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Virtual sex in video chat.

You dream of openly chat with a cool and beautiful girl? You would like her to be frank with you and answer all your intimate questions? Ruscams is a virtual sex video chat online, which can give you all about what you dream! Here, models will give you everything that your fantasy will wish: private dances, pranks, striptease, vulgar conversations, as well as conversations on the topic of sex! Are you ready? Young seducers are already looking forward to you!

Alan and Nicole are dependent on such chats. It is possible that this drug is stronger than cocaine. They are no longer interested in the real world. They live in an imaginary country where the day is not different from the night, in the country of endless sexual pleasures. Nicole Consultant on Information Technologies, she first got into sex chat by accident, when she was looking for a man for communication to get acquainted with him.

I decided that I would just talk to him. Of course, we did not discuss the recipe for a banana pie, but the word “banana” often slipped in a conversation. It is clear that you can find an interlocutor on such a topic in any chat. Everywhere there are people who are interested in piquant things. (Nicole)

Nicole found herself in this new world without even suspecting how it would be difficult to go back.

It all started with one person. At first he did not hint at anything, and then, when he realized that I began to feel more confident, he asked me to turn on the webcam. This began my immersion in virtual sex. (Nicole)

Soon my hobby began to influence the real life of Nicole.

During the lunch break, I approached the computer in the dining room to find out my partner on the network. At home, I did not come off the monitor even if there was no food in the refrigerator. I did not pay attention to anything. I liked teasing men and starting them. I have outfits that I put on specifically before going out into the online sex video chat. When you enter the chat, there is a badge that lets know when a person is included in a webcam. When you have a camera, everyone is asking you to show yourself. Then they want me to take off the strap on the dress or ask me to turn around and appreciate me from behind. (Nicole)

50 years ago, the science fiction writer Isaac Azimov predicted the appearance of such opportunities as virtual sex. In his book, he portrayed the planet whose inhabitants are rarely found and rarely included in physical contact, they communicate using an electrical signal. Like Big Brother Orve, this no longer seems to be science fiction.

Usually, when communicating in sex video chats, partners masturbate in front of each other. (Nicole)

From the day the Internet is arising, sexuality and Internet space have been woven together. Since then, these two phenomena constantly modify and complement each other. The most popular and often referred word on the Internet is the word “sex”. The development of many technological innovations such as webcam stimulates sex. It seems to us that computers are impersonal, nevertheless they can invade our personal space. Often anonymity leads to revelations that a person is unlikely to dare in real life.

Sometimes the partners I met online through the video chat and with whom I had virtual sex, they suggested that I meet and have real sex. Immediately I, of course, thought that I could never decide on this. I never thought that I could just meet with an unfamiliar person and do it with him. Sex in front of a webcam is one thing, and the real one is completely different. I did not have a webcam at once, but then I still bought it, because people wanted to know how I look like. Too many people allow themselves to do such things and still manage to print. (Nicole)

Alan has almost the same problem as Ninel. Alan is a good lawyer, enjoyed a good reputation as a lawyer who is really interested in the success of the client. While in 1999 his office was not connected the Internet, Alan managed to deal with her obsession with pornography.

It was a gift from the devil. New computers were brought to the office. This was my first computer in life. The monitor of my computer was the only one that was not visible from the entrance to the office. It was just a disaster. Despite the fact that I almost did not know how to handle a computer, in a week I discovered porn sites and virtual sex video chat, and a month later I became a real maniac and this ruined my whole career. (Alan)

When Alan enters the Internet, his obsession with sex breaks out of control.

I often began to cancel meetings and even stopped taking the dog for a walk. I did not go out of the computer all day, pretending to work. (Alan)

In our age of high technologies, 70% of people who are suitable for the diagnosis of sexually preoccupied call the Internet the reason for their problem.

Having arrived at work, I was engaged in a sex video chat from 9 to 10, and from 10 to 5 pm I struggled with my desire to go again and there. About half an hour I tried to work, but I did not succeed well, and the next half an hour I climbed onto the Internet and was looking for a partner for virtual sex. At 5 o’clock everyone diverged home, and I stayed and printed more pornographic photos. I did not notice how the time passed, I stayed at work up to 7 and longer. There were almost no interesting photos by half of the eighth, but like all the Internet dependent, I continued to look for something. (Alan)

People are increasingly dependent on video chat video, which is easily accessible and does not entail any responsibilities and consequences that arise in real life. Mass survey of users of the Internet showed that more than 8 million of all North America users have virtual sex for more than 11 hours a week . This group of increased risk includes housewife lawyers and sellers. No one is protected.

