What is a springing in sex

What is a springing in sex.

In pursuit of pleasure, people use different sexual techniques, and one of them is a spring. Today we will analyze what the springing is in sex and we will begin with the definition. The term came from the English verb “to travel”, which translates as “stomp”, “trample”, “trample”. Is one of the practices Femdom.

What is springpling in sex in general terms?

Trucking is an erotic and aesthetic practice, which is closely intertwined with a foot pheny and a subculture of BDSM. It implies a clear separation of roles in a pair (dominant, obeying) and is often used in a femo – relationships where a woman is a mistress. Sometimes slaves are men who occupy a high position in society, in need of emotional and psychological discharge.

With a springboard, the upper partner can stand, walk, jump or dance on the body of the lower. The goal is to obtain physical and psychological pleasure from submission or dominance. You can do sexual practice in shoes and barefoot (it all depends on personal preferences).

Previously, walking through the body was an element of Thai massage, conducted with a healing purpose. Women massaged customers with the bases of the palms, elbows, knees, but that was not enough. Then they began to climb men and massage them with feet, which ensured an effective study of all muscles.

What is the springing in sex and how it happens

There are 2 main varieties of springboard:

  1. Soft. Carried out without shoes: barefoot, in stockings, socks or tights. The top puts his legs on the bottom or walks along it (if the weight allows), puts his feet in the mouth. Many call this technique a variety of foot pheny.
  2. Hard. Implies the use of shoes in t. h. in heels. At the same time, the woman walks through the body of a partner, causing him pain and leaving wounds on the body. Some prefer “dirty” jerking in street shoes. In this case, you should be extremely neat and remember the safety rules.

There are other types of springboards:

  • Face Standing – standing on the face;
  • CBT – trampling the genitals;
  • Multistracking is a technique in which there are 2 or more upper at the same time on the body of the Nizhny.

Safety precautions

Trucking is traumatic sexual practice. To avoid negative health consequences, the following recommendations must be followed:

You can not jump on a partner from the run, t. To. This is fraught with damage to bones and internal organs. You need to get up on the body carefully, watching the behavior of the partner.

The lower one should lie on a flat and solid surface, for example, on the floor. To avoid falling, you need to hold your hands behind the wall or other support.

Those who have not previously been engaged in this practice should start with soft spring. You can use shoes and heels with the consent of the partner if he wants more acute sensations.

It is important to ensure that dirty shoes do not touch the genitals and open wounds, t. To. This can lead to the development of infection. In addition, it cannot be thrust into the mouth.

It is better not to walk around the face, especially in high -heeled shoes. A sharp spill can jump into the mouth or eye, which will lead to sad consequences.

During the springboard, liability is completely on the upper. He must be attentive and careful so as not to injure the lower and do not hurt him. The most dangerous consequences of rigid circuit are fractures of the chest, breaking the navel, damage to the nose, eyes, lips, ear shells. A strong pain shock can entail a loss of consciousness or temporary paralysis. If this happens, you need to immediately call an ambulance and tell the doctors about what happened.

The image of a girl with a springboard

Of course, the image is important in this process. For fencing, women often use sexy stockings and tights, this gives particular pleasure to both. In addition, the springboard is often combined with a fetish on women’s legs, so you can’t do without quality underwear.

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