Sex with a little member. Women Stories | Personal experience

Sex with a little member. History of women.

, Sex with a little member. Women Stories | Personal experience
In the life of many women, lovers with small members happened. What impressions did they get from this? Is it possible to experience an orgasm with the owner of a small size? Is the size important for building relationships?

We interviewed more than 30 women, 80% of them had a lover with a small member. It is important to understand that the concept of “small” for each turned out to be different. Visually, they showed the average dimensions (13-15 cm). We will tell the stories of only those who have encountered less than 10 cm options in an excited state.

Marital life with a small member

Alena, 34 years old

My ex -husband had a small cock. I did not consider this a problem. I had sex with other men before the wedding, but it was with my husband that I experienced the first orgasm. It did not happen from the usual pose, but from the cooney, but it was fine.

My husband himself understood that he was not a “giant”, so he learned to compensate for this in other ways. He always brought me to orgasm with his hands or tongue. Very carefully followed my feelings. And I never regretted that I came for him.

We got divorced not because of the penis, but I sometimes remember joint sex with nostalgia. And I know for sure – the sizes do not matter.

I don’t even understand

Irina, 24 years old

I met a guy in a student, the passion swept away, and very quickly we were in bed. And I was surprised! Not just surprised, but shocked. He almost did not feel in his pants, and turned out to be in length like my index finger. Not only short, but also thin.

In general, the girl I am brought up, it became so inconvenient for me! Refuse somehow ashamed, it seems like I will injure his psyche. I was so confused that I pretended that everything was in order.

When he “awarded me”, I didn’t even feel. I felt the weight of his body, understood that he was moving. But only for me it was completely imperceptibly. He finished quickly, I left. I did not meet anymore. Of course, we saw each other, but I constantly refused something repeated., Sex with a little member. Women Stories | Personal experience

Acrobatic tricks with a small member

Alice, 27 years old

It was a random sex that grew into a relationship by six months. He was older, beautifully looked after. I was then 22 or 23 years old, and he was already over 30. And somehow we went to him. And that sex I remember now!

It turned out that he did not have a lot in his underpants. Polostenic and short “members”. I did not call enthusiasm when I saw him. But then he knew how to do this!

In general, he managed to find poses in which he plunged as much as possible. I remember how I lay with my legs thrown up and realized that everything was very cool! He turned me like a doll. And I never felt that there was a “baby”.

And then it turned out that it was very convenient to blow blowing. Deep without problems! Yes any! And this is cool.

I liked sex with him, we lit many times more.

It happens and disgusting

Marina, 31 years old

Throws me into a shiver when I remember this story. He looked after for a long time, gave flowers, drove through restaurants, but was in no hurry. And I was stupid, naive, I thought that he wanted to marry. And he tried to tie, fall in love, so that he would not escape later. And there was something to leave.

And the man is prominent, beautiful. But only with the male organ was not lucky. Small and crooked. I don’t even know how to describe it. Like children’s …

Well, how can you sleep with this? Well, I was a maximalist, I wanted a strap, but here is such an embarrassment!

Now I am taught by experience, now I need to immediately understand the shortcomings, and then make a decision. And I grew up, I understand that the size is not a sentence, but I would like to know about the shortcomings as early as possible.

A small penis is a relative concept, everything is perceived very individually. But with small sizes you can fully have sex, build a family.

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