How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex

How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex.

, How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex

Excitement in a woman is manifested by quite similar signs if she feels sympathy for a man and is ready to step towards more intimate communication. But many girls hide their sexual interest in a potential partner to the last. Even experienced womanizer can not always correctly interpret the signals of the lady, supplied consciously or uncontrollably. Then How to understand that the girl is excited and wants more than a pleasant conversation and flirting?

Unlike representatives of the stronger sex of a woman, of course, not so quickly excitable. For males, for the emergence of a desire, one simplest stimulator is enough – a beautiful lady nearby or pictures with her naked body. And no guy will hide the signs of his passionate intentions. In women, as always, everything is more complicated, and the reasons: an intricate hormonal system, a subtle psyche that reacts more selectively to the signals of males, public morality, condemning open female sexuality, etc.D. Therefore, we learn to understand whether the girl is excited by external manifestations and gestures of the body.

, How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex

External signs of excitement, read behavior

To determine whether a woman is ready to transfer relationships to an intimate plane, by several signs that are either visible to the naked eye, or tactilely tactile with a reduction in the personal space between you. The body language even an experienced lady is not able to control the clock, so there will be a chance to identify the facts of desire on her part.

Clothing and makeup

The main assistants in seduction of the opposite sex are beautiful clothes that advantageously emphasizing the virtues of the girl, and makeup, making natural contours brighter and more attractive. If this is not the first time you are meeting, and the partner’s outfit is more and more frank, then in her plans there is a checkbox at the “Sex” item. Bright lipstick, expressive aroma of perfume, chiseled claws, hairstyle, made clearly not 2 minutes before the exit – time -tested female tricks, which are clinging to prey.


As a rule, to understand that the girl was excited, you can by her gestures. They are quite typical for all seducers:

  • Cornses hair and jewelry;
  • Bells the neck;
  • bite and licks the lips;
  • wraps the curl on the finger;
  • Turning to different parts of the body, stroking them (earlobe, palm);
  • fiddling the edges of the clothes;
  • Gently touches the edges of the objects (glass, fork, table, phone);
  • sorting out objects;
  • Often changes the poses, as if it is uncomfortable.

These gestures most often indicate that the girl is nervous, and her thoughts have long come beyond the scope of the permitted. In general, any gesture of preaching suggests that she is trying to maintain external attractiveness for the interlocutor. Just don’t look at her too openly, otherwise she will be embarrassed. Frequent tinting lipsticks, views in the mirror, correction of clothes – this is it.

Pay attention to the totality of gestures, without pulling out a pair of signs from the context of behavior and situation. Some girls themselves are schematic and very scrupulous in relation to their appearance, so they constantly paint their lips, straighten their hair and change outfaces three times a day.

Another clear sign that you are not indifferent to her will be embarrassed because of the appearance when you encountered somewhere by chance. She clearly wants to be for you always “at the parade”, so she apologizes, jokes and tries to retire more likely.


Even shifted and cunning spikes are sometimes embarrassed when communicating with a young man you like. What can we say about ordinary girls who do not know how to flirt according to the rules and hide their feelings. The shy interlocutor blushes, lowers her eyes, smiles awkwardly, her eyes moisturize, the pupils are expanding. In general, her behavior may look inadequate, chaotic, some actions seem to be devoid of common sense.

Always look at her friends if you communicate not alone. By their reaction, it immediately becomes clear what status you have for a woman. They will also giggle embarrassedly, make fun of her, push her elbow or whisper something in her ear. Perhaps the most daring girlfriend on the forehead will ask you quite frank questions.

She flirts

A clear external sign that the girl is excited is her coquetry with you. What is it manifested? How to understand that she really flirts, and does not behave as usual.

  • She often looks at you. You constantly catch her assessing look.
  • Often smiles and looks into the eyes. Can look to the side when it meets your.
  • Takes off excess clothes to present the figure in a profitable light.
  • Throws vulgar jokes and constantly laughs. Talking on intimate topics and even comic mention of sexual intercourse is a good sign.
  • Always laughs for all your jokes, even if they are not funny at all.
  • Shows the initiative in communication.
  • Asks to evaluate how she looks, and begins to spin in front of you.
  • Makes retaliatory compliments. It seems to her that everything is perfect in you.
  • Tickles, fooling around like a child.

The girl is precisely excited and tuned to contact if she constantly spins around. She can arrange a holiday and invite many guests so that you are on their list. Only guests will entertain themselves, and she will tightly deal with your candidate.

Remember, just the girls never do anything! In all their actions there is always a subtext or secret intention. She throws you a “carrot”, and you, like a donkey, follow a delicious.

Attempts to retire

Any girl with obvious sympathies to a young man will reduce the distance and supplant unnecessary applicants for his attention. She is trying in every possible way to retire: offers to meet, asks to move away from the noisy company aside, see herself and discuss an important business, etc.D.

They roll up to you with certain intentions if they ask for help and personal audience! This is the best option to attract attention and switch to an intimate note of communication! Girls do this unconsciously, but creating an image of a dependent and helpless is a great way to cause a man to protect a weak creature from hardships, show strength and notorious dominance over a gentle creature. Request for help can be on any topic. Most likely, she will try to do it casually in order to maintain her pride in case of refusal.

If she managed to get you to meet a tete-a-tete, pay attention to whether there are attempts to provoke close contact, as if by chance touching her hand, shoulder, foot. These are already serious signals not only about sympathy, but also that it is excited in your presence. Trying to get closer to you in a conversation, tilts his head in your direction, the body turns closer to you, the feet look at you exactly – a few more signs of sympathy.

