Twinsest: Relations and Sex between Gemini

Twinsest: Relations and Sex between Gemini.

Many mistakenly call the intimate connection between the twins incest, but this is a wrong term, although close. Incest is an intimate relationship between close relatives in general, and when it comes to twins, then such relationships call Twinzest.

Intimate relationships of twins from the sharpness of vision and literature

From the point of view of literary works and culture as a whole, Twincest is often an excellent reason for promoting the plot. If there are no other ways to interest the reader or viewer, or you just need to shock the audience to switch attention from another object, the author can always use this trouble -free technique.

Naturally, relations between twins in cinema or literature look more romantic, exotic and simply more interesting for the viewer than in reality. After all, the household side of the issue is highlighted only if it is necessary again to promote the plot. That is, in a dry residue, the consumer gets a beautiful story, where the twins are primarily given to the will of feelings, but not just because they wanted so much, in most cases there is always some highest goal.

Simply put, sex between twins in works of culture is a way of supporting. Close relatives who, together from the moment of conception at a certain moment come to the conclusion that only they remained with each other and the only natural continuation is intimacy. It is part of spiritual unity and in general it turns out an interesting, beautiful and exciting story of forbidden love between people who have been intended to each other since conception.

It is worth recognizing what works of culture offer, in most cases should attract the attention of consumers, cause their emotions, it does not matter whether positive or not. Therefore, the story where the sexual msvyaz appears between the twins will always attract attention.

But since real life differs from illusions, it is much more interesting how such relationships can develop between real people and how much the emergence of such a situation is really possible.

Where did the term Twinsest come from

In fact, there is nothing surprising, but it is believed that the word Twinsest was invented by the authors of fan fiction. If you are not in the know, then the fanfick is a work written by an amateur author, it does not have original characters and the plot is built on the basis of some popular heroes or simply famous personalities.

Fanfictions write in order to give fans of the original work again to plunge into their favorite story, that is, this is a kind of continuation, in which the plot is not always built as in the original. Young people and adolescents read fan fiction and young authors also write them. By the way, in most cases fans of fan fictions are girls.

Often in fan fiction they use such story lines that the authors of the original could not come even in a dream. The main idea of fan fictions is the creation of new love lines, often in stories there are gays, Lisbians, incest or twincest.

The opinion of scientists about this

Relations between Gemini, of course, attract scientists, but since there are practically no real confirmed cases, then there is also very little scientific works on this topic. At one time, psychology professor Ray Bickler made attempts to study homosexual relations between male twins. In 1983, his article on this topic was released. The professor could not prove the real possibility of such a relationship, but came to the conclusion that the twins brought up together did not perceive each other as a sexual object.

A hypothesis was formed much earlier in 1922, which states that sexual attraction between members of the same family, as a rule, is absent.

Of course, the scientific works that were written in the last century, and one of them a hundred years ago, cannot be considered relevant sources of information. It is possible that in recent years the attitude to intimate connections between the Gemini has changed. But new studies were not conducted, as scientists cannot find a reliable information base for work.

Gemini sex in life

Close relations of a sexual nature between native people have always been condemned by society and naturally Twincest could not be an exception. Although, for example, incest in some situations was quite normal, but such relationships did not lead to anything good.

The censure of intimate relationships between people consisting in related connections has a certain soil. The fact is that they cause the behavior of unhealthy offspring and subsequently this leads to degeneration.

That is, in the end, a whole family can disappear because each generation will be weaker than the previous one, moreover, people who were born in the Union of close relatives are simply barren. In history, similar cases were recorded. And in them, they were only about incest, as a rule, marriages consisted in the ruling dynasties between cousins, less often nephews, uncles and aunts.

In the case of twinzesta, we are talking about intimate relationships between people with the same DNA, that is, there are practically no chances of obtaining healthy offspring or even just viable. Naturally, society rejects such unions. In addition, the moral side of the issue also attracts attention.

On the one hand, everything may not seem so sad if the twins entered into a relationship, who were separated after birth or simply in childhood. In this case, they cannot recognize each other, met, feelings appeared and so on. That is, with the exception of one important nuance, their relationship develops, as well as that of millions of couples around the world.

