Perfect vibrotrusics. The secret of the best model was found | Sex Novers

Perfect vibrotrusics. The secret of the best model was found.

, Perfect vibrotrusics. The secret of the best model was found | Sex Novers
Vibrotrusics are an ideal wearing vibrator that stimulates external erogenous zones. The best model is controlled from a distance, works silently and Suitable for any woman. This is a vibrator that is attached to any underwear, giving maximum excitation of the owner. Moxie is the best device for pleasure that can be worn in shorts.

Features of the best vibrotrusics

Previously, vibrotrusics were thin linen and vibro -foil. Most of the models were not remote to enable vibration, it was necessary to reach the toy. In a crowded place, this is difficult and inconvenient to do. But today there was an opportunity Turn on the vibrator from the smartphone.

Moxie is connected to the application on the smartphone, and through it simply adjust the strength of movement, choose the right mode. And you can even transfer management to the partner. The number of programmed modes 10, but you can come up with hundreds of your.

Fasten Moxie to any laundry. Panties are not included. But with the help of two magnetics, the device is placed on shorts, thongs or panties of tango. In the process nothing is shifted, it can be placed so that the touch falls on the most tender areas of the crotch.

When it is appropriate to wear vibrotrusics

Clital stimulation of many women can bring to orgasm. And the use of Moxie allows you to get sexual discharge even in crowded places. But it is better to choose a place for the finish line, where you can sit down or rely on something so as not to lose balance. When MOXIE Owners are most often used?

  • In the gym. Sitting on an exercise bike, you can not only load muscles, but also enjoy. The process of classes seems more exciting and pleasant.
  • On a walk. Alone, you can afford to relax, while those around you will not guess what is happening, and this excites even more.
  • During the shopping campaign. To make the process interesting, you can give yourself orgasms right in the supermarket or in the fitting rooms.
  • At work. If the routine has taken out, you can get distracted. You don’t even have to go into a separate room to give yourself bliss.
  • During a date. To get excited before proximity or play with a loved one. Use can be a favorite entertainment for a couple.

., Perfect vibrotrusics. The secret of the best model was found | Sex Novers
You can go with Moxy from We-Vibe anywhere. It can be turned on and off at any time.

Pros Moxie from We-Vibe

  • The vibrator for panties is not afraid of moisture. It can be washed under running water and even immersed under water.
  • Silicon coating. Has no joints and uneven ledges. Very pleasant to the touch.
  • It takes up little space. In length only 9.2 cm, easily fits in a purse.
  • It does not attract attention. You can leave in a prominent place, no one will guess what it is and why it is needed.
  • It works 90 minutes at maximum speed. Without a break, pleasure can last 1.5 hours.
  • Returning from USB. Charging is included.
  • There is a warranty from the manufacturer.

MOXIE price by We-Vibe

The cost of the vibrator for panties is average, it slightly exceeds 10 thousand rubles. But with this quality – it is not expensive. The device has developed one of the best companies producing sex toys. We-Vibe devices are known all over the world, they combine the most modern technologies and excellent quality. Such a vibrator will last for many years, will delight the owner with frequent and bright orgasms.

There are no analogues of vibrators for vibrorsiki today. All other models are much simpler, they are inferior to Moxy very hard.

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