Types of intimate piercing. How intimate piercing is reflected in sex?. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

Types of intimate piercing. How intimate piercing is reflected in sex?.

, Types of intimate piercing. How intimate piercing is reflected in sex?. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

Earring in the nose or navel, scattering earrings on the cart – you won’t surprise anyone anymore. But intimate piercing – This is already a more rare phenomenon. Not everyone will decide to decorate in this way their most secret places. Is it worth doing intimate piercing and how it will be displayed on the quality of sex in the future?

Types of intimate piercing

Many years ago, the piercing was more practical than today. Another Englishman Prince Albert, who was remembered for his love for narrow trousers, decided on a puncture of the bridle to tie his genitals to the thigh. It was from that time that the fashion for intimate piercing has spread throughout Europe. As for women, even in ancient Rome there was a tradition to make punctures to young girls to «Tie» them and protect them from deprivation of innocence to marriage. Today is piercing – a way to improve an intimate life, to be special and confident.

Types of women’s piercing:

  • Praise – It is called «Inner Labia», serves just a decoration, heals quickly;
  • Praise of the labia lips «Outer Labia» – decoration in the form of a ring with a ball, you can make it for any desired length;
  • Skin puncture under the clitoris «Hood» – vertical or horizontal, with a bar or ring, additionally stimulates the clitoris even during normal walking;
  • Cliter puncture «Clitoris» – horizontal or vertical, is made at the base of the clitoris or in its center, a rather risky option.

Types of men’s piercing:

  • Head of the head through the urethra «Prince Albert» – A ring with a ball is inserted into the puncture;
  • Horizontal puncture through the head «Ampallang» – The bar is inserted through the urethra or next to it;
  • Vertical puncture in the head «Apadravya» – Piercing, which improves sensations during sex, as the lower ball of the earrings is under the head, heals for a very long time;
  • Double -sided head puncture «Dydoes» – It is made using a small bar;
  • Pucking the base of the head «Frenum» – The ring, which is inserted into the puncture, goes around the penis, during sex it compresses the penis and delays ejaculation.

, Types of intimate piercing. How intimate piercing is reflected in sex?. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

+ Pros of intimate piercing:

  1. Intimate piercing gives self -confidence and its sexual irresistibility.
  2. When choosing the place of a puncture of the earring or bar, it provides additional stimulation of the genital organs of partners during sex.
  3. Piercing in an intimate place forces to pay even more attention to personal hygiene.

–Cons of intimate piercing:

  1. Soreness of the procedure.
  2. The risk of infection and occurrence of chronic inflammation.
  3. Unpleasant sensations during sex due to improper selection of a place for a puncture or decoration size.
  4. The need for a thorough choice of type of contraception – The condom can catch on the decoration and explode.
  5. Negative reaction of a partner to intimate piercing – such «pranks» Not everyone likes.
  6. Certain inconvenience is possible during the reference of natural needs.

A few tips for those who decided to make intimate piercing:

  • Visit before the procedure of gynecologist or urologist, as well as other doctors – Piercing has several contraindications, including the presence of lung diseases, kidneys, heart, blood, as well as STDs or chronic infections;
  • Make punctures only with specialists, no artisanal conditions;
  • Pay attention to your physical condition – Before the procedure, you cannot transfer and drink alcohol;
  • Carefully study the options for punctures and the requirements for observing hygiene in each of the cases;
  • Do not save on jewelry – Choose only high -quality products made of gold, surgical steel, titanium, implantanium;
  • Remember that some puncture options require long -term sexual abstinence, and any piercing – refusing water procedures and bathing in open reservoirs, visiting a solarium and saunas.

According to statistics, piercing is increasingly starting to do men and women aged 30+. The explanations are simple – Intimate punctures help to acquire confidence in bed. Piercing makes it possible to diversify your sex life and make it much more active. The procedure is painful and risky enough, but the effect of it can surpass all expectations!

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