Sex between breasts: practical guide

Sex between breasts: practical guide.

Forget about such a word as «perversion»

Sex between breasts – beautiful, sensual, popular type of stimulation. Both partners receive pleasure. This is not vulgar, it did not go, and they do this not only in the movie for adults. Couples practice sex between breasts everywhere, and get their pleasant orgasms from this.

It’s all about?

Most likely, you are wondering about the size of the chest because you observed scenes from all the same adult films where «Contractors of the main roles» possessed very impressive dimensions. And in their chest you can lose a person, not like male dignity. Even if your breasts are small, remember that this is not the most important, and below we will explain why.

We proceed to practice

For sex between breasts there are two convenient poses:

A woman lies on her back, a man is attached from above. A woman needs to bring her breasts with her hands, «hug» penis. This pose is convenient because the woman is comfortable, easy to hold her breasts, and it remains only to enjoy, since the man will do the rest of the work.

A man sits on the edge of the bed, and a woman is attached between his legs. Convenient pose for both partners. The woman herself controls the movements and their speed, which is very convenient for additional manipulations. Of course, there are many poses of poses, we presented those that, in our opinion, are suitable as beginners, so experienced couples.

And now about additional manipulations. If a girl has small breasts, additional caresses with her hands and lips will help make the process even more pleasant. Sex between breasts can (and need) combine with oral sex. You can caress the head of the penis with a tongue, lips, slightly swallow it when a man makes progressive movements and «turns out» Near your mouth. Holding her chest, a woman can cover with a male penis with her palm, slightly pressing it to her, which will only increase the force of influence on the penis.

Basic rule: For comfortable sex and bright orgasm, a woman’s breast must slide because sex «Dry» will deliver not the most pleasant sensations. Use as many saliva or lubricant as possible, which will greatly simplify your task. If you are going to combine sex between breasts with oral caresses, be careful when choosing a lubricant – He must be edible.

And, of course, be prepared that «male orgasm» It will turn out to be on your body, most likely, on the face, neck and chest. Therefore, discuss this issue with your beloved in advance. If such a finale does not suit you, use sex between breasts as «Warming up».

, Sex between breasts: practical guide

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