, How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex

Details of the conversation

How often she personally addresses you? And how often writes messages? There are many emoticons and ambiguous phrases in her SMS? Does it want good night and good morning? She definitely thinks about you if he does everything that we have listed. If she monitors your posts on social networks, comments and reposts them, which means that she certainly does not differ in your direction in your direction.

Interest in your life will manifest itself in all areas. She is curious everything: work, study, leisure, hobbies, sports achievements, and other girls and past relations with a special point. Here about possible rivals, she will try to get out the entire insufficient! Just pay attention to whether it chatting with you only because by nature it is very sociable and curious. If part of the said flies past the ears, then the interest on her part is not so significant. By the way, there is no talk that she has no one, as it were, they turn on the GO On button.

As they say, “a hunter chooses a male for further mating”. Although it sounds somehow on an animal level, it reflects the essence of whether it is worth losing this hunter in bed, or not to waste time. See for yourself.

Obvious signs that the girl is excited and wants

The exact signs of excitement and sexual intention can only be judged with closer contact, when the personal space has already reduced to a minimum. There was a tiny step to the point of no return.

She asks for a visit or wants to

Invitation to a cup of coffee does not at all imply in the mouth of a woman the drinking of this invigorating drink actually. We think adult men themselves understand this. The same applies to this consent from the Virgin to look at the boyfriend on the light. Sex will certainly be! Such an invasion of personal space just does not happen.

We always say that a real male lover should have a certain arsenal of intimate toys for any firefighter! How do you know who will come to visit you: a modest-girl or a torn-bdsm? Therefore, in the bedside table, we carefully fold the essential items, so as not to regret that the Analchik could break off, and you all professed! What is included in the first aid set of a girl: a vibrator, anal traffic jam, a penis nozzle (if you have a small friend), gags in your mouth, handcuffs, breast massagers, lubricant, massage oil. The rest is at your discretion.

It is invested in communication

Let’s say, a request for a meeting and assistance in rare cases may mean that a woman actually needs support. If she finds more than one reason, but a few, this says a lot. When it is invested in communication emotionally, financially (treats coffee, lunch, offers help in return), at the same time pushes important matters, which means that it leads you to one action.

Reacts bodily

How to understand that the girl is excited and wants sex right now? They say about the degree of excitement as follows: “She is already all wet there!”, But it would never even occur to anyone to look into the girl into his underpants to make sure that she is ready. How to be? We look at the following signs.

  • Her breathing quickens, the pulse increases, the palms become wet, the pupils are expanding, her face blushes. She is unable to control it. The closer the man comes, the stronger all the symptoms.
  • Speech is lost. Some either fall silent or begin to carry nonsense. The voice begins to tremble and sound deeper than usual. Even if a girl still breaks and builds herself out of her under -foot, not ready for sex, do not hesitate and do not be a brake – she is already on the hook.
  • Then there will be moans that say that control is finally lost.
  • She gives herself to hug, kiss, slaughter in the forbidden areas. Here you will check how excited it is.
  • If you attach a hand to the perineum, even through clothes you feel warm and moisture. The chest raised, and the nipples hardened. The body requires sex.
  • The hips are shuddering, with the whole body the girl imitates reciprocating movements.

And even at that moment, ladies love to fill the price and “repel” a seduced man. Why breaks? Well, we are not animals, and besides a mate we need a prelude. So, while she lacks gentle words, compliments, affectionate touches, exciting glances at each other. Well, what is the problem, learn to act!

In previous articles, we wrote about how to properly excite a woman with caresses, so read and practice! But a few words in this article will definitely say.

, How to understand that the girl was excited: external signs that she wants sex

Light prelude to excite a woman

Take your time, be a patient adult man. Moreover, it is much more pleasant to see with the very sexual intercourse the floundering from ecstasy, a fully prepared girl under you than an immobilized log, which simply gave. In this case, you yourself will feel like an experienced womanizer. So it’s never too late to study. Several compliments in her ear, simultaneously stroking her body and kissing her face – and she will relax.

The following caresses to completely excite a girl should be with the help of lips, arms and tongue.

  • French Kiss: deep, gentle, with lips open, touching and licking the languages of two partners. An exciting moment, both physiological and psychological.
  • Area behind the earlobe: touching with lips or tongue in this area sometimes causes a strange reaction: “goose” skin, and the feeling that the hair rises on end. The orgasm of a normal girl, probably, will not cause it, but to limp in the arms of a man it is easy!
  • Of course, breasts. Tender kisses, both throughout the chest and in the center – sucking and licking the nipples in most women causes great pleasure both at the level of physiology and at the level of psychology. At the same time, when the nipples caress, the girl feels a pleasant rush in the lower abdomen, which causes sexual excitement. But from excessive torment of the mammary glands, the lower abdomen reads a little whining, sometimes pain is created, so the good – a little.

In principle, if you touch the issue of simple excitation of the girl, and not bring her to a complete orgasm, without proceeding to the main sexual intercourse, then this is enough. But we must not forget where to wander their hands at this time.

Surely any girl will be pleased to stroking hair. If she does not have a difficult hairstyle that she is afraid to destroy, then any stroking, shutting off curls will be pleasant to her. The technique of “sliding fingers” is also an effective method. Light movements along her body with only fingers pads can bring the girl to ecstasy. They are especially pleasant from the top of the back to the buttocks. But also about strong, frantic hugs, one must also forget if your lover herself does the same.

Well, and, of course, the final “chord” – its genitals. Las -swollen affection for the entire procedure, they simply “require” light massage. And again – gently, touching only with fingertips. Having carefully spread the labia, carefully feel its clitoris, small labia, and touching the vagina slightly to the entrance to the vagina. But all this – warm, wet hands.

Now she is completely ready, and you went through the full course “How to caress the girl to excite her”. Your assessment is excellent!

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