The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

We talked a lot about the threesome and its variations, but this concerned the classic incarnations of group sex, where one of the couple wishes a new partner of the opposite sex for the brightness of sensations and a change of monotonous family motives. And if The husband wants a man for himself what to do? What to do when the spouse wants sex with a same -sex partner? Is it worth the wife to organize a group of MMG and watch how two members poke each other, or is it better to buy a strap -on and play the role of a male?

The desire to have sex with several partners is often dictated by curiosity or boredom, but same -sex mating can have more hidden motifs. In each case, everything is very individual. What a woman experiences with such proposals of a noble? Shock, jealousy, horror, interest – anything, especially in cases where such a “menu” in the preferences of the beloved pops up unexpectedly for his wife.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

Why does my husband want sex with another man

Let’s try to understand the motives of the spouse, so as not to react as acutely as most women do. In all respects, it is useful to maintain calm – it helps to find out even their very confusing situations. So what can be the reasons for the desire of her husband to try sex with another man?

Latent homosexual

In fact, this is a hidden, unrealized in life in their desires homosexuals. Why he could not realize the need for reality, only he knows, although not a fact. The pressure of society, fear of violating the norms, fear of parental opinion and the reaction of loved ones, doubts that you will like it and t.D. Such a man is excited from homosexual topics, but tries to cover this fact from extraneous eyes. Having trusted his wife – the closest person – he is looking for understanding and support.

People of non -traditional orientation sometimes consciously fulfill the classic requirements of society (family, wife, children, wood, house), and then after a certain time, having completed the “order” of the public, go to a single -year partner for their own happy life.

I want experiments

There are people who love diversity in all its manifestations. When such a guy tried many faces in bed with a woman, he may want completely non -standard pleasures to add pepper to the relationship and his perception of sexual intercourse. In the process, he may well understand that a member in his priest or, conversely, his cock in a hairy male ass is not at all that he would like to repeat again and again.

Priest – erogenous zone

Many men have an anus – a very sensitive zone. Only due to fear of passing the Gomisyatina to be known as the main part of the stronger sex, they are silent about this or deliberately deny their physiology. Requests to organize sex with another man is attempts to find use to your high -ergene parts of the body. In fact, a wife can try his luck in replacing a man with himself and a strapon. Well -organized anal sex with her husband and this device often solves many issues. The third partner is not needed.

Anal ring is not one erogenous zone. There is also a prostate, touching which causes pleasant experiences. And here’s what to do to such a man if he was on the couch with an enema in the pope, he realized where he was concentrated by the main engine of eroticism?

He is a bisexual

His sexuality is multifaceted, that’s the whole explanation. He does not divide sex and love into male, female. In his universe you can love and want a person, without reference to the floor. Such people are equally attracted to both men and women. They like certain features in girls, but no less attract some qualities in the same-sex brothers. Probably the highest pilot for bisexual will be simultaneous sex with two partners of different sex.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

The husband wants to sleep with a man how to react

In many situations, the woman’s reaction depends on how the information that her husband wants to sleep with a man reaches her. It is one thing to find out from a trusting conversation or guess by indirect signs, and completely different – to reveal its secret by chance, for example, having found a correspondence with potential partners or making it in the process of homosexual contact!

Of course, for wives who do not suspect the inclinations of the noble, such an open “abscess” is like an explosion of a bomb. The bulk of the ladies cannot figure out that they are injured more: the very need of the spouse to sex with a man or a possible betrayal, in which he eludes from her control. In the second case, after all, there is every chance of losing a family: suddenly the chosen one will add strong penis between the rolls!

Understand the reason for your reaction

What feelings prevail in you: bewilderment, resentment, fear of losing him, jealousy, frightened female pride? Think about why such a reaction. Perhaps this news is just like a thunder among a clear sky. Then do not make decisions in a burn. Take a true attitude to non -traditional orientation and some sexual perversions when a person experiences a craving for non -standard types of bodily love. Realizing what was angry or upset, you can act correctly further.

And think about whether your spouse will become worse in your eyes as a father, husband, friend, son of his parents, if he sleeps with a man. Maybe you are too focusing on someone else’s opinion, or your attitude to the deviations in sex is more imposed on the propaganda of the heterosexual majority? Be honest with you. Did you once want sex with another girl, such thoughts skipped?

Plan your actions

You can bring your husband to a frank conversation and ask in the forehead why he wants to sleep with a man whether he had a similar experience before your relationship or during them. If you are afraid to speak openly, try to go from afar, having a conversation with him about such bed practitioners, as it were, from the side. Come up with a story about acquaintances, a thematic film, a best friend, a concerned guy, etc.D.

It is possible that you will also want to observe his behavior. Some men correspond with homosexuals only out of interest or with the goal of troll. A frank question in the forehead will offend or frighten, if all the purpose of communication is different.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

Read tips on the forums

The experience of experienced wives who faced the desire of husbands to organize sex with another man will not hurt at all. In principle, stories are all the same, like tips, and the outcomes are also not distinguished by diversity. In some places there are grains of reason, so listen to your fellow tribesmen.

Visit a psychologist or sexologist

Until you told your husband that you know everything, you can go to a specialist and state your problems and suspicions in detail. He will pay attention to those moments that are hidden for your eyes. It is possible that you will be able to replay your husband. You can offer him anal sex in his direction or mutual, presenting it as a desire for diversity. And thus his thoughts about sex with guys will be scattered. It’s like one of the options.

