Is it possible to have sex in water and how

Sex in water – pros and cons of.

Probably, many watched beautiful scenes of films when the main characters enjoy each other in the night or ocean. On the screen, everything looks very romantic and beautiful, but does it have disadvantages in reality in reality? Sex in water – pros and cons: consider both sides of the medals of such a tempting pleasure.

, Is it possible to have sex in water and how

How to have sex in water

Despite its attractiveness for steam, sex in water has a number disadvantages, if not categorical – dangers. The main of them:

  • The difficulties of contraception. Many couples mistakenly believe that it is impossible to get pregnant in water, believing that sperm will immediately wash off and everything will pass by. However, for fertilization of the egg, seconds are needed, and if the partner’s member is deep, then the chances of getting pregnant will be very high. Some do not protect themselves during sex in water, but you can get infected and become pregnant. But those who are trying, know, a condom in water can easily slip. You may not even feel this and complete the whole process by an unplanned way. Therefore, before you have sex in water, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the modern methods of contraception and choose the best for both partners.
  • Small variety. While at sea, you cannot use various poses. For example, the most obvious and comfortable is a swing when a man spreads her legs wide, and a woman wraps him over his feet. And in that position it is very difficult to set the rhythm, especially if the waves have a lot dispersed. Therefore, on the issue of positions, it is better to think in advance about how to have sex in water, and keep several provisions in my head.
  • Unpleasant sensations. The most important disadvantage of sex in water refers to both natural reservoirs and the occupation of intimacy at home. Water rinses the natural lubricant in the girl’s vagina, which is why the entry and sexual intercourse itself can cause pain. Also, during sex in water, a woman can bring herself an infection in the vagina, because it is not known how clean this reservoir. Further, the risk arises with the hit of the sand, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.
  • Safety precautions. The last drawback concerns intimacy in the bathroom or shower. Moving from side to side, there is a risk of slipping on a wet or soap surface. There are even lethal cases.  That is why it is worth being extremely neat and choose safe poses for sex in water.

, Is it possible to have sex in water and how

In contrast to all the disadvantages, the main Plus sex in water – This is an opportunity to diversify an intimate life, make a touch of adrenaline and extreme in sex with a partner. The physical features of sex in the water are also interesting, because the weight is felt completely different and those poses that were not given to you in bed may quite turn out in the aquatic environment. Sex on the beach in the water beckons also because the place is crowded, which means it adds peppercorn and wakes up notes of exhibitionism in a person.

Summing up the article on the shortcomings of sex in the water, we want to say that we do not put a cross on such pleasure, but we want to warn and give advice. For example, oral sex will be ideal in water, which will bring pleasure to both partners. In addition, caresses in the sea or river can become an excellent prelude before going to land and start the most important.

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