Menstrual bowls: what is it and how to use them | Entertaining sexology

Menstrual bowls: what is it and how to use them.

, Menstrual bowls: what is it and how to use them | Entertaining sexology
Today the article will be about what, hiding, is called “red days”, “the arrival of the Red Guards”, “critical days”, “guests on the red convertible”, and the most beloved – “Aunt from Krasnodar arrived”. Yes, we will talk about sacred female menstruation, enveloped in secrets and myths … no, seriously, to which so many euphemisms to describe such a natural process? Moreover, the less we are talking about them, the more they seem to be something abnormal.

Each girl, and this is about half of the population of the entire planet, every month deals with menstruation. The discomfort from these days is so large that many of the fair sex prefer to cancel all things and completely fall out of social, working and any life, lying in the bed. Together with unpleasant sensations, hormones, poor mood and paranoid periodic surveillance of their underwear come. But the quantity and magnitude of all these troubles can be reduced at times!

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and people have long invented more pleasant, comfortable and economical hygiene products. For example, German tampons of a new generation Soft Tampons Made of material related to human fabrics, so they simply cannot physically cause irritation or allergies. Proven by professional gynecologists and dermatologists, they are able to give you a ticket to the world of real comfort!

Tampon It is a soft sponge of triangular shape, which is easy to insert inward in one movement, and for taking out it has a special tongue. At the first introduction, you can try to use water -based lubrication.

After so many years of using ordinary tampons and gaskets made from cellulose and cotton, it is difficult to imagine the opportunity to play sports in monthly. Go to work and, perhaps, solve household matters – is still okay, but sport … with tampons Soft Tampons And this is possible. I’ll say more, you can engage in acrobatics with them, jump on a trampoline or even swim in the pool! The discharge “locked” is so reliable that you can wear the most daring bikini and calmly enjoy your vacation on the beach without constant checks. Yes, now it will not have to be moved depending on menstruation;)

And you also don’t have to interrupt sexual life. Enjoy sex as much as you like. Yes, you can also engage in love during menstruation, everyone knows that the sensitivity rises and in general … But in this case, your bedroom will not resemble the butcher’s office: D

Perhaps the only negative of these Tampons The fact that they need to be changed periodically, buying new ones each time. But everyone is already used to it, right?

However, there is an at once at the popular Intimate remedy, which will last you up to ten years old. Yes, you did not misheard. For ten years with the same subject you can meet menstruation every time. It sounds frightening with habit, but read on and you will fall in love with this hygiene tool and forget about tampons and gaskets!

Girls affectionately nicknamed her Witch’s cup, But its true name – menstrual cup. This thing will definitely change your attitude to critical days, you will no longer treat them like something bad.

Cup (or cap) is a small cap created to collect menstrual discharge. Unlike all the above -mentioned hygiene products, the bowl does not absorb blood, but simply collects it into the inner cavity. The remedy was patented one hundred and fifty years ago, but due to the complete lack of advertising (this intimate product is less profitable for the economy), they learned about it only through the “word of mouth”. Every year the number of girls who use bowls, grows, which is not surprising, because the number of advantages is colossal., Menstrual bowls: what is it and how to use them | Entertaining sexology
In Russia, manufacturers are only about twenty, given that there are five times more abroad, this. In the IntimShop store there are two proven brands that make high -quality menstrual capes: Fun Factory And Adrien Lastic.

From the first reading of the description, probably this device still looks doubtful. Let’s talk about the pluses and minuses of use menstrual cap.


When wearing bowl Absolutely not felt. In addition, it needs to be changed only a couple of times a day. Despite the absence of sensations, it is tightly attached to the walls of the vagina, so you can swim, run, sit on the twine and much more. And most importantly – to sleep calmly without worrying about white sheets. You can sleep even naked!
Bowls are made of medical silicone, which means it is absolutely hypoallergenic and do not affect the sensitive microflora of the vagina. Thanks to the created vacuum, the discharge is not in contact with the air, which prevents the appearance and reproduction of harmful bacteria. The chance of toxic shock, unlike gaskets and tampons, zero!
Bowls much more economical than other means of intimate hygiene. They don’t need to buy them every month. Yes, their price is usually higher, but you can use them up to ten years! In less than a year mouth guard He will fully pay for himself.
The method has not yet been invented more environmentally friendly. Bowl will save you from excess garbage, and for production it needs very little material.
Monthly will no longer be able to catch you by surprise. mouth guard will always be with you. It’s time to forget about night round -the -clock pharmacies and requests for means of friends.
Wear Cup can be up to twelve hours. But it depends on the number of discharge.

