Sex relieves pain during menstruation

Sex relieves pain during menstruation.

, Sex relieves pain during menstruation

Sex on critical days removes the pain syndrome. Scientists proved this many times, and the women themselves checked it on themselves. To relieve spasm, you just need to experience an orgasm. Important, that not only pain in the groin is removed, proximity and reduction of the head and even tooth pain contribute to. How does it work? Why the effect is so obvious?

The topic of sex during menstruation remains double. On the one hand, it is proved that at least in the first 3 days of menstruation it is not worth doing it. This is due to the fact that the uterus is disclosed, the risk of infection is great. It is also not hygienic, because not everyone likes blood everywhere on the bed. And there is a risk of increasing bleeding. However, on the other hand, sex at such moments can relieve pain that many women are eagerly tormented.

Due to which the pain disappears?

Yes, sex — This Excellent painkiller, And not only in the situation with unpleasant sensations during menstruation. Endorphins and other hormonal bouquet help easier to endure the pain of any sense. So the rejection of sex in the case when the head so beloved by many women hurts, it makes no sense at all. After all, the headache in the process will also pass. Moreover, even the symptoms of a cold disappear, albeit for a while. So it is definitely not worth underestimating such therapy.

Also, with sex, the muscles of the pelvis are influenced, Spasms are removed. But the pain appears primarily precisely because of these cramps. As a rule, the pain takes place at the beginning of sexual intercourse, and in the future it is not felt for some time. Exactly the same effect can be achieved by water procedures, for example, by directing a warm shower stream to the lower abdomen. However, there will be no hormonal component in this case, only the massage itself.

, Sex relieves pain during menstruation

Sex during menstruation — Basic Rules

Thus, sexual intercourse during menstruation can bring both benefits and harm. And if you want, in spite of everything, to try such a way to get rid of pain and unpleasant sensations, you should keep in mind some rules that can ensure maximum safety. So, it is worth remembering the following:

  • You need to follow the maximum hygiene. Before sex, both partners should be washed thoroughly, especially in the genital area. It is also ideally worth using a condom.
  • It is better to make love in a calm rhythm, In order not to provoke an increase in bleeding.
  • Ideally, it is worth doing not in the first two days of menstruation.

In addition, you can lay an old sheet or towel so as not to face bloody spots, and make sure that there are wet napkins nearby. This will help not be distracted by negative moments. It is also worth being prepared for the fact that the blood will go a little more after sex. Therefore, the gasket should also be at hand.

, Sex relieves pain during menstruation

Anal and oral sex also relieve pain?

Some girls practice anal sex during menstruation, and it also helps with pain. However, contraindications for him remain the same, since the load here also falls on the pelvic organs.

Kunnilingus saves from pain, but there is no blowjob. A rare girl experiences an orgasm when caresses of a partner’s member of her lips, so this method does not work.

How pain and masturbation are related?

To relieve voltage, you do not always need a partner, just have a vibrator or dildo at hand. Masturbation has the same painful properties like sex. By the way, a vibrator with different modes will allow you to choose exactly the level of oscillations in which the pain will begin to subside almost without negative consequences. And it will not necessarily reach orgasm, the main thing — get this soothing and relaxing massage.

Sex eliminates pain, but the anesthetic effect does not last the whole day. The effect can last from 10 minutes to 12 hours, it is individual. But you can always repeat sexual intercourse, the Veda is much safer than taking pills from spasms.

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