How to learn how to do not finish for a long time during sex. Defense of ejaculation

How long can not end in bed with a woman?.

, How to learn how to do not finish for a long time during sex. Defense of ejaculation

The more often a man satisfies a partner in bed, the stronger the relationship. Female orgasm – capricious phenomenon. So that a woman can finish, a lover should not only excite her, but also provide a long sexual marathon.

Statistics show that the average duration of sexual intercourse in most love couples does not exceed 7 minutes. This is very little. For such a short period of time, a woman will not even have time to start properly, not to mention the desired orgasm.

How long should sexual intercourse last?

Sexologists argue that ideally, the duration of intimacy (not counting the prelude) should be at least 10 minutes, and even better-25-30 minutes. Given that about 80% of men do not perform such feats in bed, a huge number of women remain unsatisfied.

Of course, the problem can be solved. For this, a man should know how long to end during sex. Possessing the necessary information and putting it in practice, it will be possible to increase the duration of sexual intimacy and finally make her woman happy.

Methods of extension of intimacy

Most often, premature ejaculation occurs due to sexual overexcitation. But there are other reasons for the quick onset of orgasm in a man. This is the increased sensitivity of the penis head, inexperience in sex, alcohol abuse, prostatitis, as well as stress and uncertainty in their sexual abilities.

, How to learn how to do not finish for a long time during sex. Defense of ejaculation

All these problems can be eliminated by working on yourself, your health and lifestyle.

But how to extend sexual intercourse if there seems to be no visible reasons for quick ejaculation?

Masturbation before sex

The easiest way. It is enough to satisfy yourself yourself before a date and with intimate communication with a woman, no matter how sexy she is, the desire to finish too quickly will not arise.


  • It’s nice.
  • No additional cash expenses are required.
  • Increases libido (frequent orgasms positively affect male sexual health).


  • Not suitable for a long date, since in the process of dinner and walking the sperm will accumulate again and the lust will increase.
  • If sex is spontaneous, it will not work in advance in advance.
  • The sensations from intimacy will be slightly less pleasant than usual.

Condoms with an anesthetic effect

A good choice for those who want to hide their sexual problems from a partner. If you do not tell the girl that a condom with an anesthetic, she is likely to guess anything. A special tool is applied to the inside of such an “elastic band”, which reduces the sensitivity of the penis. Outside, the condom is covered with ordinary intimate lubricant, so that the sensations of a partner in the process of proximity will not change.


  • The time of intimacy can increase by 2 times.
  • The risk of unwanted pregnancy is eliminated, and the chances of getting an infection with SPPP are also reduced.
  • Does not require preliminary preparation.


  • Manifestations of allergic reactions are possible.
  • An erection can become sluggish (if the excitement is not strong enough).
  • Not suitable for pairs who have sex for conception.


In order not to finish for a long time, you can use medications. The composition of the tablets for prolonging sexual intercourse usually includes plant components. Often such capsules have an additional effect – strengthen an erection. The tablet must be taken about half an hour before sexual contact. Blood flows to the floor dick, which is why he will stand up and will not fall for a long time.


  • High degree of effectiveness.
  • Preservation of the strength of sensations from each friction.
  • Long-term action (on average one tablet is enough for 2-4 hours of sexual activity).


  • There are side effects (be sure to study the instructions for the drug before use).
  • Not suitable for boys under the age of 18.
  • Do not use men with cardiovascular diseases.

Auto -training

Don’t be scared – you don’t have to meditate. To extend sexual intercourse and delay the onset of an orgasm, a man must think about something that is not related to sex and does not excite at all. For example, you can imagine how the last meeting was held at work, or estimate what you need to buy for the upcoming repair in the apartment. At the same time, it is advisable not to consider the sexual forms of the partner, so as not to plunge again in sexual excitement.


  • The method is suitable for absolutely everyone.
  • You can use the method several times in one sexual intercourse.
  • Improves mental concentration.


  • It may not work if the partner moves too erotic.
  • A woman should not make moans and start a man with dirty conversations.
  • If you imagine something very unpleasant, an erection may disappear altogether.

Intimate exercises

With the help of special training, you can learn to control ejaculation. To correctly perform Kegel exercise, you need to strain the muscles in the pubic-butter zone. There is a more understandable explanation – a man must imagine that he celebrates a small need and is forced to suspend the process. Reductions, each of which lasts 3-4 seconds, should follow one after another. In just one training, at least 40 approaches should be made. And you need to train every day in the morning and evening.


  • Intimate training increase sexual strength.
  • Orgasms become brighter.
  • The risk of prostatitis is reduced.


  • It takes time to achieve the result (at least a week of regular classes).
  • Low efficiency.
  • Classes cannot be missed, otherwise the result will come very soon.

Not only representatives of the stronger sex are worried about how long to end a man during sex. Many women are also looking for ways to extend sexual intercourse. But why should a man devote a girlfriend to the nuances of solving the problem, if you can cope with her on his own? Each method has advantages and disadvantages, so you should try everything to find the most convenient.

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