Tampons for sex. What is it, how to use? | Sex Novers

Tampons for sex. What is it, how to use?.

, Tampons for sex. What is it, how to use? | Sex Novers
Critical days are not a reason to refuse sex. But what to do so as not to get dirty? Today there are tampons that are specially designed for sex during menstruation. They do not interfere with penetration, while helping to avoid contact of the penis and discharge. To whom such tampons are suitable and how to use them?

What does a tampon look like for sex?

Tampon for sex differs from ordinary tampons. What is special in them?

  • Lack of lace. When used there is no thread left outside. The swab is located completely in the body, and take it out with your fingers, pulling the edge.
  • Density. Looks like a soft sponge, but created from the material safe for the body. The usual swab is dense, holds shape. Tampon for menstruation is soft, flexible.
  • Form. You can compare it with a heart. Oblong but small. Suitable for all women.

A small hole is provided in the tampon itself, it is precisely for it that it is convenient to extract the product from the body. At the first experiments, you have to adapt, but then the process of taking out easily passes.

How to use a tampon for sex

The swab is inserted into the body, lead an active lifestyle, and then remove. All the same as with conventional means of protection.

Soft tampon It absorbs the discharge. Wearing it in the body is permissible for 6 hours, like other hygiene products. It is not recommended for longer, since the blood begins to decompose, bacteria develop in it.

There are 2 types of tampons with different absorptions – Normal and mini. Different models are used on different days.

What if the discharge is abundant? Use the Normal option, but less long. For 2-3 hours it will last., Tampons for sex. What is it, how to use? | Sex Novers

Features of tampons for sex

Soft tampons are very convenient. A woman does not feel them in the body at all, so they are suitable even to those who cause ordinary options discomfort. You can swim with them, play sports, go for a walk, etc.

But the price of soft tampons is much higher than ordinary. The cost differs very significantly, so they purchase such products, most often for sex.

What does a man feel during sex with a tampon?

For a man, using such a means of protection is not felt at all. Even with deep immersion, he rests on a soft sponge. It does not interfere, does not cause discomfort.

With oral sex, it also does not interfere with caresses. Of course, a man can accidentally remove a swab with his fingers. But if you warn him, he simply will not do this.

Will it be possible to hide the fact of menstruation from him? Yes, with vaginal sex it is possible. He just won’t notice the difference.

Where to buy tampons for sex

All soft tampons are sold packages. In one box 3, 10 or 50 pcs. At the same time, each swab is packed in an individual capsule, the integrity of which is worth violating only before the introduction. It prevents any pollution on the delicate surface of any pollution.

Sex tampons are sold in intimshop.ru, there are such protective funds available. You can purchase them with delivery.

Finding soft tampons in a pharmacy or hypermarket will not work. They have not yet received a large world in the world.

No need to refuse sex during menstruation. Just choose the right protection – tampons that do not interfere with enjoy.

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