Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex

Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex.

, Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex

Today is an interesting topic – Sex with sleeping Girls and women! How many phrases lies in this phrase – cannot be described in words. It turns out to have sex with a sleeping girl or wife – the imagination of many normal and healthy men. Most of them will prefer not to wake her up at such a passionate moment, but to love the sleepy. What is it: the need for diversity or perversion?

Most likely, since each of us had a precedent, when you had sex with a partner during sleep, or at least tried to realize this in reality. We will discuss? Let’s decide together whether the deviation is or the norm is to have sex with a sleeping beauty, which has a stump from panties so appetizing!

, Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex

I want sex with a sleeping girl, reasons whether it is normal

So, we will approach this issue scientifically and try to interpret this phenomenon with terms. In sexology and psychology, the desire to have sex with a sleeping person is called somnophilia. The joke is that it is considered by almost the beginning of necrophilia (the desire to copulate with the deceased, haha), and from a legal point of view-rape, if the partner remains at the stage of deep sleep and does not give consent to sexual intercourse. Funny, isn’t it?

But we are in a hurry to please you, not everyone who wants to fuck a sleeping baby will be considered somnophiles. If you have a urge to attach to the sleeping body from time to time – you are a normal person! In the case when these fantasies are overcome every day, you will be given by the fact of dry vagina and immobility of the second half – you are a little pervert! You would be a doctor, but quickly. They don’t treat such people here, I’m sorry.

We will talk about those who are visited by passionate fantasies sometimes, and decide for a start: Having sex during sleep is normal! It remains to find out the reasons why sleeping women excite men, why you really want sex with a sleeping or dormant girl.

Why do you want sex with a sleeping woman, reasons

The very first reason called men – The defenselessness of the partner. Yes, yes, the same animal instincts that control the strong half of humanity since the time of a cave person are involved here. Domination, manifestation of power, mastering a woman at will (read, a club on the head and in the cave) – here they are, driving mechanisms, giving special erotism to the sleeping body in the eyes of the members of the members!

The second reason guys call the availability of such intimacy. Easy, fast, just. I came, saw, took it, rushed, finished, put in place. For all manipulations 10-15 minutes, no more. Silence and tranquility, without any troubles with prolonged preludes, pleasions, creating some special atmosphere and licking pussy, so that “Her Majesty” finally wound up. In general, no hemorrhoids. Just sex! And then your own healthy sleep with devastated “cylinders”)))

The third reason why the sleeping woman excites – diversity, For which many are chasing and climbing into some jungle, inventing all sorts of sexwife with puppets, boiling brains and breaking relationships with treason. All the most difficult always turns out to be simple and lies somewhere nearby-in our case, just on the second half of the bed. According to men, fuck a sleeping wife, even if on the second ten calendar from the day of registration, it is like sleeping with a new woman. This is unusual, starts, excites, brings bright orgasms and a strong riser.

Another reason is called lack of related obstacles In the form of a girl’s tension, her thoughts about some problems-everything that prevents him from relaxing and surrendering to the act of love in a wakeful state. She sleeps sweetly, the body is relaxed, the brain at the reboot – why not enter the warm pussy? Many wake up in the process and with pleasure make love with a partner already in consciousness.

The fifth cause of sex during sleep – modified sensations. When we are in the stage of quick sleep (stage of dreams) or light half -day, consciousness is partially in reality mode. We are like here and there. At these moments, all tactile sensations acquire a special color: touching the erogenous zones causes increased excitement, simple hair strokes are taken as a special affection, a delicate whisper on the ears forces the labia to moisturize. A man begins to have sex with a sleeping girl, she interprets it like an erotic dream, and then wakes up and understands that everything is real! This is madly starting and gives eroticism to the most ordinary movements!

Why do girls don’t want sex while sleeping

There are women who aggressively react to the intimate harassment of a partner during dreams. They can also be understood. Let’s learn a couple of rules when you should not halter your baby.

  • She gets tired during the day at work, with a child or for another reason. She elementarily wants to relax and sleep.
  • The girl is in the phase of falling asleep. At such a moment, mowing can be annoyed.
  • She already said that she was experiencing unpleasant physical sensations due to lack of lubrication. Entering “dry” is actually painful. Buy a lubricant!
  • The psychological perception of the act without affection and mutual consent can decipher your actions as violence or the use of her body as a “rubber zina”.
  • Different biorhythms. You are a lark, she is an owl. Your morning hints of sex will annoy her, as the “owls” will be sprinkled with qualitatively in the morning.

