Schedule sex: pros and cons of

Schedule sex: pros and cons of.

Scheduled sex is a pre -planned regular sexual intercourse. That is, it is understood that sex will occur periodically at the time. This way to structure intimate life can be used both between lovers and in family life. The reason can be both external circumstances and an attempt to establish sexual relations between people.

As a rule, a similar format is practiced in a situation where a free man has a connection with a married woman. She exactly plans her weekend and days for meetings, so the spontaneous act becomes impossible.

Schedule sex: pluses

The main advantage of sex on schedule is certainty. A person knows for sure that in Subota in the evening he will have proximity and thus the psyche is freed from stress. In some situations, as a rule, in the absence of a permanent sexual partner, a person loses stability and is constantly in a state of search.

There is a fixture of sex, excessive masturbation and a feeling of lost profit, if suddenly some acquaintance did not end with intimacy. The growing state of frustration leads to violations of self -esteem and self -determination. It is felt unnecessary even when proximity occurs periodically.

Random friendly sex often ends with a feeling of shame and depression. A pre -planned act allows a person to feel freedom. No need to look for anything, fuss, be upset and think about where the chance is missed and when it is already lucky. You know for sure that on Saturday evening everything will be and imaginary troubles will not happen.

In family life, schedule sex allows you to avoid ridiculous situations when one partner wants here and now, but the second is not ready. Then he prepared, but this one has already burned out. Or it still happens that the partner is pestering in the most inappropriate. moment. When the event is planned, surprises are minimized.

Schedule sex: disadvantages

Fat minus of sex on schedule is that this is a kind of responsibility. It is especially difficult for men to enter this regime, because because of a sense of responsibility, embarrassment can occur and the erection will not come. Women face dry vagina, because they seem to understand where they came, but there is no natural emotional spark. The desire is caused artificially.

Another serious problem is force major. Sometimes people with a heavy or non -sparing schedule plan sex in advance. For example, both husband and wife can at Sunday lunch. But if for some reason the intimate will break, then until the next you will have to wait a week.

It happens that an attempt to establish a sex life with the help of a pre -composed schedule turns into a complete termination of intimacy. After some time, it turns out that there is nothing better than spontaneous sex. It is better to make her husband an unexpected blowjob than to wait for Thursday or Tuesday, so that at the planned hour to indulge in carnal joys.

How to plan correctly

Sex on a schedule calculated for several days or even weeks ahead, a bad idea for a number of reasons. Many couples practicing such meetings on the forums negatively spoke about their experience.

But those who have learned to plan correctly realized that sex on schedule is a great opportunity to return sex to their relationship. If work and other things do not allow you to bask in bed for days, then it is worth learning to offer the proximity of your soul mate.

For example, write an SMS with information about when you can stay together. Say, today I will free myself in three, the child is in the garden up to 5, so I will be free for two hours, let’s take sex. In this case, it is also planned, but the term is short, which means a certain component of the surprise is maintained.

Everything is quite individual and to say unequivocally whether sex on schedule is useful or harmful, you can’t. Many couples practice it, which means that this method cannot be considered completely useless. Is it suitable for you? Try it!

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