This type of entertainment for sexually preoccupied is like cocaine for a drug addict. There are no boundaries in it and it is always available. Each dependent amuses himself with the thought that this is not dependent and he can always tie it with this at any time. (Alan)

Dr. Cooper claims that the Internet had the same influence on the sexuality of a modern person as cheap cocaine on the concept of narcological dependence. The services of Dr. Allan Cooper, one of not many psychotherapists specializing in problems related to dependence on virtual sex are very in demand. Dr. Allan claims that modern Internet can both develop and violate your sexuality and even break your life. At least one of 10 Internet users who have virtual sex on a webcam become really dependent. These people can be carried away by children’s pornography or other illegal activities. Psychotherapists around the world try to keep foot in the leg.

Dr. Alan Cooper Author of many works and books devoted to the topic of addictions to sex entertainment on the Internet. He also led the largest study on this topic, in which more than 40,000 people from the Internet participated. Psychologists from around the world want to get advice from him how to deal with this dependence. We are just starting to notice how new high technologies begin to influence the sexuality and life of a modern person. Having created the Internet, we created the most powerful source of sexual experiences in the history of mankind. The key to the operation of this device is 3 main things:

1) accessibility – you can allocate time for 2 hours a day sitting in a video chat or watching porn and 7 days a week, learning about things about the existence of which have not even been thought of.
2) cheapness – you can not only often connect to different services or porn sites for free, but also do it quite quickly.
3) anonymity – most people prefer not to reveal their sexual fantasies and masturbate when their partner does not see them.

Anonymity and freedom gives any person to reveal his own sexuality without revealing his personality. On the Internet it is very easy. Internet added fuel to the fire. In the modern world, the relations between the floors are changing rapidly, and the images offered to us by advertising offer us more and more sexuality when we wish. Suddenly, we had the opportunity to give ourselves pleasure without caring for others.

The more a person spends time online in virtual sex video chat, the more he understands that here you can be rude and perverted and do whatever you want, because you are anonymous. You do not have to wake up in the morning and regret how you spent the night – because you did nothing in fact. It looks like a gambling game. A person dependent at some point begins to understand that it is time for him to stop otherwise it can absorb his whole life. (Nicole)

In real life, Nicole does not have enough attention that partners on the Internet pay it.

One cannot but add up to this. They tell you that you are attractive and sexy and that for you this man is ready to do anything and not only in bed. You can lose your head from this, since this is very rare in real life. You just stop perceiving reality adequately. When men belittle you about a meeting, you feel the power of your power over them. You can not meet a person, but simply in a conversation to say that you love flowers and in the morning of the next day a dozen rose appears on the threshold of your house. I don’t remember that my ex -husband has brought me flowers for all 6 years of marriage at least once, and then I can get a bouquet from a stranger! It’s just as just twice two. This gives a feeling of power. (Nicole)

And if you no longer want to communicate with this person, just press the button and delete it. Stephen 45, he is a businessman and his work is related to constant stress.

I have to risk large amounts and to relax from work I go into an erotic video chat or download porn films – depending on the mood. This is safe sex, since you can’t get infected on the Internet. (Stephen)

Yes, Stephen cannot, of course, become infected with AIDS via the Internet, but he can fall into dangerous dependence and move away from people.

In the morning I get up, turn on the computer and drink coffee while I check the mail. Sometimes I go to the site with pornography, if I have time for it. After work, I go home and turn on the computer again, sometimes for a couple of hours, and sometimes until late at night. And then, when my eyes stick together, I’m going to sleep. Time on the Internet flies unnoticed, you should only sit on the computer, and by the evening you understand that you spent all day at the computer. (Stephen)

Stephen believes that his problem is not serious, even though his wife, with whom he lived for 7 years, left him because of his addiction to virtual sex. For obvious reasons, Stephen’s wife felt abandoned.

She was jealous of my young girls, whom I looked at instead of looking at her. (Stephen)

Similar in modern times does not rarely happen. The steam begins a difficult period. And at this moment a person realizes that in several clicks of the mouse, another partner is waiting for him. One by one and a person begins to live another life. 10 hours spent on the Internet with a webcam mean that you could spend them with your partner and child or at work. Time spent on the Internet, you could spend on anything or another. You continue to tell yourself and to all others that you can quit at any moment, but this is an alarming sign, as in the case of an alcoholic, claiming that no matter how much he drank he can stop it at any time.