Small disadvantages are also present:

High price compared to tampons and gaskets. It should be remembered here that tampons and gaskets are bought every month, and menstrual cup ten years.
TO Cup You need to get used to it. Especially to the way of introduction and withdrawal. It is likely that it will turn out not the first time, but if you are introduced in the improper introduction, so we advise the first months to use every day as a securement. But practice will fix everything;)
Perhaps thanks to the anatomical features, bowl it will be slightly pressed on the bladder, but it is absolutely safe.

There are several rather simple ways to introduce menstrual cap, which are widely described and shown in additional videos on the Internet.
Extraction bowls Due to a small tail. It is better to do this over the toilet, so that later you are not suspected of a bloody murder;) Most often they are made long, as if “with a margin”, so that they can be easily cut with discomfort., Menstrual bowls: what is it and how to use them | Entertaining sexology
Brief instruction manual:
It is very easy to insert the menstrual bowl: it should be squeezed in the hand, fold in half and inserted into the vagina.
Then you will feel that she will fall in place, or you can check her location with your fingers. This is normal if for the first time the introduction of the cup did not go perfectly, after some practice you will get the first time.
The tail is designed for more convenient extraction of the bowl if it causes unpleasant sensations, you can shorten it.
When removing, you need to press the wall of the bowl a little in order to let the air and then remove it, pulling the tail, the bowl must freely leave the vagina.
Pulling the attached bowl by the tail is not recommended!
Do not use EVE CUP for more than 12 hours or during sex.

The menstrual bowl can be used even to virgins. The virgin pleura, shrouded in the myths of Patriarchate, is a thin mucous tissue located near the entrance to the bosom. It does not completely overlap the entrance, most often it already has a hole or hole through which the blood just comes out. Another myth is that the pleura is eager for the first sex. The vaginal crown (second name) is very elastic, so with sufficient excitement and sufficient lubricant there will be no tears. Can a virgin use a bowl or not – depends on her personal preferences and the recommendations of the gynecologist. But if he argues the rejection of the capacity of the loss of virginity, now you know that this is a lie;)

There are two main sizes of menstrual bowls. Small size (it is also called the size of s or a) intended for unborn girls. Such as Fun Cup Size a And Eve Tella S Great for. By the way, for giving birth to girls who are fond of Kegel training, Little bowls will also be perfect. They accommodate up to twenty milliliters and they are, respectively, less.

Large size (or size l or b), like Fun Cup Size B And Eve Tella l, Suitable for those who have already suffered childbirth.

Fun Factory, Taking care of customers, prudently created a set of both sizes called Fun Cup Explore Kit. Their sets of menstrual bowls always include two caps, but in this set they are two at once. The name clearly hints about the experiments and that you understand yourself, which is more comfortable for you.

When wearing menstrual bowls, you can safely engage in and enjoy oral And anal sex, as well as petting. Yes, penetration sex will have to be postponed, or go to this moment to the above tampons Soft Tampon, if you really want;)

Care is also quite simple. During menstruation, rinse the bowl when you take it out, under cold water or treat Miramistin. Between critical days, it is advised to boil the caps for five minutes. Also, usually there are small holes under the rim, allowing to ensure sealing and depressurization of the device. To clean them, use a special small brush that usually comes with. And imagine that is all;)

Widespread studies talk about the safety of these products, and gynecologists advise using them (unless, of course, they know about them, still the cap still does not have advertising). The difficulties and those small disadvantages from the use of these items of the hygiene that you are faced with is a very small fee for the comfort that you will get in the end. Simplify the life of a new generation of menstruation!

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