What is MBR in sex

What is MBR in sex.

MBR in sex is a blowjob without an elastic band. Jargon abbreviation used by prostitutes.  Due to the high risk of the transfer of STDs and other infections, girls with reduced social responsibility do not like to do this and therefore have allocated this service in a separate category. As a rule, MBR is carried out only for an additional fee.

Together with the MBR, another bonus is going on – the ICBR with the OVR. This is a blowjob without an elastic band with the end in the mouth. The service is common and for some reason men are ready to lay out money for this.

We know very well that this brings pleasure, but there is a risk for both the man himself and for the performer of this miracle. Any contact of the sperm with blood can end sadly, and it is quite possible if there are microcracks in the mouth.

At the same time, the ICBM itself is dangerous for a man, because microcracks can be on the penis, therefore a number of infections can be transmitted. But we will talk about this in more detail in this publication further.

MBR in the car

The most popular situation in which a blowjob occurs without an elastic band is of course a car. A guy and a girl together, somewhere in a cozy deserted place, no matter who are in love or a man with a prostitute.

Not everyone likes full sex in the car, and I don’t always want to be so overheated. Oral caresses the easiest way to give each other pleasure. Condom either not, or I do not want to use it for two reasons.

The girl does not like the taste of condom, and the man does not experience bright sensations through the latex product. In this case, the MBR is simply inevitable.

Very often practiced between a free man and a married woman, when meetings on a safer territory are impossible. Falls quickly in the car. And I want to bring a partner to the peak of pleasure as soon as possible, so they refuse the elastic band to enhance the sensitivity.

What is the MBR in sex between spouses?

Everything is clear with prostitutes. High risk, separate fee, another service. But in family life and between loving people, blowjob without a condom is not something out of the ordinary.

The request “What is the ICBR in relations with a man” is popular on the Internet, this means that representatives of a gentle sex are also of interest in a mini without an elastic band who have nothing to do with prostitution.

Perhaps they just saw an abbreviation somewhere and wanted to know what it is, that is, they were interested in the decryption exclusively, and maybe someone suggested that they do the like and they want to know how to do the ICBR correctly, without risk and whether it is worth doing such things at all.

In general, it will be very strange if the wife begins to deliver the udowstick to her husband using condom. It’s even difficult to imagine this.

There is no risk of infection if the spouses are not changed to each other and are regularly checked for various diseases.

There can also be no humiliation in this, if both treat sex adequately and do not have limiting beliefs.

Moreover, the MBR is the only way out in the situation where the husband wants to cum in his mouth. Therefore, it is impossible to call a blowjob without an elastic band with some individual practice. This is part of the sexual life between spouses and nothing more.

In the family life of the ICBR with the OVR, it is not a negative nature and is not condemned by society. Moreover, everything that happens in the bedroom should remain there and this is a personal matter of a man and a woman. One way or another, oral crep in a marital pair is a common thing.

How can you get infected with MBR?

That at the expense of random connections and proximity with unreliable, unfamiliar partners? It’s impossible to get pregnant here, otherwise every chance of leaving a date the happy owner of an infectious bouquet.

Previously, we have already told whether it is possible to become infected with HIV under the oral from a woman to a man and found out that the risk, although minimal, is still present. Therefore, the ICBR with prostitutes is dangerous one way or another.

In the BDSM there is a practice of Bukkake, when men take turns ejaculate in the mouth and on the face of a partner, so you should know that this is a rather dangerous entertainment.

The thrush easily migrates both from the mouth to the genitals, and vice versa. No wounds and contact of mucous membranes are required, quite oral-genital contact is enough.

Fortunately treated easily and relatively quickly. But there is little good. If immunity is weakened, then getting rid of the disease can take weeks.

The situation with the human papilloma virus is much worse. It is impossible to get rid of it, and the consequences of the depressing are oncology of the larynx.

It is clear that there are such concepts as the percentage of transmission, the risk of infection, and so on. But I do not want to become one of 1000, who was “lucky”.

Genital herpes is also a chronic disease. Pick up enough once, you will have to live with him until his death.

Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, all this is included in the list of diseases transmitted through a blowjob without an elastic band. Thus, the MBR in sex is an extremely dangerous thing if your partner is a carrier of these infections.

Advantages of the ICBR

Despite the whole danger of the ICBR, one of the favorite practices of both men and women remains. In addition to the ability to ejaculate a partner in the mouth, there are other advantages of such a lesson.

The maximum naturalness of sensations is what is undoubtedly present with oral sex without elastic bands. Moreover, this is important both active and the receiving side.

Otherwise, the first has sensations, and the second takes a rubber with a bunch of flavorings in the mouth.

By the way, for a long time it was the flavorings that were the main argument of the condom use. Then, in all sex shops, they began to sell an edible lubricant and the situation has changed coordinally.

MBR in sex is also about trust. Prostitutes are made in a condom, for whom it is just work, just a service. But without him only a beloved who wants his man completely. She does not need any barriers and intermediaries, contact between her and they should be natural.

The reasons why people like it

MBR with OVR provides the most spectacular finale. The receiving party in full feels the results of its efforts, unlike a blowjob in a condom, additional sensations are possible here.

Many women love when a man ends without taking out, so they want to feel it. At the same time, men feel the trust and love of a partner who is ready to end in their mouths.

Not only men don’t like the condom. As you know, the member itself has no taste, but the condom is not only cloying and through a fragrant chur, but also creates a taste of rubber in the mouth.

The lubricant on the condom is sticky, not pleasant. Therefore, women say that it is better not to use latex products with a minute, they spoil everything and turn the lesson into disgusting.

Oral caresses are performed in different conditions. With prostitutes, as mentioned above, everything is clear. But in family life, sometimes there is simply no time to go for a condom.

For example, if a woman wants to wake her man with a sweet blowjob, then it is simply impossible to put an elastic band on him. And the whole atmosphere will deteriorate, the surprise will not work. In this case, the MBR is the only right decision.

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