I could call myself dependent, but not to the extent that I can’t turn off the computer – I am still capable of this. (Stephen)

Rare meetings and touch increase the feeling of intimacy and secrets. Available sex at home and at work. For a large number of people working at the computer, as well as for their subordinates, virtual sex online in video chats is a serious temptation.

Statistics report that every 5th computer contains sexual content material, 70% pornography is downloaded between 9 in the morning and 5 pm-working hours. Very often, such people who have such problems work with great dedication. Many of them hold very responsible positions. They work hard on duty and they need breaks. You can spend 10 minutes in a video chat and relax a bit and distract yourself. But it is too easy and really works. The next day you resort to the same tool for relaxation, every other day everything is repeated and gradually you begin to devote more time to this type of rest and spend not 8 minutes on the Internet, but then for an hour, next week you are alreadyClose the doors to the key and leave your head to all this and maybe you begin to masturbate. This dependence develops independently of you and it is very dangerous.

Dr. Richard Davis is one of the first psychologists studying pathologies related to the use of sex videos of chats at the workplace.

I communicate with doctors from all over America and around the world. And when I ask them whether they have customers who have dependence on virtual sex, 3/4 raise their hands. People believe that it is safe to use the Internet at work, since their spouses cannot find out about this. Therefore, workers can allow themselves to do on the Internet at work what they are afraid to do at home. (Richard Davis)

Davis witnessed the trial in Canada related to such a dependence. The college professor accused his authorities of illegal dismissal, claiming that he was not able to overcome his dependence. At the end of January 1999, 2 students involved in the laboratory saw how a professor-a middle-aged man sat in a sex video chat. After the professors found him fired a second time in the same occupation. The trade union stood up for the professor. They argued that regardless of what the professor was doing, he first had to be treated as a person who was dependent on this and which needed to be treated. For many people, the Internet dependence is a serious problem. They cannot just turn off the computer and go about their business. The professor could not return his work, but this first attempt to justify such an addiction will clearly not be the last. Many psychologists lobby for the official recognition of this problem and insist on introducing this ailment to the reference to mental illness.

For some people, this is not a serious problem, but can lead to serious consequences. Paulet Tomoson therapist decided to improve his qualifications, so that more and more successful problems in her patients are more and more related to dependence on virtual sex.

I participated in many trainings where a lot of attention was paid to this problem. We try not to pay attention to this, as it indirectly injures us. I think about how much people should suffer on this dependence who spend long hours at the computer, if we suffer even just watching them. (Paulet Tomoson)

When the work of Alan became at risk and his addiction to pornography and online sex grew into strong addiction, he turned to the Paul Tomoson.

It is very easy to fall into dependence on this. You don’t need to go anywhere or call somewhere, the computer is always at hand. Just press one button to have fun. It seemed to me that the Internet would help me run away from the person that I was. In such cases, you usually don’t even think about the problems that you may have. It is impossible to control. Despite the possible consequences, a person cannot stop. (Alan)

If you are sexually preoccupied, then the Internet will only strengthen your new ideas and it can be much more dangerous, more dangerous than it might seem first. (Paulet Tomoson)

A person can be completely isolated from the world. It is like a drug that needs to be taken constantly. When you sit on the Internet, I don’t even want to open the doors of your apartment or answer the phone calls, but one fine day your shell bursts and it hurts you for everything that I did with your loved ones. (Alan)

When Alan realized that his affairs are aggravated, he decided to fight this dependence.

In anonymous alcoholics, this is called “clench the fists”. You look at the computer and tell yourself that you will not turn it on. I could not even work, I just sat and fought with a passionate desire to turn on the video chat and have virtual sex. (Alan)

Lena is 33 years old and he is a writer. It would seem that Lena cannot face such a dependence. He is young and the whole world is open to him, including the world of sex. Len found out about porn video chats by chance when he prepared an article for publishing in the newspaper of his university.

