Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

Who are Sapiosexuals?.

A person who, first of all, attracts the intellect of a partner, is called Sapiosaal. The appearance for him fades into the background, and the degree of sexuality of the second half is measured in IQ. It sounds strange, but do not rush to draw conclusions ..

., Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

What is sapiosxuality?

Everyone likes smart guys or girls. However, there are those who recognize intelligence as a paramount criterion of attractiveness. The mind becomes their fetish, it is disgusting to communicate with “stupid” partners. Increase sexually only deep knowledge of a person.

For Sapiosexual, physical parameters are not important, for him the thoughts of the interlocutor and his words are more attractive. Do sapiophiles really value only the advantages of the brain? Naturally, this is not so. They like a sense of humor, kindness is welcome. Physical attractiveness is also not in last place. But, despite this, intelligence is the main parameter that they seek to find.

The opinion of scientists

Psychotherapists answer why such a deviation of the psyche cannot be considered. They are sure that this is only a form of preferences. But when a person generally refuses sexual contact, replacing sex with conversations on difficult topics – it is worth visiting a specialist.

Sometimes such behavior appears in men who, in school years, were carried away by a smart classmate. They were interested in her, although close relations failed. There is also the opposite situation – the girl had prolonged sexual contact with a very stupid guy who instilled her strong aversion to empty chatter.

Experts are sure that unwillingness to be interested in appearance – does not necessarily mean that you need to look bad. Usually such people are attractive, although they do not make their efforts to this.

10 indicators issuing sapiophile

, Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

Consider how to distinguish people with sapiosxuality. Having studied the main signs of deviations, you can better understand yourself and your partner.

It takes time to understand a person

Most are ready to instantly feel that they are attracted by someone else. But sapiophiles need to contact the interlocutor longer in order to understand it. It is important for them to know what he feels what he thinks about. At the same time, not only the mind is important to them, but also an understanding of how a person subtly feels the situation is subject to sincere emotions.

Does not accept “empty” conversations

The conversation about the weather or the news of fashion does not attract sapiosexuals in any way. They like serious talk about literature, science or politics. Such topics are literally “starting”. Therefore, representatives of this direction are suitable for people who have an unusual look, who are not shy to share them. Then communication can last hours. But as soon as the topic switches to the fact that they are not interested in – they immediately fall silent.

Do not tolerate grammatical errors

Sapiophiles hate illiteracy. They strive not to get closer to those who are not able to write and express their thoughts correctly. A wide vocabulary attracts the attention of such a person. Representatives of this sexual deviation determine the love of reading, baking about the inaccuracies of speech, a painful reaction to any reservation, errors when writing a text.

Loves to study

, Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

These people are constantly striving to expand their horizons. It is better for them to watch a documentary movie than to hang out at a disco. They like those who value knowledge, they are fond of controversial theories. To attract the attention of such a person, it is worth telling him about the new discovery in the field of physics or pharmaceuticals, any other science.

Good listener

It should not be assumed that sapiophiles always strive to stand out in the crowd. Talkative interlocutors are suitable for them, because they know how to listen. It is especially interesting for them to communicate with those who are able to teach something new to expand the horizons. A person who is able to delight with a conversation on any exciting topic is authority.

Interesting storytellers attract to themselves. Sapiosexual is ready to listen for hours if there are unusual statements in speech that contradict the established opinion. Extraordinary ideas are very attracted to them, even fascinating them. In such a situation, they are usually silent, extremely carefully trying to understand the opinion of the interlocutor. So they manage to know their lover better.

Loves to argue

Sapiophiles are not afraid to join the debate, they boldly express their own opinion on any topic. Such a person is not afraid of defeat, because he is always ready to admit his mistake. For him, priority is the truth, since it is possible to find out better than the interlocutor only when talking. Sapiosexuals can often be found in various discussion clubs, since they idolize oratory abilities. Any dispute is not a quarrel or rivalry – this is only a method to understand a person.

He loves intellectual entertainment

Sapiophiles are excited by smart partners. They are delighted with games requiring the search for unexpected solutions. Competitions with words are extremely popular, since in such a situation they manage to demonstrate their extensive vocabulary. These people are incredibly excited if it comes to intellectual rivalry.

Better interesting meeting than a restaurant

, Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

Set a date in a cafe with sapiophil – the wrong decision. It is better to invite him to the museum, to the conference, the exhibition. It is more convenient to find an interesting topic for conversation that meets the needs.


Sometimes Sapiosexual snobbery is able to withdraw a partner for sex
From yourself. Although such people understand you perfectly, they are unshakable in their own behavior standards. Sometimes people reproach such individuals in hypocrisy because of their arrogance. But it’s nice to see that a person is more interested in the sense of the interlocutor, and not his appearance.

Love quotes

Your friend always has statements from films or literary sources for any specific situation. Since Sapiophiles attract non -standard ideas, they love to collect non -trivial thoughts of people, scientists or writers.

Pros and cons of relations with sapiosxials

, Sapiosexual – who is it and how to interest

With close contacts with Sapiosexual, you can always be proud of your own intellect, since such people will never love a stupid person. The family union of a smart woman with the same man is very strong, because both understand what they want, what they are striving for.

On the other hand, highly intellectual conversations are difficult to combine with sincerity, creating real comfort. Smart partners often not just get along, because they argue on any household issue, closing on their development. Because of this, there is a certain arrogance, bordering on arrogance.

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