Sex in the jacuzzi – 5 successful positions

Sex in the jacuzzi – 5 successful positions.

Autumn has come, and people try to warm up with all their might. A wonderful and extremely pleasant heating option – Holidays in a jacuzzi. And if you combine it with sex, then you can definitely forget about the autumn spleen and cold. Since not everyone has their own jacuzzi, and often you have to go around in public – In spa, sauna or other places, then sex directly in the water of this jacuzzi seems to be a risky and simply indecent – After all, other people will also sit there then. But we made a wonderful selection of positions in which you can perfectly combine the vacation in jacuzzi and sex, and at the same time do not harm anyone!

1. On the shore of pleasure

One of the partners is in a jacuzzi, and the second lies in such a way that his legs hang into the water, and the genitals are approximately at the level of the side. Everything is simple – you need to wider your legs wider and relax while the partner caresses you orally. Then you can change. A couple of tips – It is better to lay a towel under the back, and massive jacuzzi jets can affect the genitals of a partner located in the water. 2. Deep penetration

The woman lies near the jacuzzi in the same way as in the first position, moving to the edge of the jacuzzi. Only this time you do not need to glue the legs of water – They need to be thrown over the shoulders of a partner. A man can stand or kneel – It depends on the parameters of the jacuzzi itself.

3. Wet sliding

In this position, none of the partners will be in a jacuzzi, but at the same time you will both experience the pleasure of warming moisture. The main secret is to take a lot of lubricant (for special warmth you can take a warming one) and apply it abundantly not only to the penis, but also to the scrotum, the abdomen and hips of both partners, the woman’s buttocks. Then she saddles her partner and begins to slide back and forth. The sensations will be very unusual and pleasant.

4. Almost in the water

The man sits on the edge of the jacuzzi, lowering his feet in the water, his partner sits on top, with his back to him. If desired, she can also lower her legs into the water or bend them in her knees and leave them outside. The features depend on the chosen option: in the first case, the woman’s weight is transferred to her hands, the man needs to hold her, and movements are possible more leisurely and slow. In the second case, the woman fully controls the depth of penetration and rhythm.

5. Salvation of drowning

The prelude can start in water, caresses in a jacuzzi can be very, very pleasant. When you get heated enough, then emerge «To the shore», Take a towel and go to it on its side, turning face to each other. A woman wraps over her partner’s hips, and they begin to move. Of course, if your own jacuzzi, then nothing prevents you from having sex in the water, just remember that the condom under water is almost useless, so you should take care of additional contraception!

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