Sex with two girls: how to arrange an orgia WMW for pleasure

Sex with two girls.

, Sex with two girls: how to arrange an orgia WMW for pleasure

Intimacy with two women – probably the most popular male fantasy. In youthful dreams, this is twice as much sexuality, beauty and pleasure. However, for this adventure it is worth preparing so that constraint and fear do not turn into a sluggish erection and disappointment of the female half. The combination of WMW is really rich in capabilities and unique sensations, but this mini-orgy has its own rules.

Creating a sensual atmosphere

If relations with both girls are only configured to receive mutual pleasure, it is not at all necessary to spend the three times a three -part in order to better know each other. The beginning will be successful if you build communication on a desperate flirt and talk about sex, as well as sensual games.

You can offer girls to start with light erotic fun – a man touches the first partner, for example, by the shoulder, then she reports where their friend should touch the second partner, and so in turn. Slowly girls will go into rage, and touch will become more frank and intimate.

A good idea will be to play cards for undressing, as well as an offer to the participant to take off some kind of wardrobe detail. Such entertainment is set in a playful way and unobtrusively close partners of WMW.

A good choice of partners is one of the components of success in sex with two girls. Many men speak rather restraint about sex format WMW, where both participants of the hetero. Girls habitually expect manifestations of the initiative from the stronger sex, very little interacting among themselves, and a man has to work for wear, forgetting about his own pleasure so as not to hit the mud in front of women. If at least one girl is bisexual, group sex has much more chances for success.

Successful combinations and pose for WMW

The need to use every participant in sex with two girls can be realized very creatively. People with deep empathy will receive a lot of pleasure, together caressing the third partner, while starting up and more and more. For a bisexual girl, it will be blissful to receive kisses of her neck and chest from her girlfriend, and the clitoris massage with her tongue – from a man. This double pleasure will make a lasting impression on her – after all, several erogenous zones are involved.

Girls stroking each other in front of the partner’s eyes will make his erection stable and confident, because the scenes of lesbian sex are one of the most common requests on porn sites from users of the stronger sex.

Classical for group sex with two girls was a position in which a man makes sexual intercourse with one of the partners in the Doggi-Stail pose, and her tongue at that time is occupied by oral affection towards the second partner. This is the most successful pose for enjoying all participants. Its variation may interest those who enjoy dominance and subordination: one of the women sits on the lover on the face, and he caresses her vagina from the inside, while the second in the pose of the rider rides on a member of a man.

An interesting for liberated lovers will be a combination in which one girl lies on the second, spreading her legs, and the man at that time plunges with a member or fingers in one or another pussy alternately.

If a man is tired of active actions, he can, conveniently placing the girls and pouring massage oil on his hands, synchronously caress their clitoris and labia.

Women who brightly respond to the obvious pleasure of a partner will not forget about the satisfaction of a man. Girls can simultaneously caress a member with tongues, hold their lips on both sides, meeting in a mutual kiss. In addition, one of the girls can caress a man’s anus with a tongue or finger, while the second gives him a blowjob – a bright orgasm is guaranteed for an emancipated lover in such a combination.

Preparation for orgy, safety measures

If a man is not too confident in his abilities, in the case of sex with two girls, you can try a doping like Viagra (consulting a doctor, of course). Nevertheless, the key to successful group sex is a positive attitude, not the physical condition of partners.

In addition, one should not forget that it is impossible to include persuasion to WMW, even a small pressure on a person will be violence in this case, it is enough to recall the infamous sect of Alex Leslie, where they acted with manipulative ways to compel the sex-coach in order to force group orgies in the that waynumber, which provoked in women subsequently mental disorders.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to carry out prevention and protect yourself and partners from diseases transmitted sexually. No matter how this is reduced by the intensity of emotions, the testing of the tests to orgia will be the best protection, it will also save the participants from nervousness during intimacy, however, the use of a condom during intercourse this does not cancel this.

Group sex with two girls is rich in emotions and shades of physical pleasure, for liberated and self -confident people, he can become a unique experience that contributes to the disclosure of sensuality.

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