Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing

Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing.

, Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing

In today’s reality Sex on the first date It’s not so rare, and not only guys can start seduced, but sometimes the girls themselves, completely unnecessary. To breed your favorite object successfully, you should know about some important points. This is about this, dear womanizers and temptresses, and we will talk.

About decency and stereotypes

About 30 years ago, such issues caused a wave of indignation among aunt-brawls, and a girl who agreed to sex on a first date was called only … well, you understand yourself. Let’s not talk about sad. Today, issues of sexual relations are accepted more loyal, so the public inquisition with subsequent lynching will not follow. So, Sex proposal on the first date We will not consider indecent. Eat, to celebrate need, sleep, make love – the natural needs of the body. Therefore, sexual contact between two adults cannot be condemned, even if it happened very quickly after acquaintance.

The question is different: what do you want from the meeting yourself? And an important factor is the perception of each of the partners of such a fact as an intimate when meeting. If a man believes that only morally unworthy women can jump into a bed so quickly, they say, a decent should fill the price of themselves, then, alas, the framework of the relationship will be limited just by bed entertainment. Although in life there are hundreds of examples when The first date ended in sex, Communication grew into a relationship, and they had a result in the form of an official campaign to the registration authorities of civil states, with pigeons, ribbons, limousines, a veil and oaths in unshakable fidelity before the spent of the harsh days of a swearing individual.

, Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing

There are times when The girl does not accept sex on the first date, And the guy wants, offers, after which he receives a refusal and sincerely perplexed what he did wrong. Resentment and end to communication. Moreover, not always such a comrade perceives the partner purely as an object of sexual desires, no, often he is not very opposed to build a serious relationship with the woman’s favorite, provided that in bed she is at least 4+. Indeed, it makes sense to waste time, spend money, nourish false illusions, and then get a “log”?

With a question, Is it worth having sex on a first date, It seems to have figured out. This is your personal business, your individual perception, your desires. There are no rules and patterns here. The world is beautiful and diverse) It will be a question of how to seduce an impregnable object of fantasies that fills its price.

How to seduce a woman and have sex with her on the first date

Still, men more often become the initiators of such provocations. If the guy is shy, timid and densely blushes when looking at the seductive forms of a girlfriend, then farther and joint eating shaking in the nearest cafe-restaurant. Such comrades can drive a girl by the handle for months, feed ice cream, buy tickets to the cinema, kiss in a dark corner goodbye and run like cowardly hares home, hating themselves in their souls for their weakness, while waving from a 24-hour erection. Such guys have sex on the first date will never happen, it may not happen on the second, third, tenth. Both laughter and sin. Hope is only on a girl who herself will not endure and “thank” her timid admirer for his efforts and restaurants with high-quality sex somewhere after 2-3 months of dates.

But there are no such bold beauties for all timid guys. To a greater extent, female gender does not differ and takes a wait -and -see one, so just persuading the girl for sex will not work. Beautiful and impregnable can be skillfully seduced by intimate! When a man insists on sexual intimacy, the fortress will fall.

Preparation for sex on the first date with a girl

Emotions and jokes

Most of the guy’s actions are best directed to obtain positive emotions in the young lady. Ladies are illogical creatures, the arrangement of priorities on the points is not available to them, but emotions and feelings rule the ball) The main thing – put it to yourself and gain confidence, So that she does not climb into her shell and did not dug there like from the enemy of the people.

We joke more, but did not go, but kindly. Jokes-hooks are also suitable, just do not overdo it. You can tell more funny stories. At the same time, try not to seem to be a jester. We smile more often, start talking about childhood, ask it more so as not to seem to be a selfish. Sometimes there are copies, so enthusiastically telling about themselves that it is not possible to insert a word. Exercise does not start no one.


We make compliments. Women love with ears – this is a fact. There are only individuals who are so insincerely turning that I want to send to a walking erotic. We try to speak plausible. Without unnecessary redness.

Personed carefully

Do not immediately test all the protruding parts of the body, no matter how seductive they may seem. Neither hands nor too frank glance. Close a little for the seed. If the chosen one herself throws languid eyes, she jokes unequivocally and makes it clear by all means that the degree of her accessibility is at the moment high, you can start with stroking the shoulders, hands, handle the hand gently and a little lower. Here the moment is very responsible!

Hand without obstacles slipped to the hips? She did not recover and did not make a strict face? We move on. Put your hips, run your hand along the knees and a little higher. Does not push away? Then you almost achieved the desired result. Do not go right away to the most secret. Better take care of the upper body. Kiss in the neck, stain your hair, go down a little lower – to that very hollow. If the lady is relaxed, her breathing has become more frequent, she does not push you away, move on) you know everything yourself ..

, Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing

Time and place

Think about where you will spend time, especially in bad weather. If you are planning Dilute the girl for sex After walking in the park in the cold – dream further and watch porn with your hand under the covers. Those who offer intimate at the first meetings should be prepared to shake a little wallet a little. Flowers, at least the middle cafe, taxi as needed, etc.D. Women love when they care for them, including financially. Create a romantic environment. Music, candles, fruits, sweets, champagne, flowers – your assistants.

By the way, where you plan to have sex for the first time: in the car, hotel, house? Grinkle this moment. An ideal option would be the room. Still, in the car to comply with all hygiene rules will not be possible. A girl can refuse intima only because she is not sure of the perfect cleanliness of the contents of her lace panties. Yes, and you are unlikely to smell after several hours of communication and a couple of campaigns to the toilet.

Intimate smells are disgusting, do you really not know?

Stylish onion

Is it worth talking about the appearance? Probably a few words will not hurt. Hairstyle, clothing, smells – all these points must be observed at 100%. No normal girl wants to have sex with a smoking boy who walks in a dirty old jacket, holey socks, and forgets to cut her nails.

If you do not have your own car, or it does not correspond to the modern requests of most women, you can take a steep wheel for rent to defeat your favorite Chiku on the spot. But this advice is suitable for those who are found for show in the diary of sexual victories. Planning long and serious relationships should not be lured with material wealth that is not.

Confidence and pressure

Dear seducers, do not forget that sex on the first date for some girls is a taboo. All her attempts to confront can be false, a kind of tribute to conscience and morality, so on phrases like “I can’t like that right away”, “we do not know each other at all!»We need to meet the consent and continuation of the actions. As a rule, it is persistence that helps men seduce a woman on the first date.

If “in the tank is completely deaf”, let go of the victim with the world. You better – it will not states for attempts to rape. Either you will break off a little later, or look for another option.

You came across a “strong nut”? Inaccessible “wall”? There are no hopes left? No need to offer sex on a first date, just use exciting means, perfumes and lotions with pheromones that will split any “nut” and break out any “wall”! Come in and choose to your taste. Delivery quickly and without unnecessary preludes)

Secrets of female seduction for sex on the first date

Some women also think about how to seduce a guy. The ladies’ pickup at first is no different from the masculine, because the goal of the girl’s intimate plan is one – to achieve sex with an attractive object. What principles and secrets do they use?

Clothing and makeup

First of all, you need to choose the right clothes. Women love with ears, men prefer to see beauty in order to get excited. Sneakers, jeans, sports jackets and everything else that is related to “sports” and “casual” styles looks asexual in the eyes of a man. The insidious plan to drag the desired object to bed can fail. What are the eternal symbols of female sexuality? That’s right, heels, short dresses, beautifully laid hair, especially long.

By the way, “sexually” is not always identical to the concept of “vulgar”. Better focus on femininity. Do not open all parts of the body. Either a deep neckline or a mini-skirt. Makeup is another point. Hear, makeup! Not a makeup that completely changes your face, no! Otherwise, in the morning, a seduced male will wash off from your embrace as a steppe saiga. The second date and second sex will not wait. About female sexuality is perfectly written in the article “Portrait of a sexy woman”, come in and read)

, Sex on the first date: how to seduce a girl, guy, is it worth agreeing

We listen with interest

Do not forget that men are very fond of when they are listened with an open mouth. And they, talking about great exploits in life, grow up in their own eyes to incredible size. We play these shortcomings competently: wide eyes, nodding his head, smile, interest, leading questions … Let him speak out, relax and feel interesting. Let these be stories about spaceships, plowing the open spaces of the vast universe, let! Listen and nod, nod and listen), you can accidentally lean over a dropped hairpin, exposing the edge of a chic corset or stocking. No matter how our boyfriend holds – nature will take its.

Not three throats

A little about alcohol and gluttony. Briefly. I’m sorry, but the girl, thumping like a Vasya-Santechnik from a neighboring gateway, and eats everything from the menu, as if for the last time (about vinegar for free men in the know), causes disgust. Be more modest. A glass of wine and a light salad or dessert will be more appropriate for the first time. It is possible without alcohol at all, especially with a non -wisdom of desires.


Our speech. Or rather, obscene abuse. We all know her very well. Only for starting communication such slang will not work. Control yourself and do not swear obscenities. Your chosen one can be a man of strict rules, and your ****** will push him away. Lace panties with corsets will not save the mission.

Cleanliness – the key to success

They have already talked about the freshness of the body and clothes. This also applies to women too. If you plan to breed a man for sex, make sure that an “amber” woven from natural aromas after a working day and ten campaigns to the toilet is not hit in his nose.

Men and women, remember, especially with sex on the first date, about reliable contraception! Let passions rage, and the brain melts from the intensity of emotions, but STD is a very unpleasant thing. Sex in an unfavorable situation will be just a word of four letters for you.

We are glad that you came to us. Read articles, share your experience, comment, make friends on our website and feel free to be yourself! This is so important for life and good sex!

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