Is it possible to have sex all night? – Yes!

Some tips on how to have sex all night.

This is a great idea to have sex all night from sunset to dawn. But for some men, the implementation of this idea may cause some problems. T.e. It means that all men after intercourse have a refractory period (a period of sexual non -wableness after ejaculation). In the best case, the man will need about 15-30 minutes to restore erectile function, but this is only if he is healthy and young. In other cases, a man will need to wait for more time. The main thing in this situation is not to despair and follow several tips that will help to accelerate the approach of an erection, therefore, you can fully enjoy the sexual marathon.

  • Easy and healthy appetizer health. If you make love for a whole night long, then there will be no strength at all, and accordingly, the quality of sex itself may decrease. Therefore, it is important not to forget to restore your strength during each pause. But, in order not to go to the kitchen, you can prepare in advance such delicacies that you can use sex, for example, cream, strawberries, bananas, chocolate, etc. together with a partner in the bedroom.D. In a word, use the food that will increase your libido and your partner.
  • Take a shower. Shower can be taken together with a partner, turning the process of washing into sexual prelude. During the shower, you can wash your head, back and tummy to each other. This will help you both relax and cheer up at the same time.
  • During a pause, turn on an erotic movie In order for the partner to be excited while the strength to return to you and the refractory period ends. While watching the film, it is undesirable to be passive – massage her back, neck, chest, etc.D.
  • Not rush and try to do everything efficiently. Remember that this is not a competition, so it is important not to rush and try to do everything high quality. Such poses for sex, such as a missionary pose or posture, is better to leave a girl on top in the end, and those poses during which the stomach is less strained can be used at the beginning.
  • If necessary, use drugs that will help you have sex all night. Also do not forget about various sex toys that will extend and diversify sex.

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