But there is always a chance to arouse sleeping or wake a girl for sex slowly and comfortable. This is the case when you need to learn to seduce it even in a dream, and the right caresses will help in this.

, Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex

How to have sex with sleeping, excite a woman correctly

You came home from work, one thought is to indulge in the joys of intimacy, and she sleeps! Stand, and even what! There is no desire to masturbate, because I want a warm living woman with a damp vagina and soft breasts, and not a strong fighting girlfriend Dunk Kulakov. What to do? Let’s try and experiment with the excitement of a sleeping girl, suddenly roll!

Create an erotic situation

Just walked up, lifted the blanket and stuck it – it will not work. Nobody will like this, especially such a tender being as your beloved. Therefore, we learn to arrange the necessary buttons of its perception and create a seductive atmosphere.

  • Turn on a dim lamp or open the curtains so that the light of the moon and street lamps gently penetrated your room.
  • Use her favorite perfume so that your touches envelop her nostrils with a pleasant aroma.
  • You can light candles and turn on the music to which it loves to have sex or remember your bright erotic adventures. Just no loud bass.
  • A bouquet of preferred colors will complement this picture of seduction.
  • Turn on the video of erotic or porn content (depending on its preferences) for the background so that ahi-ghosts are heard.

Flowers, perfumes, music, light – all these elements of seduction are best served moderately so that they do not sharply disturb the sleeping, but give it a certain mood when awakening.

If a woman loves pitch darkness and dead silence during sleep, do not annoy her all this hype. Act as a spy – as correctly as possible and without misfires.

Soft petting: excite the sleeping girl with caresses, hands, tongue, body

We will agree right away: without heavy artillery at first! We begin to excite our beloved light touch to the most harmless parts of the body. In general, for starters, you need to lie down nearby and touch it with a hot body and an excited penis. If she sleeps weakly and wants sex, this seduction may end, because there will be a cupcake next)))

Unobtrusive body caresses

Put it through the hair, whisper in the ear, how delicious they smell, sink its tender ears and neck with their breath – this starts very much, since the skin in these places is hypersensitive to any effects.

Pass your hand over your shoulders, smoothly moving to the back and bend of the lower back – just stroke, while it is unsatisfied, and insinuatingly and neatly. Brack the hips, buttocks, legs. We do not touch the chest, so as not to seem too straightforward. We get to the sweetest and most humid zones gradually, like a scout to an enemy. Our goal is to get into the territory unnoticed.

Many women will be pleasant to caress. Start with your feet and move above. Stroking, kisses, hot breathing – use all incentives. In all caresses, you can use additional items: sex toys, fruits, flowers. Pass the vibrator on its leg to the labia and back, kiss the inside of the knee and draw a flower from the brought bouquet along, touching the labia. Softly advance to more serious petition.

Oral sex and caress

When you showered all the available areas of the body with soft kisses, we go to caresses with your tongue and hands. Pass the hollow between the chest, slowly go to the nipples – the most erogenous zone. With your hands you can gently massage your chest, stimulate the nipples with your tongue and lips. In order to achieve the excitation of a sleeping girl, read the article about the right caresses of the chest, and also consider her preferences in this area. Take strawberries from the refrigerator or something else, caress the chest with a piece of delicious mouth-it is provided with a pleasant sensation of contrast.

Be sure to whisper her all the compliments that you know, voice the power of your excitement and the desire to have sex with her right now. She can already wake up or be half a day. If your outpourings did not cause rejection, we move on. Keep in mind that some girls like to break a little, so easy attempts to resist “not now, dear”, “no need”, “oh, I sleep” we pass by the ears and conquer the desired benefits with passionate pressure.

Excite your beloved with oral caresses: spread the labia, enter it with your tongue, make cooney, caress your fingers. If there were experiments with toys from a sex shop, use the most beloved. Honey sleeps in panties at night? Gently pushing them or pull them off completely – this is an extra element.

Go to our sex shop and choose intimate toys that will wake up all its nerve endings, relieve fatigue and eliminate accumulated stress. There is no stimulation in good sex! We do not play a roulette called “whether your favorite orgasm will receive”, but simply buy an “assistant”. See how many devices for erotic fantasies: from ordinary phallimitators to vibrorsiki and vibrators for steam! Feel free, we will not tell anyone that you came to visit.

The main thing in the excitation of a sleeping girl is to observe her intimate preferences. We give general recommendations, but every night nymph is a separate story with its heads and sections. You must feel her condition, track reactions if you still want to fuck the girl while she sleeps.

