Sex history virgin – read online

Story Sex virgin “An attempt is not torture …”.

At the time of this Sex history virgin I was 18 years old.

, Sex history virgin – read online

One beautiful day I woke up, made myself breakfast and started watching my favorite programs (in general, the day began usually). The most interesting beginning to happen after dinner, when my first love suddenly called me. We have not been in a relationship with this girl for more than four months and she managed to find another for herself, but my feelings for her did not fade away. Therefore, I was at the same time surprised and delighted when she offered me to take a little walk. Of course, I poured a little, unlocking that I had a lot of things, but in the end I agreed ..

History about the first sex virgin

And so we go with her in the park and talk about anything. A cheerful dialogue ensued between us, we constantly smile and innocently hugging (in a friendly manner). I already thought that everything would end there, but then she offered to drink. I don’t know what was the reason for these events, but I decided to catch the moment. Entering a cafe, I ordered fruits and a bottle of champagne. Not having time to look around, we already finished the second bottle and my companion diverged in earnest. She began to pester me with a arrogant way, stripping right on the street … A little later she invited me to her. For a while I was crumbling, but she reassured me, saying that her mother at a night shift (she is a doctor) and that no one would interfere with us, I finally can realize my story Sex virgin.

Once in the apartment, we began to kiss passionately, and my hands reached for her lush and standing chest. I was happy to kiss her tender neck, squeezing the elastic nipples, and then I felt her hands stretching to my jeans. She was a little confused in my fastener, so I had to let them go and release my “strong” riser.

, Sex history virgin – read online

She reacted with a smile to my erection and we continued to kiss. Bringing circles around her nipples, his lips began to go down lower and reached short jeans shorts, which teased me all evening. Getting rid of them and, being in the same underwear, I was finally determined to say goodbye to my virginity, but at one point my thoughts turned attention to a strange click.

My friend was absorbed in caresses, so she did not pay attention, and after a while they entered the room … that was her mother! I bounced off the girl and looked at a woman with fear, who was also stunned.

Grabbing your clothes in the hand and saying “Hello and Goodbye”, I ran out of the apartment.

After that, I did not contact my first love, which did not ask, like my first attempt to part with virginity. My sex stories are the virgin so far without the most important thing – without the loss of the virginity of the guy ..

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