worried about the size of the penis. We can say that this is the main male complex in bed – a fear not to satisfy a woman because of a modest size. The strong half of humanity should study female physiology and understand that the girls receive maximum stimulation during classical sexual intercourse not so much from the fullness of the vagina, but from the correct angle of the member. Even with a small penis, it is possible to find a position in which it will affect the za G located on the front wall of the vagina maximally as possible.

The girl can experiment herself, sitting in the pose of the rider and, twisting her hips, determine how in what position the member adjacent to this area – lean forward or excite the ass: the bend of the vagina is also different for everyone, so you need to look for your own option. Many women feel better in contact with a mission in a missionary position with their feet raised to their shoulders.

Female complexes most of all concern excess weight, chest shape and type of external genitalia. They are especially inclined to get nervous in the girl’s bed after childbirth, experiencing that the role of mother and their changed body do not give them sexuality. In this case, a good idea will begin the way to accept himself new, because a person is constantly changing. If you can’t switch to sexual thoughts, wiping a mixture of a mixture for a baby from a home dressing gown, you should change your perception. You can put on a specially purchased body-chubs on the whole body with cuts in intimate areas to indicate the transition from the role of mother to the role of a mistress.

It will be useful to immerse into the world of body positive: there are enough profiles in social networks in which girls demonstrate their imperfect bodies and write about how their intimate life is formed – for example, accounts on Instagram @asyalunegova and @ekaterinaxiiii.

Take sex as a source of joy

How many neurosis, internal clamps and problems in sex creates education, in which everything related to sexual life and genitals is declared dirty, soulless and unworthy. Girls are embarrassed to try something more than standard sexual intercourse in the dark under the blanket, men put in the category of unacceptable some poses and intimate practices. For example, other youths seriously consider the pose of Doggi-Steel the embodiment of debauchery worthy of only women of commercial sex.

Girls who have this kind of barriers can start with small steps – for example, put one small candle, which will not allow you to see too much in a cozy dusk. And further add one candle to the existing one, enhancing lighting. Gradually, constraint will come to naught, and the pleasure of contemplating your own intimate game will increase many times the pleasure.

Excellent practice for men and women will be the study of their own body: the understanding that nudity is not at all sinful, will gradually allow you to liberate in bed. Alone, you need to undress, study all your characteristics, try to engage in masturbation in front of the mirror or just caress yourself.

It is worth listening to your partner-that which brought pleasure for many years in a row can get bored, and ignoring the requests of his half to change the pose, use toys and some new practices can quite sow thoughts in the wrongness of their desires and provoke clamps in intimate games.

A great option would be to visit an erotic massage session for two – observing your partner from the side in such an intimate environment can give a lot of bright emotions and designate ideas how to liberate in bed.

Remove a sense of duty from sexual relations

To end at all costs, test the vaginal orgasm at all costs, bring the girl to Squirt – all these “programs” create excessive tension and interfere with fully enjoy the sensations. Many women are familiar with the situation when a man licks them before numbness in the clitoris, although they have already received all the necessary emotions, and the poor fellows have to literally rape themselves and depict the climax. Orgasm is not at all a mandatory point in sexual intercourse, a marker of the quality of intimate relationships – the satisfaction of both partners. Some women generally end only from the solo of masturbation, and intercourse with a man brings them a sense of tenderness and relaxation.

Men should get rid of the fear of bursting in front of a woman: someone is familiar with the situation of misfires with an erection with severe excitement. For the stronger sex, it would be a revelation that many women consider such an incident a circumstance that flatter their pride – after all, this is a sign that the partner is very attractive and important for this man. In any case, you can simply honestly say: “I got worried, I’m sorry,” and enjoy hugs, kisses and delicate massage.

There are actually a lot of ways to get too reliable in bed, but the most important point in this regard remains the trust and attention of the partners of the arcs to a friend, as well as the unconditional love for oneself.

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