My profession is a web model, or how to make money on sex?

My profession is a web model, or how to make money on sex.

, My profession is a web model, or how to make money on sex?

Yesterday, an intimate service was provided exclusively by night butterflies. Today, information technologies made it possible to develop another type of similar service. Virtual beauties and handsome people bring unearthly pleasure to users who ran to them on a light. Who are they, online chat workers?

How to become a webcam model?

A proposal to work with a web model today can be found very often. The habitat of employers in this case – social media. Any girl or guy who has reached the age of majority can get to such a position. There are several ways that can lead to cooperation with online services:

  • Direct proposal from employers on social networks;
  • Ads in newspapers and magazines (often veiled);
  • Independent registration in the virtual chat you like.

In the first two cases, employers invite for an interview, which is carried out either personally or through Skype. It is worth noting that this is not a casting for a porn movie and no one will force sex there. You just have to show your charm and the ability to start the opposite sex, tell about your sex enthusiasm and capabilities. The third option implies the introduction of personal data and uploading personal photos, as well as passport scans. The administration considers the candidacy and invites you to start work.

Beauties with divine parameters will necessarily give the entrance, a large demand for a puppet appearance. On the other hand, the clients are different, and their preferences are also different: adult women, in the body, with a large fifth point, with a large breast, with a very small bust, so the chances are equally high for everyone.

The operating mode of webcam models

Web models work both remotely from home and in separate rooms in the studio. Most sentences, of course, are of the nature of remote cooperation:

► flirting

For sapiosexuals and those who are looking for a banal human word support and female warmth. Near each such model there is a special icon that signals that there is nothing to catch porn lovers here.

► striptease

Easy exposure of body parts at the request of the client. The more users lead to such striptease, the higher the chance to get additional profit.

► large pranks

In a free chat, the model lures customers. Dancing, directing the camera to the chest, unobtrusively shows his other charms. When one of the clients wants more, he invites her to privat. Money is dripping for such a paid chat. That is why she should show the client all her skills. He must be satisfied. Base of regular customers for each web model – The primary task.

In paid private chats, models show:

  • Masturbation;
  • Oral sex (with a sex toy, of course);
  • Anal sex and double penetration;
  • Fisting;
  • Penetration using all kinds of toys and sex machines.

, My profession is a web model, or how to make money on sex?

Of course, the state of her account depends on the arsenal and skills. Not only the figure and the ability to move are important, but also the presence of attributes – toys from a sex shop and erotic lingerie of different colors and styles. Often, customers want to see their specific imagination, for example, stockings or stilettos, a nurse or a schoolgirl’s costume.

Advantages of working with a web model:

  • Safety;
  • Stable income (payment goes both for each privat, and simply during the stay in free chat);
  • Confidentiality (you can either work in a mask, or configure a ban on certain cities or countries in your profile);
  • Flexible schedule (in any convenient night and daytime);
  • You can work from anywhere in the world (if the work is remote);
  • Training if necessary.

Cons of work with a webcam model:

  • It is necessary to find an approach to each client, not inadequate, but there are many of them;
  • Work on the studio involves an income of 50-75% of the earned;
  • There are cases of a video of privat and its distribution on the network.

Work as a web model, despite all the positive points, it is difficult. Even if you have a bad mood, you have to go to entertain customers. But from a material point of view, the situation improves instantly. In addition, such work – A great way to improve your English and learn new stunts for sex games.

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