How to surprise and give pleasure to a man in sex

How to surprise and give pleasure to a man in sex?.

, How to surprise and give pleasure to a man in sexMen, like children, rejoice in all new. And especially in intimate life. Surprising a loved one is easy if you know all his innermost desires.

And how to recognize them? Just ask. Yes, you just need to sit down and talk to a man about sex. Ask for a new one, he wanted to try what erotic fantasies excite him. Ask him to tell everything he wants and what secretly dreams of.

After the conversation, analyze the answers and improve them a little. For example, if your man has long dreamed of role -playing games where he will be the main – Buy appropriate costumes for this.

How to caress a man to excite him and get excited himself

To excite a loved one, you need to take into account its erogenous zones and know how to influence them.

The neck of men It is considered the same erogenous zone as in women. When you kiss her, try to take a breath, pouring your skin with your hot breath. This technique will act on a member as a viagra, slowly forcing it, get up.

Nipples. Many women disregard the male breast, although the stimulation of the nipples also enjoy them.

Stomach. Gradually go down from neck to stomach, covering your beloved with passionate kisses. Caress his body with your hands, breathe loudly and show with all your appearance that you are also excited.

Penis. Take it in the mouth immediately. Grease a loved one. Slightly doused the head, making circular movements throughout the diameter. Then go on the tongue on the trunk. Do not forget about testicles.

Testicles. This is the most tender and most sensitive part of the male body. With testicles you need to be extremely neat, so as not to hurt. If you want to take them in your mouth, hide your teeth and do not squeeze your skin with your lips much. This can cause discomfort. Massage them with a tongue or hands gently and gently. Any man will be ecstasy from such manipulations.

With erogenous zones now everything is clear.

But how to give pleasure and satisfy a man? How to make him remember this night forever?

As mentioned above, pleasure – This is an individual component of each person. Each of us has his own dreams and desires. However, most men have intimate desires similar.

Here are the top 5 proven ways how to drive a man crazy in bed.

  • Deep blowjob. Oh yes, every representative of the stronger sex dreams that his girlfriend will go through «Deep throat». But we can please you. Counting courses is not necessary. To learn a deep blowjob, there is enough strong desire and a video couple on the Internet. There are a lot of exercises that allow you to overcome the gags to deliver pleasure not only to the beloved, but also to get high. Believe me, the emotions that you will see on the face of a man after such a surprise will not leave you indifferent.
  • , How to surprise and give pleasure to a man in sexRole-playing games. With costumes, handcuffs and whips. To bring the guy to ecstasy, a pair of costumes, handcuffs and a good lubricant is enough. Dressed into the heroine of his sexual fantasies and let you master you. Be submissive, but at the same time passionate. It will be perfect if the game is in the process of the first item.
  • Sex toys. Our sex shop has a huge selection of erotic devices suitable for paired use. Erective rings, rotational stimulants and vibrators will not only diversify your sex life, but also deliver multiple bright orgasms to you and your man.
  • Strip or Tverk. Imagine yourself in the place of a man… Half -haired beloved girl wriggles in an erotic dance under the exciting melody. Not only the mood will rise from such a spectacle, but also a member. Lack of talent – Not a reason to give up this item. There are a lot of video lessons on the Internet that will teach you the basics of sexual dancing. Main – This is your strong desire and perseverance.
  • Be more active. Take the initiative. Put on the exciting linen and do everything you wish with him. Men are excited by passionate girls. Not always dominated by sex. By the way, according to statistics, 80% of guys complain about the passivity of their beloved in bed. Do not do it this way. Excite it, please and get pleasure from it yourself.

We have listed only five ways how to make a man pleasant in sex. As you can see, this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. And no matter how hard men did not prove that the most pleasant thing for them is in bed – This is a woman’s pleasure, they also need passion and affection. And you can give it using the listed life hacks.

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