Sex Shop will talk about 7 places for quick sex

Sex Shop will talk about 7 places for quick sex.

You have little time, but you want to find a place for quick sex before doing important things. Although, what could be more important than sex? So why be late home or an important meeting when you can make love where you are. Here is a list of seven places in which you can drag your boyfriend the next time you do not want to postpone things. The elevator is a great place for quick sex, although you may not have time during the journey of several floors. If you do not make loud sounds, you can stay and continue when people come out, and the elevator will be empty again. The cinema is no matter how trite it sounds, but sex in the cinema is always vivid impressions. If you do not cry out, they are unlikely to be noticed, but if you don’t want to restrain yourself, go to the horror movie. The cinema hall is best suited for oral sex, but the last row and daytime session is an ideal combination for any other options. Club / restaurant on the one hand, if you came to the club or have gathered to have lunch, you have time, but the situations are known to be different. If the conversation excites, the partner delights, and the music shakes, find the darkest corner of the club or close in the toilet and release the brakes. The stairwell/roof of the house if you have ten minutes left before dinner with relatives, go out onto the stairwell or climb the roof, and the acuteness of sensations is provided. The car is an unoriginal idea, but quick sex in the car is safer than on a bench. In any case, you risk being less arrested for violation of public order. If there is very little time, and hormones hit the head, try to make love during driving. Although, as the French say, a person who has a car and has sex at the same time does not make both one and the other. Office Working Space offers courageous lovers a wide variety of places and sexual fantasies: from the head of the chief to the sofa in the reception room, from playing the secretary to seduction. Think about what you say in a personnel agency tomorrow morning, when you are asked for what reason you left the previous place of work. Speaking about how many times it was excited when you tried on an open dress or tight trousers? A variety of the tedious process of shopping and drag it into the booth to consider the new outfit closer. And if he needs advice in choosing new trousers, he is unlikely to abandon your help in the fitting room. Moreover, sex in the store is popular male fantasy.

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