How to make extreme sex safe

How to make extreme sex safe.

Autumn slowly comes into its own, leaving us for the embodiment of our crazy summer fantasies for very little time. For those who want to make diversity in their intimate life something like that, we decided to give literally two tips on how to do it safely.

, How to make extreme sex safe

Think about the place in advance

We understand that passion can fly like a hurricane, but even in such a situation it is worth keeping in your head several options for sex. If you purposefully plan to play in a particular place, then try to think over unpleasant situations and ways to overcome them.

Beach. Do not forget sprays from living creatures and litter. Annoying biting off the starving insects for filed places and sand, clogging into all holes, beat off sexual mood.

Water. The most suitable water in the sea and ocean. Although it can chop and damage the condom. In the lakes and rivers you can pick up some kind of biak, and in the pool there are full disinfectants that irritate mucous membranes.

Train. It is worth spending and buying a compartment. Sex in the reserved seat – a real extreme. Only he is fraught with fines, probable injuries and numerous spectators in YouTube, where, if there is a smartphone even at the child, to get – just spit.

Airplane. Classics of sexual diversity. Select the night flight and you will reduce the nervous tapping into the cabin of the toilet where you retire, several times. And by choosing places in the very tail of the aircraft, you can avoid curious eyes, hiding under the blanket.

Toilet. No and no again. Even forget about this idea. If you do not want to be treated from an incredible spectrum of all sorts of diseases that can be picked up in this place. Although, everyone perceives extreme in their own way. Maybe this is the dream of your whole life: 5 minute pleasure with a long hospital trail.

Car. One of the most popular places. It is difficult to meet a person who has never had sex in a car. The main thing is to avoid crowded places. Otherwise, the popularity of falling on you suddenly and will not be exactly the way you would like. And, of course, in no case do not have sex while driving. 

Any public place. Here, like in an old joke: “-Why no one has sex on Red Square? – Because it would be advice for *** whether!”. This applies to all places. Be prepared for the fact that law enforcement officers, pensioners, mothers with children and other citizens unsatisfied with their personal lives will not appreciate your impulse to enjoy each other in that place and call the police.

Extreme places. By them we mean sloping roofs of houses, trees, rocks and the like. You do not want to become the heroes of local newspapers and social networks, breaking away during the process from an object inappropriate for sex. In addition to colossal injuries, you can also become a contender for Darwin’s Prize.

, How to make extreme sex safe

Take care of comfort and convenience

If you have planned a sexual adventure with the elements of extreme, do not forget to pay attention to some elements of your image with your partner.

Women should avoid trousers, stopping on skirts or dresses of short and medium length. Long outfits are desirable only if there is a convenient section from the very top. Refuse tights in favor of stockings. Panties are best – thongs. The easiest way to remove them. And even better, to dwell on, not very popular with us, but very comfortable, C-string (these are such panties without side straps). They are generally removed without difficulty and time spent.

We advise you to exclude jewelry from your wardrobe that can break, fly or scratch your partner. And make makeup to make one that after violent sex is easiest to restore. You don’t want to look like a panda.

Men in this regard is much easier. All that they need for such situations is trousers without lightning. A delicate organ reacts very painfully to any contact with this tough and prickly subject.

, How to make extreme sex safe

If you are fans of sudden passion, then carry a mini sex-tcs with you. Put in it wet and dry napkins, condoms, an antiseptic and a small tube of a lubricant (after all, most likely there will be no time for a prelude, but for dry – then “pleasure”). The same set is desirable when planning extreme sex.

, How to make extreme sex safe

Do not tighten and try to make variety to your intimate leisure. Do not forget to look into our store. We have everything, for a comfortable extreme vacation: various panties, catsuts, condoms, lubricants and even special toys that work at a distance. Come in!

, How to make extreme sex safe

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