How to use your 5 feelings during sex

How to use your 5 feelings during sex.

Sex should present an amazing adventure for our entire body. And this is possible, because we have 5 feelings – hearing, vision, smell, touch and taste. Therefore, the following are some tips on how much these feelings can be useful during sex.


It is known that men love their eyes. Men perceive everything better if they show them. Perhaps for this reason, they love porn films so much?! But you can remove the porn movie yourself with the partner yourself, and then see it together and see it. Also, an erotic representation is not superfluous. Tip: In order to enjoy the picture of sex more, try to put on sexual linen (this applies to both partners), do hair removal, and also sexually move.


So, for example, you can do massage with various oils on a water basis (they do not knit the tongue and have a pleasant taste), which can then be licking. Also, a great game during sex will blindfold the partner and feed him with various sweets, which he should like and name.

Have dinner in a restaurant before sex, order food at home. A great option will be if you just cook food together in the kitchen, where you can enjoy delicious sex further. It doesn’t matter what you come up with, it should be fun and erotic, and most importantly, tasty in every sense of the word.


There are smells that, for one reason or another, seem pleasant and exciting to us. Therefore, try to use flavored oils, perfumes, creams, smell of food, and t, if possible.D. But do not forget that the sexual smell is the smell of your partner’s skin.


There is nothing more pleasant than hearing your partner enjoys, making groans, sighs, whisper and even vulgar conversations. Unlike men who love their eyes, women love their ears. Therefore, it is important for them to hear pleasant words.

Also, to please your hearing and diversify your sex life, you can try to have sex on the phone. This will not only be pleasant to hear, but also feel, since there is also a touch (after all, you will masturbate or at least caress yourself).


This is the most pleasant feeling. By touching, we feel a partner next to us: his body, the warmth of his hands and hot kisses. Draw a word that he will have to guess on the back of the partner. T.e. Try to use physical contact with a partner as much as possible.

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