Types of sex, each of which you simply must try | Entertaining sexology

Types of sex, each of which you simply must try.

, Types of sex, each of which you simply must try | Entertaining sexology
All pairs have a period when ordinary sex is boring. Once he was sensual, pleasant and incomparable, especially in the first time, but there is something in a repetition of the same poses that makes our brain be bored. It is not sacred, now it looks like an obligatory evening program: missionary, dog, sleep. But for every couple it is very important to maintain a light and passion in their sex life, because sex is one of the foundations of strong relations.

Wait, do not run to the sexologist for fabulous money or stretch out in the twine for new poses and just purchased kamasuters. There are simpler ways to diversify your joint rest. In addition to changing poses and testing new unknown figures from their bodies (Kama Sutra is a thing necessary and beloved by everyone, but some poses scare them with their complexity, and not start), you can try different styles of this intimate process. Yes, even in sex has its own peculiar fashion;)


From the Italian language, the word “bark” is translated as “caressed”, and the type of sex itself implies an intimate connection without achieving orgasm. Yes, yes, I repeat, there will be no orgasm, the main goal is pleasure. These are different things. Chicago Doctor Alice Bunker Stockham introduced this term in 1896. Her idea is that you should pay great attention and be content with the very process of sex. In short, Card – This is about gentle caresses, cognition of each other and their bodies and strengthening emotional closeness.

It is advised to start everyone with conversations or prelude, when you can only look at the partner while he sexually undresses and strokes himself in erogenous zones. Then everything goes into tender touches to each other, rapid breathing, affection … The main rule – no contacts with genitals and no penetration. It is difficult to believe in the existence of this, but it’s worth it. They say that this is like the first love when you feel a strong constant excitement, from which every cell of your body is pleasantly shuddered. By the way, by the number of hormones of happiness produced during the process, Card not inferior to sex in which an orgasm is present;)

Create the perfect atmosphere of relaxation with incense Tropical Tease from Dona or candles from Shunga, which, slowly melting, turn into a delicate massage oil. With him, I think, you already know what to do;) or feel yourself in paradise with an organic set for massage “Eden garden”!


In contrast to the first style, Quicks translated from English as “fast” or “hasty”. In an era, where everyone is striving to be faster in everything, this species gained great popularity. No preliminary caresses or frosts with complex postures! Kviki also overtakes in the most unusual places: bar toilet, elevator, fitting room and other hidden corners of public places. In general, wherever a wave of passion got to you. Since usually Quiks occur in public places, the main rule is the prudence. Do not scream, do not moan, try not to make noise at all. Secret, performing pranks and adrenaline – this is what attracts so much in this style of sex.

Obviously, there are no preliminary caresses, then natural lubricant is unlikely to have time to stand out, so try to wear a small case for such a case bottle with myself. Water -based lubricants do not leave spots and easily wash off, so take them better. A Hot Exxtreme or Hot Warming Glide They will even fit into a small clutch. Moreover, the latter will also give a pleasant Warming effect 😉

And you can also stock up With linen with access. He will make the process even faster (although where else). Le Frivole or Igazi Not only will they decorate your amazing figure, but also save from an awkward removal of their underwear. In a hurry it always comes out chaotic and inaccurate. These panties are made specifically with the ability to have sex when it is okay and where-angle;)


Grandfather Freud has long claimed that food and sex are the two main needs of a person, without which he cannot be happy. And their impact on the center of pleasure in the brain is similar. So, by combining something tasty and something intimate can be obtained in the square!

Strawberries, whipped cream, jams, other berries and fruits – these are your toys in this style of sex. On a partner you can decompose goodies and then with your eyes closed, slowly making your tongue and hot lips throughout your body, finally find what I have been looking for a long time. Excitement in combination with bright tastes of juicy fruits (they are most popular in solining) will be unique!, Types of sex, each of which you simply must try | Entertaining sexology
But not only food can be tasty. Oral lubricants Shunga Sensual with tangerine taste and Superglide Cunnilingus or blowjob will be made with a juicy cherry not only for your partner, but also for you;)

Of course, this type of sex is not disgusting and not for those who like to engage in frequent washing. However, at least once it is worth trying exactly!

Sex phytes

Which of us did not justify the pass of the gym with good and passionate sex? Like, physical exercises, just slightly different and more pleasant;) American Patti Britton, author of Art of Sex, believes that you can make the body beautiful without leaving the bedroom. Especially not approaching the refrigerator;) She disassembled each pose in detail on the topic of which muscles can be pumped during sex. The missionary, for example, strengthens the body and muscles of the pelvis, Doggi Stayle is responsible for the hands, and the rider will help stretch the inner thigh and strengthen the buttocks. Now the phrases “let’s go amuse ourselves” or “let’s go in for sports?”Will sound ambiguous!

And here you have a new diet: a kiss burns 135 calories in an hour, a modest and short prelude – 25 calories, and more passionate and long – twice as much. Sex as such will allow you to say “for now” from 100 to 200 calories, depending on time and intensity, the orgasm will burn from 60 to 100 calories at a time. This is probably the only type of fitness where a personal fitness trainer is definitely needed.


Innovations have come here, people found a way to have sex over the Internet! Moreover, from simple virtual sex (virta), to more sophisticated views with toys. This style of sex is perfect for couples at a distance, for people who crave new sensations and for those who like to test their nerves for strength. The smartphone acts as an intermediary, and all that is needed is Wi -Fi. “What progress has come to!”

Virtual sex is textual sex. You and your partner write what you are doing with each other, describing each action in detail and every step. No restrictions, except for the framework of your imagination.
., Types of sex, each of which you simply must try | Entertaining sexology
In virtual sex with the participation of toys, you or your partner manage a device from a smartphone. The world famous brands immediately felt the era of technology and provided us Anal traffic jams, Vibricol, Masturbators and much more than you can have fun using the application on the phone.

Lovense ambi – This is a unique vibrator that is adapted not only for the clitoris, but also for any erogenous zone. He is capable of everything – from point stimulation to the influence of larger area. Pleasant to the touch made of medical silicone, it connects the hearts at a distance!

Lovense Hush – Anal plug of the same principle of action. With her you can go to the public and try to make sure that no one can see your shudder from constantly growing pleasure and orgasms.

We-Vibe Verge – This is a toy for men. Erective ring, controlled from the phone, capable of additional stimulation of sensitive perineum. This erogenous zone is located between the scrotum and the anus and is an external point to stimulate the prostate.


This is sex in water. Pool, sea, shower, lake, in the rain – all this is about aquasutra. The bathroom is the first item that everyone remembers when they want to come up with a place for sex outside the soft bed. Warm water relaxes the muscles to the maximum and allows you to unload the head. At the same time, there are two whole subspecies: delicate sexual intercourse in a filled bath with candles, Aromalessmas And foam, And passionate sex in the shower is unbridled and uncompromising.

The main thing that should be remembered for sexual intercourse associated with water – stock up grease. Yes, it is always important, but in this case especially. The fact is that water easily washes off the natural lubricant, which leads to rubbing and discomfort. Lubrication on water -based It is also easily removed with water, so you need to use Silicone base. For example, perfect Pjur Woman And Fun Factory. But remember – Silicone lubricants do not combine with most sex toys.

There are still many Waterproof toys, which you can take with you;) We argue, Svakom Angel And Satispyer Pro 2 will become your favorites in this matter?

And be careful, sex in the bathroom is a rather traumatic type of pleasure;)

There are many ways to diversify sex, and only a few of them are presented in this article. But, we hope, now you have definitely found a lesson for tonight. Or maybe not only today;)

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