Sex after Caesarean: We answer 5 secret questions

Sex after Caesarean: We answer 5 secret questions.

, Sex after Caesarean: We answer 5 secret questions

Designing from the hospital, «Caesaren» Moms usually get a strict recommendation: «Sexual abstinence for two months». But this short warning leaves so many questions! Why not? Absolutely impossible? And an orgasm – Can? We will try to clarify the most problematic moments of this exciting women of the topic.

Dangerous sex after pregnancy – Doctoral «Scarecrow»?

Unfortunately, the danger of love making in the first weeks after operational birth is not exaggerated. This often surprises women: after all, everything is in order in the intimate zone, nothing stretched and did not break. However, you should not rush with sex.

The risks are that an open wound is formed on the uterus as a result of childbirth – The place of departure of the placenta. If an infection enters this section of the epithelium, then weakened local immunity, most likely, will not be able to confront it. A «Caesar» the uterus is doubly vulnerable, because it has a fresh seam. By the way, he heals much slower than on the skin.

Any birth require increased attention to intimate hygiene. The infection can be brought not only during intercourse with penetration, but also having oral sex or masturbation.

When you can have sex after the birth of a child?

Often women in the first two weeks after childbirth overcome erotic dreams, and they strive to renew the sexual life as soon as possible. Do not worry: dreams will soon stop, and the recommended 6 will have to be patient–8 weeks.

Of course, everyone has different healing periods. Therefore, a more accurate answer will be this: you can have sex as soon as an ultrasound confirmed the scarring of the seam on the uterus, and the gynecologist gave «good».

In addition, it is better to wait for the release of moorcarthy (postpartum discharge). It is they who say that the inner surface of the uterus has not yet been restored, and the risk of infection is great.

, Sex after Caesarean: We answer 5 secret questions

I don’t want sex at all after childbirth. Everything is fine with me?

More than half of freshly baked mothers complain about decreasing libido. It doesn’t matter how the birth passed – naturally or promptly.

The desire to make love «Fights off» Hormone prolactin. All women have it, but the nursing prolactin has significantly increased. Prolactin ensures milk production and reduces excitability to protect the mother and child from stress. Sexual excitability also falls under its action.

If you avoid proximity, because you are shy about your scar or stretch marks on your stomach and chest, then this is already necessary to fight. Buy in a pharmacy ointment for correction of scars and stretch marks (for example, contractubex or Mederma). Create twilight in the room or make love at night. Choose such poses in which your stomach will not be in the spotlight: good after Caesarean Pose «lying on the side». And always remember when looking at this seam «A smile», what exactly he gave you the happiness of being a mother.

Sex have been painful after childbirth. What to do?

Millions of born women face this problem. The pain can be associated with the seam healing. There is nothing left for nothing but to wait and treat it carefully. No excessive loads and active sex – You don’t want the seams to disperse?

Often the pain is different in nature. For example, discomfort is frictions due to a lack of natural lubrication. High prolactin, a woman is not sufficiently excited – Hence the problems. They are solved by using a lubricant – now there is a very large selection of lubricants, but concentrate on hypoallergenicity, and not on additives. Great effect gives a long prelude and mutual affection. In general, know: everything is fine with you, and prepare you for intima – The care of a man.

If sharp pains are concerned, unpleasant sensations in the cavity of the abdomen, in the ovary area, then it is better not to hesitate to visit the doctor. Still childbirth – Not a joke, but a cesarean section – Serious operation.

Sex after cesarean is impossible, but an orgasm – you can?

We talked above about sexual intercourse with penetration. But there is still oral sex, masturbation and erotic dreams! We hasten to reassure you: an orgasm is completely harmless.

Despite the fact that an orgasm is a series of cramps, the seams from it will not be dispersed. On the contrary, often in the hospital women are prescribed injections that enhance the reduction of the uterus. After all, it should greatly decrease in size, and this is achieved just by muscle contraction. So take pleasure as much as you like, not forgetting about intimate hygiene. Help in achieving orgasm will help numerous vibrators and clitoris stimulants designed for caresses of the outer part of the genitals.

We hope that the article dispelled your fears regarding the sexual activity after cesarean section. Do not avoid proximity to your beloved man, but do not risk in vain. Love each other so as not to harm the restored body, and be happy.

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