Why do women and men want sex during sleep? Because the level of certain hormones increases precisely in the night period. Use this, but do not forget that a partner is not a robot with a registered algorithm program. If your attempts were not successful, and in response to all the tricks to excite a woman, you got a confident “Leave me alone”, do not insist. And don’t be discouraged! In the end, your girlfriend has the right to her opinion and, perhaps, right now to the lantern, which was impatient for you there. And Dunka is always there in general! She will help you out to the worst everyday life.

, Sowing Sleeping: how to do a sleeping girl, wake his wife morning sex

Morning sex, how to wake a wife for sex

Everyone seems to have found out about the night “cupcakes”, but there is another stable desire of men – to wake up sex in the morning or with the aim of having them to do. Well, why exactly in the morning to men sperm hits the brain, and the aunts grumble and turn away? Only in films can we observe scenes of passionate fusion at the time of awakening. In the realities, a man with his morning riser to his chin is sent to an erotic foot. Why such a bummer?

Why does a man want sex in the morning

Remember, we just talked about night hormonal perestroika? So it is they who make the man wake up with a standing penis in the morning. The morning erection is particularly annoying if the Kex was not at night and in the previous days. Of course, the wife of a wife with a dispensed ass, a sleeping nearby, leads to certain thoughts … I just want to wake her in morning sex! Merge “energy” and go with the devastated “cylinders” on the capture of the mammoth. Why are the aunts not understand this?

Why does a woman don’t want sex in the morning

With women, as always, everything is difficult. The reasons why she refuses a man in sex in the morning, a carriage and a small cart! While you get out, along with the devil and your head, and you will break the hooves.


Girls are always reverent to the purity of the body and smells, from it out. In the morning he carries a trash in the morning, the genitals, even from the evening washed, still secrete moisture and mucus at night, and the man climbs with kisses or even worse – there! Yes, and the male himself, to put it mildly, “smacks slightly” in the morning. Real Antisex. And if you go washed, brush your teeth and make a marathon, the effect of morning sex will not be what men expect. Ambush and bummer.

Buy wet wipes and wipe them causal places at the time of surging passion. The stench will be removed mint candies – put them on a bedside table.

The difference in modes

It has already been said above that your regimes with a partner may not match. You go to bed early and get up early, and she has the sweetest dream at the time of a rush of blood to your cock. Most likely, sex will not take place. Your beauty will continue to snore, conveniently placing an unhappy face on the pillow. And you will follow a mammoth, not a salt.

Incorrect actions

You already woke the girl for sex in the morning? And then she began to refuse? So, somewhere they were melted, dear seducers. In the morning, as well as at night, everything is perceived hypertrophied. If you tried to sharply fuck sleeping, then she definitely did not like it. In the morning, the girl wants tenderness and affection even more than day or evening. She is like a bud that should bloom. First you need to saturate with sunlight, that is, affection, and then poke the rampages. And you, like a rude animal: turned around, spread his legs, put the penis and drove at a speed of 120 km/h, along the way, pawing his chest, as if turning the wheelbarrow. Violation of traffic rules, citizens! You will be fined.

Many worries

When awakening, a woman in her head immediately pops up her entire schedule. If in the morning it rustles in multitasking mode, and the hubby enjoys a delicious breakfast, staring at the box, over time morning sex will only imagine. So that a woman wants to fuck with her husband in the morning, she must stand with a clear awareness that you will share all the responsibilities of the house and children in half: preparing breakfast, the breakdown of children in institutions, dishes, etc.D. We have already said many times that the desire of sex disappears with those ladies who get into the team of the family and plow like a horse over three. The desire for sex evaporates irrevocably – there is no strength and emotions left on it.

How to persuade a wife for morning sex

Boys, all the rules for exciting a sleeping woman will suit you. In the morning and at night, your beloved girl can be correctly persuaded and seduced. In the morning, complement the seduction of care for her: bring her a cup of coffee or aromatic tea with something tasty, promise to take the children to school schools instead of her, tell about your feelings for her-do not pounce on a hungry street kitten on a piece of meat! Buy a bouquet and delicious chocolate or another surprise in the evening – lick your curious pussy. On a day off, let her sleep longer so that caresses are appropriate.

Put the lock on the door to the bedroom, in the end, so that the children do not break to you and do not spoil the whole mood! Turn on the kids of the cartoons and give delicious cookies to get 15-20 minutes to morning invigorating sex!

Dear lovers of “sleepy” sex, share your secrets of seduction and exciting a sleeping girl! How do you persuade her on sex? You love sex with sleeping or more exciting with already awakened? We told everything we knew. Your turn!

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