What is good sex with a sleeping girl for a man and a girl herself

What is good sex with a sleeping girl for a man and a girl herself.

There is an opinion between the girls that men want sex always and everywhere. Of course, in fact, this is not entirely true, but the share of truth in such a statement is. But the trouble is that often the desire of a man wakes up when his beloved sleeps sweetly. And in this case, the man has only two options: either to come to terms and overcome the impulse of his desire, or start sex with a sleeping girl. And although most beautiful ladies will insist on the first version, you should not make premature solutions. After all, sex in a sleepy state may well become the best of ever experienced.

The secret dream of most guys

Many men dream of having sex with a sleeping girl who at the time of intercourse is in the world of dreams. This is explained very simply – such a partner will allow you to do almost everything you like. We are talking about complete obedience when the lady will just get pleasures, and not even fully aware of this. Any loving man would like to please his soul mate so that she wakes up from orgasm. Such an awakening will certainly be sweet and pleasant.

Sex during sleep and female physiology

If we consider this issue from a purely physical point of view, then sex during sleep for the fair sex is also extremely attractive. The fact is that in a sleepy state, all the muscles of the body, including the vagina, are as relaxed as possible, which makes the intercourse itself tender and affectionate. The body and the orgasm itself does not hold back the mind, as a result of which pleasure is the most striking and complete.

Of course, relaxation is good, but without excitement nowhere. Spontaneous sex, when the lady is not ready for him at all, may even cause pain, because in this case penetration and frictions will be very rigid. That is why it will be more reasonable to first prepare a beloved for sexual intimacy. Cunnilingus will help best! Gentle oral caresses of an absolutely relaxed vagina will do their job in a matter of minutes, awakening her sexual appetite. Well, then it will already be possible to connect the penis to the process, but everything should be done as leisurely and affectionately as possible. In this case, if the dream is broken, then only from the brightest orgasm. And it is unlikely that anyone may not like it.

Some nuances of sex with a sleeping girl

Despite the fact that sex with a sleeping girl is so attractive, he still has certain nuances. And the main one is the girl’s readiness for the fact that this can happen. The reason is simple – during sleep, the stimulation of the vagina with consciousness can be perceived not as caresses of a loved one, but as an attack by a rapist. Yes, the probability that the imagination will draw just such a picture is not so big, but still. Therefore, you should stipulate this issue in advance and agree on everything so that in the end there is no misunderstanding or just an unpleasant situation.

You also need to understand that such sex is far from always appropriate. For example, if she had a hard day, then the molestings in the middle of the night are unlikely to be appreciated by her. Well, it is clear that the result of male efforts will not be a beloved orgasm, but a conflict with her.

Thus, sex in a sleepy state may well be very pleasant for both, you just need to adhere to the rules. Tenderness, leisurely and literacy – this is the key to the success of a man in love games with a sleepy girl. In this case, both partners will receive a lot of pleasure from such an unusual proximity.

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