This happened quite by accident. Who would have thought that I am an educated person, a connoisseur of Bach’s music can be so carried away by this. It all starts with the little things. At first I began to go to sites where you could watch video. It was something like a club. Anyone who does it seems to be absolutely normal. Everyone is engaged in this, since he sees that this did not do any harm to his acquaintances. Those who are not fond of this would not understand me and I was ashamed of this. I went on the Internet anonymously so that my friends would not recognize my secret. There was a period when I lived in constant anxiety. I realized that I have problems when I began to notice that my sexual fantasies are cruel. This is a common occurrence. The imagination of the dependent requires more. All this is funny until you begin to understand how far you have gone and understand how it is not characteristic of you. (Linen)

Dr. Silven Buas specializes in sexual identification of young people. This is the first generation whose sexuality is changing as a result of the experience gained on the Internet. A person can get carried away or repel certain phenomena, but still something will cause him a physiological reaction. Even if it is disgusted to you, you can try it because of curiosity. Dr. Silven Buas publishes the first large -scale study of sexual behavior on the Internet conducted among students.

This is a generation of the Internet, they gained access to it somewhere at 15-16 years old. In the 5th year of children gaining access to pornography and erotica up to 14 years old increases markedly. (Silven Buas)

Buas noticed one very important discrepancy among young people who are fond of virtual sex in a video chat. Despite the large number of contacts in the world of the Internet, in real life they are often lonely.

The Internet helps people not feel lonely and at the same time maintaining a distance. But they only have to turn off the computer, they again become shy, lonely and non -contacted people. Sex chat for such people is a lighthouse in a dark night, it beckons them like the voices of the sirens of Argonauts. (Silven Buas)

On the Internet it is easy to find a person and have virtual sex with a webcam at the same time remains lonely. In the Internet world of limitless sexual capabilities speak in a special language that Nicole knows perfectly.

When you get used to sex video chats, the conversation immediately begins with the question for example: “Hello, how long you have a member?”Or” You have big breasts?”. Very often I caught myself on the desire to speak in the same way with a pretty guy in a cafe, forgetting that I was no longer on the Internet. Just come up and say: “She, you have a cool ass! What are you doing tonight?”. (Nicole)

After Nicole quit my work, virtual sex filled all its time. She rarely left the house.

I went out for a walk and after 5 minutes I thought: “What am I losing?”. Going behind beer, I put on beautiful linen or went to the store in clothes, which I dressed before entering the video chat. And I was all exactly what others would think of me. I always left the computer turned on, to always see what happened until I was in place. It is very dangerous. You just have to get dependent, and you will no longer be able to think about anything else. Everything else becomes indifferent. My son lives with his father. He used to come to me for the weekend and we had fun together. And then, when I fell on the Internet, my son spent the whole weekend in front of the TV while I was sitting in front of the monitor chatting in a sex video chat. Now I am tormented by a feeling of shame. How could I put my hobbies above my son? One of the worst episodes of my dependence was when I once went into the kitchen and noticed that all the dishes were covered with dust and web. Real desolation reigned in the house. I stopped cooking and even eat. My house seemed to me uninhabited. All I did was sitting in a chat or slept. (Nicole)

When Alan realized that he could not overcome his dependence alone, he stopped working and turned to the local center for the treatment of dependencies.

I remember that the first 2 days of my treatment were simply unbearable. I thought that I could never get rid of this dependence and be cured. These days I started a diary for the first time in my life. I remember how on Saturdays I went on the Internet to print pornographic photos. This dependence destroyed my marriage. I remember the shame that I experienced when I realized that everyone knew about my dependence. In this institution, I first discovered my spiritual side. I felt free, but when I returned to Vancouver, everything went to dust. I went to all groups of psychological support, while continuing to masturbate in front of the computer at home. (Alan)

Dependence dictates to a person his own rules. I think that here is this if I sit on the Internet a little more. A person turns on a computer with the idea that he will only look at a few photos to check the email and turn it off. Suddenly he receives a notification from the virtual sex website that new models have appeared and you follow the link and everything starts again. (Paulet Tomoson)

Alan told his partners about his problem in the hope that this will somehow help him.

