Kreamy: What is it in sex?

Kreamy: What is it in sex?.

Kreamy – this is the term denoting ejaculation into the partner with a subsequent demonstration of the strokeing sperm. Literary translation of the word – cream pie. The porn industry has a rather popular genre, and the scenes actively use not only the ending in the mouth, but also anal creampie along with vaginal.

This technique is not considered a perversion, since sexual intercourse is carried out in a completely usual way, without the use of violence or rudeness. Ejaculation without removing widespread not only in adult films, but also in everyday life. However, for a number of reasons, a man cannot perform such actions, so they like to look at Creamy, as if visualizing their desires.

Why is crepeys rarely practiced in life?

The first reason is quite obvious – this is a possible pregnancy. Men during sex with a partner avoiding an unwanted pregnancy use the technique of interrupted sexual intercourse, taking out a member at the time of ejaculation, or end in a condom.

Anal sex is also dangerous because the strokeing sperm can fall into the vagina and then the risk of fertilization of the egg is quite high. The only version of the intercourse in which a man without fear can use crepay is a blowjob. This explains the popularity of the ICBR, but not all girls allow us to finish in their mouths.

The second reason is the infections of the transmitted gender. In order to prevent infection, people are forced to use a condom, which does not allow you to practice creping and enjoy this process.

After the widespread widespread, the number of young people who are ready for unprotected sexual intercourse sharply decreased in the world. And this is great, because only informing the population made it possible to reduce the number of sick and slow down the development of infection. Only now Kreampay left real life deep in fantasy and on the screens of monitors in the form of porn films.

Porn Actors who infected HIV during a cremic film

The viewer must appreciate the actors who take part in the shooting of creampie scenes, because for the sake of the pleasure of their fans they go to a serious risk. Despite the fact that in the industry for adults a thorough examination of their “employees” is carried out, cases of undesirable outcome were still.

Mark Walis infected his partner Trisha girl. Joey Stefano came to porn at the age of 21, and at the age of 26 died of an overdose of prohibited drugs, while a couple of years before on the set was picked up by HIV.

Aiden show risked more than others, so he starred in gay films. With anal sex, the chances of infection are several times higher. This is exactly what happened to the American who was forced to leave the industry due to the discovery of HIV.

Josh Weston, who eventually died from the complications of HIV caused by an infection, was waiting for the same fate. On the site, he, like all of the above, participated in the shooting of creeps.

The biography of Lara Rox is sad in that she was infected literally on her first shootings. Creamy with her participation liked the fans, but for the actress herself became a fatal mistake. Throughout her life, she is engaged in educational activities, talks about HIV infection and risks associated with filming in porn.

Do you like the creeping side?

The man’s desire to ejaculate inward is explained by instincts, since at the subconscious level this process is associated with his function of continuing the genus and transmitting his gene. Moreover, representatives of the strong half of humanity love to cum on the body, as this symbolizes power and superiority.

Girls consider crepay pleasant both at the level of emotions and at the level of physiology. It is important to consider one detail – the end in the mouth, on the face, in the vagina or the anus should be completely safe and not carry any risks.

Simply put, the girl should be sure of her partner and that he is absolutely healthy. And pregnancy can be excluded by installing a spiral or taking contraceptive tablets. Both cannot be performed without consultation with your attending physician.

Earlier we talked about what a woman feels when they end in her and also shared information about the popularity of Bukaki practice. From all this, we can conclude that Kreamy is like both active partners and the receiving side. At the same time, one must not forget about the serious danger of such a technique. A huge number of people have already been convinced that the ending inward may end deplorable..

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