What is Copro in sex

What is Copro in sex.

Copro in sex is an extreme BDSM Practice, which is based on Filia and Masochism. Humiliation of the lower partner with excrement, often betraying them directly on the face or in the mouth. It is considered a perversion even in the circles of Sado-Mazo supporters.

It is amazing that there are a lot of people who want to practice kopro both in the upper and in the lower role. Of course, this is a deviation in sexual behavior and in ordinary family sex you will not see this.

But the reasons for such unusual desires to identify is quite difficult. A person’s attitude to ficals is different from the animal, we are not hares! And at the level of psychology, this method of submission is not always possible to explain.

Excrentophilia as a cause of coprophilia

In sexology among a number of other deviations, excrement fuel is occupied by a special place. Sexual attraction to everything that stands out from a partner. Sometimes it even looks erotic.

For example, most women are excited by male ejaculation, and some men are attracted to menstruation.

In the case of feces in an ordinary person, no excitement occurs. Nothing but disgust. Not that I don’t want to practice, even to hear disgusting.

Coprophils like to watch the process of discharge, touch, sniff, smear the body. In most cases, psyche pathology in coprofiles is not observed, although studies are conducted regularly.

For example, it is noticed that people who have lost their minds often change their attitude to their own discharge. Whoever had grandparents crazy in his relatives, he knows that they very often smear the feces along the walls and smear them themselves.

That is, the attraction to such discharge in the subconscious of a person has always been. But by virtue of developed consciousness, social norms and education in society, a person loses any interest in the allocations of his Iuzh, all the more of an alien intestine. So what is Kopro in sex – sexual deviation, ordinary Filia or manifestation of madness?

What is Kopro in sex: pleasure for a facet of understanding

A person is controlled by his desires and pleasure. Coprophylas are more often men, therefore, Copro is considered one of the extreme practices in femdom culture.

They like not only to observe the act of defecation, but also becomes the object of this act, that is, to fulfill the role of the toilet.

As a rule, this is not limited and everything ends with feces eating. For a person, the event is absolutely wild, but at this moment we are once again convinced that a person is an animal and the instincts of our ancestors wake up every now and then.

So the tailbone is the consequence of the tail. And some deviations manifested in a small number of people are the echoes of our past. Coprophagia (eating one’s own and someone else’s feces) is a completely ordinary phenomenon in the world of animals.

The aforementioned hares, dogs, mice, rats do this. Zoologists, however, convince us that coprophagia has nothing to do with pleasure. Animals eat feces due to lack of microelements in their body.

People enjoy it precisely from the manifestation of ancient instincts. Once upon a time, millions of years ago, people were the most ordinary animals and Copro was not something unusual for them.

Hundreds of stages of evolution have passed, but sometimes, selectively, evolutionary memory is triggered in certain people and for a moment it becomes the same animal. And even enjoys this!

Despite the disgust and extreme of this practice, it is absolutely safe for society. Coprophils are not persecuted by law if they do not promote their hobbies and do not flaunt it. Everything that happens in the bedroom (or bathroom) between two people should stay there. Now you know what Copro is and what are the main causes of this deviation.

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