I guess I returned too early to work. I asked the employees to close my access to the Internet and make sure I do not recognize the password. Therefore, everyone knew that I could not use the computer. Once on a weekend I saw a note on a table with a password on a table of one employee on a table. This ruined the whole weekend to me, but I really went to the office on Saturday to work. As a result, I was fired, because I have already passed one course of treatment. Neither I nor my partners understood why I was not cured. (Alain)

. At the same time, something sweetly whispers to him: “Well, another last time is so simple.”(Paulet Tomoson)


Having visited once again sex chat, I at some point realized that I was doing something alien to me-how a bell rang. I decided to look in the face of my problem. Len decided to get out of this situation in an unusual way – he began to look for help on the Internet. I am a very fondable person. From these painful hobbies I moved to mental balance, I became obsessed with the idea of my health. I began to visit sites on health and psychology, where I was taught meditations and it helped me. I began to spend less time on the Internet, I started reading more books, more often to communicate with friends, my life goals have changed again. I became interested in music again, one dependence was replaced by another – much less harmful. One of my new hobbies is help to other people.

Orvel and other writers at one time wrote that the car would prevail over a person. And I see how in the modern world these predictions come true. We think that we control the machine, but in fact it controls us. We spend all our time on it. You need to show your will and turn it off in time. (Linen)

Nicole could not make such a decision, although she had such a desire. Her “virtual self” began to invade her real life. She was very risks inviting unfamiliar men home to have sex with them.

If there were not chats, then in my life there would have been many sensations. I did everything that I could not afford in real life. I wanted to try it, since all my friends on the Internet tried it. With this lifestyle, a date with partners from the Internet is simply inevitable. Why don’t we drink a beer at a glass of beer. And you let an completely unknown person to your home, and he can turn out to be anyone, even a serial killer, but he tells you so many compliments that it is simply impossible to refuse to refuse. For some reason, one day you decide to really meet this person. I will not lie, and this happened to me. I met with different people and quite often our relationship went very far. I didn’t want to live like that. Looking back, I understood that I led me to this. I clearly see the past, but I do not see what awaits me in the future. It seemed to me that this is exactly what I needed. It seemed to me that I would die sitting in front of the computer. There was no other way out. (Nicole)

One evening, Nicole filled a full refrigerator with beer and puts a bubble with a tranquilizer on the table with a computer and is going to go to the Internet for the last time.

I wanted to meet a man and thought that I would have a new friend and so on and I believed everything that they told me. (Nicole)

Nicole friend, with whom she first met in a sex video chat, and then in real life leaves her. She was in full despair.

After the meeting, our relationship has changed a lot. He stopped being a good guy. And I thought what a fool I was, that I allowed such a dumbass to use me. (Nicole)

Nicole felt humiliated and lonely. And she decided to end life both on the Internet and in reality.

I think it was Monday. We talked in the morning, and for a few days before that I drank. This morning I sent flowers to his work and asked not to come to me anymore. I drank for several days in a row. I don’t remember how everything happened. I only remember that I swallowed a lot of pills – a whole bubble, pieces 35. (Nicole)

According to the changed style of communication, Nicole, her interlocutors on the Internet realized what was happening and called the police.

They found me in the costume that I put on before going into the video chat and have virtual sex online. Beer bottles and packaging from tablets were lying everywhere. There were messages from my friends on the monitor. They asked me in order. I could not answer them. So that they would not be worried by the police are so kindly that they wrote to them that they took me to the hospital and I will get better soon. I talked with people only on the Internet, tearing off connections with almost the whole world. If not for the Internet, I would die so that no one would know. My friends on the Internet to save my life without even leaving the Internet. (Nicole)

In the world 50 years ago, people described by Isaac Azimov talked by an electronic images. This communication was called a viewing in contrast to an uncomfortable vision for these people.

I think the essence of human development and his sexuality is a connection with other people. Many people feel cut off from the world and go on the Internet, where they are offered surrogate. I think that a person who fell into such a dependence can be compared with a wild animal who has shown on the highway at the light of the headlights at night. Self -preservation instinct protects us. (Paulet Tomoson)

This is the strongest dependence in my life. The Internet is a very dangerous place, but at the same time everyone in it feels comfortable.(Nicole)

Here the barriers are very low and so as not to fall into virtual sex with your head, you must have a very strong willpower. You should have a very hardened psyche and a big sense of self -control. Even if you have developed self -control of the Internet can destroy it – the temptation that it offers is too great.

I think the Internet has many advantages. Many people use it without any difficulties, they do not fall dependent on sex videos of chats. But there are other people for whom the Internet is a serious danger. (Paulet Tomoson)

The Internet has influenced the development of sexuality no less than contraceptives. Our children are the first generation that will receive its first sexual experience online on the Internet. There are already various devices to stimulate working via the Internet. There is everything on the Internet to get sexual pleasure without human touch.

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