If the conversation with his husband has already taken place, where he confessed his desires, go to the specialist together. So it will even be easier to figure out and rinse the brain to each other.

What to talk about with my husband

You decided to find out from the firsthand what to do. Great! Guess together how to satisfy your spouse’s need for sex with another man. Be sure to digest the following points.

  • Was there a homosexual contact or is it only at the level of fantasies. If it was, find out the details: when, with whom, what did you like, what did not like, what feelings, emotions, thoughts were at the same time.
  • Learn about childhood and youth. Perhaps there was an injury that provoked a craving for his floor.
  • Ask, could you replace the third partner, for example, with the help of sex toys.
  • Find out what role you play for him, family, children. How he sees the future. And why did he even create a heterosexual alliance with a woman.
  • Exit all his sexual fantasies from him, in all details. This will help determine the degree of immersion in all the homosexual wilds.
  • Ask if he wants once for an experiment or he needs constant meetings with men. How he sees meetings, in what format (with you or m + m).

If you want frank answers, then do not scream, do not freak out, but ask questions calmly and measuredly. Your aggression will provoke his response, or he will simply close from you. You are a friend, not an enemy, and a loved one.

For many bisexual couples, a strapon will be the best toy in bed to help each other mutual anal. A man wants to be a passive and give the role of a dominant to his girlfriend? What is the problem! Sore, belt strapons, with two nozzles, vibration, bilateral, embossed and other models for those who trust each other in knowing sexuality!

If you want to save your family

Suppose you do not want to get divorced and are ready to somehow understand your husband in his desires to have sexual intercourse with men. Then you have to accept its peculiarity as part of nature and abstract a little from thoughts that her husband’s sex with men is betrayal and treason. If he is a good father, a caring spouse, kind and affectionate, helping in everything and, most importantly-loving you, you may just have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes he sleeps with someone else.

By the way, it is easier for many women to psychologically accept sex spouse with a man than with another woman, since the rivalry between the sexes is not laid down by nature. The only thing you need to think about is to protect. Him – with partners, yours – with him after other people’s penis and anus. Otherwise, you are tormented by walking gynecologists and venereologists.

You may be tormented by thoughts that he does not respect you and betraying you, deceiving behind him, but you also understand: not all men are able to admit their non -standard preferences to his wife, especially in a society where such things are perceived in bayonets!

Do not immediately push the thought that his contact can happen to you! You can find a bisexual partner who will satisfy both. It is possible that visual incentives will prevail over morality. Oddly enough, but many girls with MHM or MMZH starts a passive role of a loved one with another male. They like it when their chosen one makes a blowjob or puts the ass under someone else’s cock. What is this reaction? We agree, it is not entirely standard, but it still exists. Perhaps at such a moment a woman identifies herself with her permanent partner and transfers her desires to him. Through his behavior, she embodies what he wants herself.

Ask yourself: do I want a husband to have a husband? Why not? Or do you want to see how your spouse dominates – it is not so important who will be the main one. It is better to decide if you can be present at the same time. Deal with new realities. Maybe you should give him a green light and see what comes of it. For especially cynical women, the advice is suitable for the extraction of material and mechanical benefits from this situation))) just estimate sensibly, but whether you need it, but whether you can handle it.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

I can’t accept that my husband wants to try sex with a man

After long thoughts and wandering, as well as conversations with the noble and specialist, you realized that his unconventional craving for boys is incompatible with your marriage and its further preservation. This can be understood. A woman is most pushed to break the thoughts of how to raise children with a man who fucks her own kind and completely goes beyond the framework outlined by society, religion and even state norms.

Then boldly diverge! Hysterics, scandals, ultimatums and secret correspondence-meetings will not bring happiness. There will be no family. You ruin your nerves to each other, break the psyche to children, but the result will still be the collapse of the family. Categorized people with precisely outstanding frames will never be happy with people dissenters.

Try to experiment in bed

The husband may well voice the version that the anus is his erogenous zone, because he wants such “bluish” experiments. Fortunately, you learned everything in time and now another man can be replaced by you with a strapon or dildo in your hands! Look for the courage and understanding of the case of porn of a similar orientation. Relax and accept the situation as the norm between two. We agree that everything that happens in a pair by mutual agreement is normal behavior! Drop the thoughts of shame, sin, mom, dad, someone’s condemnation-no one without your knowledge will ever know about what is happening in your bedroom!

We wrote in an article about the husband and strapon very detailed instructions on how to prepare the faithful for the introduction of a member in the ass, and how to behave. Link above. Read and implement! And then decide whether you like such an experience or not. In 50% of cases, the question of the third in bed is removed precisely by this approach.

, The husband wants a man what to do? Saw the three and become bisexuals

If the husband insists on sex with a man

Suppose experiences with a strapon in your performance impressed him, but not until the end. The desire to try a member still prevails. Here you decide how far you will go. Offer him a mutually beneficial barter: he tries sex with a man, you too, but on the side. It is possible that you will come to swing even! Maybe you want another woman, then you will like it. Make a questionnaire on the appropriate forums and try different options: something will definitely hook.

In fact, among men there are many people who want to try bisexual or homocontact. And most of them are married people, sometimes hiding behind their wife from condemnation. If a strapon does not help, then your faithful still sooner or later, with you or without, will fulfill secret desires! Gay or bisexual cannot be redone with any love and morality. Either you delve into the concept of “free marriage” and accept its conditions, or torment each other. Be real, think reasonably)))

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