But it is obvious that such a situation is more likely an exception and more like the plot of the Brazilian series or Indian film. Of course, there are city legends that say such incredible love stories, but, as a rule, they have no evidence base under them.

A completely different situation when Twincest is fully realized and people who know about their close relationship enter into intimate relationships. Unfortunately, it is impossible to romanticize such situations, for many reasons, now we will consider them.

Twinzest in life as a reason for refusing to build normal relations

As a rule, Twinzest, like any other deviation from the norm, has some kind of justification. Most likely, the reason for the search for love, sex, human warmth and the like from a twin is connected with the fact that a person cannot build relationships with other people.

And this, by the way, is not the worst option, sometimes one of the twins or even both deliberately abandon relations with other people. And they believe that Twinzest is the only normal option in their case. In such a situation, Twincest is not always clear, this is a reason or consequence.

Intimate relationships as a new stage

Gemini, unlike ordinary brothers and sisters, are almost inseparable all their lives. They come to this world almost simultaneously, then learn to walk together, speak, visit a kindergarten together and study at school. Naturally, the period of puberty, they also experience together.

In some cases, this gives them an occasion to bring their already as closely as possible to a new level. Moreover, it is much easier for them to do this than anyone, because between the Gemini there is completely no feeling of hesitation. For many, it’s like sex with yourself. But with this game you can get carried away and miss a very important part of life because of it.

Twinsest as a cause of jealousy

Since the twins literally had each other’s lives all their lives, it is very difficult for them at a certain moment to release each other, and growing up for many reasons to begin to finally build his own life. And if the twins have already entered into an intimate relationship, this obviously will cause jealousy. After all, such close relationships allow them to bring rights to each other.

Abnormal intimate relationships between close relatives can ruin the lives of all participants in these relations. We are talking about the twins themselves and about everyone who is in contact with them. Friends and potential partners run the risk of becoming a reason for jealousy and to be in the center of an unnecessary conflict.

Famous couples

Yes, oddly enough, but the rating of steam twincest. This is a fan rating and it consists of films, cartoons and other works, but real people in it are also. True, not one of the cases proposed below has been proven and it is unlikely that this is once the case at all, but the fans do not doze off and constantly come up with the details of their personal life for their idols and it is not true that they are or are characters: are characters: are characters:

  • The heroes of the anime “Guest Club of the Lyceum Oran” – since the fans of the anime are distinguished by the most stormy fantasy, the rating of Twinseste couples stands with the twins of Hikarui Kaoru;
  • The main characters of the Star Wars saga – only the lazy did not discuss this couple, Luke and Leia, according to many fans of the saga, should have been together, and there were no hints in the films;
  • Gemini from Harry Potter-maybe this will surprise someone, but there are people who see something more between Fred and George than sincere fraternal love and support;
  • soloists of the German musical group Tokiohotel – and these are real people. At one time, the group attracted attention with an interesting image of participants. But Bill and Tom Kualitz were able to not only get into the hearts of millions of girls, but also become the heroes of fan fictions, where Twinzest is in the center of the plot;
  • Pop performers from Ireland – John and Edward Graims are also real people and also do not allow their fans to sleep calmly, they constantly suspect them of non -standard relationships for relatives.

Reality or not

How really the Twinsest in our time remains one of the most interesting issues that from time to time become the causes of serious disputes. It is obvious that relations of an intimate nature between close relatives in particular, including between the Gemini, are condemned in our society.

None of the religions support them, but ordinary people, atheists and agnostics also do not consider such an emergence of feelings by something normal. However, despite the numerous evidence of how dangerous the relations between close relatives are, one dynasty of the Habsburgs is worth it, there is no certainty that now there are not a single couple of twins in incest.

Naturally, the state of affairs and the attitude of society towards Twinsest are known to everyone, including people who have the opportunity to enter into such a relationship. Obviously, not a single pair of twins will never advertise them. Therefore, to speak with complete confidence that now there is not a single case of Twinzest throughout the world, it is simply pointless.

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