Sex in ancient Rome – all the secrets of the Romans

Sexual perversions in ancient Rome.

In vain we think that no one knew anything about sex before. They knew, perhaps, even more, but they did not share their experience with the subsequent generation. In this article, we will tell you about what sexual perversions took place in ancient Rome.

It can be immediately noted that the inhabitants of Ancient Rome, although there were not Puritan views, but talking about sexual intercourse was often a forbidden topic. Therefore, ancient sexual perversions were carried out only on certain days, so to speak on holidays. These were a kind of rituals that were subsequently transmitted from their predecessors to their descendants.

, Sex in ancient Rome – all the secrets of the Romans

Conservatives are convinced that modern society is too sexually liberated, however, if you study more deeply, the sex-nraves of that time, you can see that this is far from the case and sex in ancient times occupied a special place in the development of civilization.

Types of sexual perversions

Today, varieties of sexual perversions that were present in ancient Rome, we consider a real work of art. Objects of culture of that era for some are obscenity, and sometimes even cruelty. The number of scandalous sculptures is large enough, you can see them on the Internet.

The sexual perversions of ancient Rome were as follows:

  1. Mass Leisbian holiday. On a certain day, the girls undressed naked and went to swim in the sea, and then went ashore and were able to please each other’s bodies. Implement was allowed in various ways. The male floor did not come to such a holiday.
  2. Bacchanalia. At such events, women who were married deprived of the virginity of teenagers. This tradition later transformed, and women could even introduce their own sons into the world of sexual pleasures. Only the elite of society participated in such holidays.
  3. Sadomasochism. The tops of the authorities were inherent in the consolations, in particular, the emperor, who for the sake of his pleasing chopped off his hands, tortured, cut parts of the body of his servants. This brought pleasure both to him and his retinue.
  4. The fall of the clergy. This event took place in the Pope of the Pope, where 50 prostitutes were present. All the girls divided naked, and each guest could fuck them. The more sexual acts the girl withstands, the more generous her gift will be. So, men gave precious jewelry to the most persistent representative of the most ancient profession.

Thus, sexual perversions in ancient Rome surprise our contemporaries.

, Sex in ancient Rome – all the secrets of the Romans

In addition to the listed varieties of sexual perversions, there were other, but less shocking. To date, works of art of that time are highly appreciated by experts, which indicates their recognition and high popularity.

Facts about sex in ancient Rome

It is no secret that the Roman Empire fell, and at that time various sexual changes took place, including perversions. Let’s list the main points that were at that time the fall of the most powerful empire in the world:

  • Numerous orgies that occurred only during religious holidays. The orgies had previously been among the ancient Greeks who thought that in this way they are pleasing their gods. People later talked about orgies, and mentioned that they took place even in the daytime on the streets of cities. Basically, people lost their virginity precisely at these events. Later, mass orgies became forbidden, since they did not meet the canons of the moral principles of modern society.
  • In those days there were still slaves who carried out any instructions of their owners, including sexual. The owners did not perceive slaves as full -fledged people, and sex with them was just to satisfy their lust. In addition, sex in ancient Rome with a slave – it was not betrayal, which means married ladies and married men could have fun on the side only with slaves.
  • Most often perverted fantasies were possessed by emperors and other people of higher officials. It was they who invented a variety of sexual festivities on which experiments were conducted. For example, experiments were conducted over men who wanted to remake into a woman., Sex in ancient Rome – all the secrets of the Romans
  • Ancient people wanted large monuments over their graves, on which their sexual life was described. This was done so that descendants could envy and continue such a trend in the development of sexual life.
  • Chroniclers have repeatedly mentioned mass orgies and other perversions in their prose so that contemporaries learn and do not forget their history.

Sculptures also testify to perversions in ancient Rome, namely the male child -born organ was exposed on almost all statues. With the help of such sculptures, palaces, locks, houses, etc.D. In the houses of ancient Romans, paintings with the image of male dignity were also found. Sex also used special veneration in ancient Egypt and ancient India, so that the Roman Empire is not the discoverers in the issue of sexual perversions.

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