What is the danger of abstinence from sex? | Psychology of relations

What is the danger of abstinence from sex?.

, What is the danger of abstinence from sex? | Psychology of relations
Sex is the natural need of the body. It is necessary for both men and women. The intensity of relations depends on the temperament of a person. Sexologists say that rejection of intimacy can entail unpleasant consequences. But how to behave if there is no partner and have sex with no one? Masturbation is an excellent opportunity to give yourself pleasure, to experience pleasure.

Abstinence from sex – not uncommon for girls. Not everyone can boast of a man performing in bed all fantasies who are an unforgettable pleasure. But this is not a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure, because there are many opportunities Satisfy yourself. Long -term abstinence from intimacy is a serious problem. Guys suffer from this physically, and the young ladies are psychologically.It is important that abstinence from sex is dangerous to health. Lack of intimate proximity for a long time makes itself felt. People are manifested:

  • Uncontrolled aggression.
  • Irritability or tearfulness, self -pity.
  • Sometimes there may be bouts of laughter, fun.
  • Yearning.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Bad mood.
  • Apathy.
  • Frequent breakdowns on people.

Young ladies, in the absence of sexual discharge, can suffer from gynecological problems, especially if they are temperamental, prefer to have sex regularly. In men, with prolonged refusal of sex, the urine system suffers, as a result, there may be complications, for example, a decrease in libido, unstable erection, prostatitis., What is the danger of abstinence from sex? | Psychology of relations

The consequences of abstinence in women

Lack of long sex can lead to troubles. We highlight the main ones.

  • No orgasm. Quite often, girls complain that they have no orgasm. Scientists have come to the conclusion that a long absence of intimate proximity makes the body a message that there is no need for sexual proximity. That is, he gets used to it, forgets what sex is, and why it is needed. Therefore, a woman cannot experience an orgasm. With a lack of intimacy, it is enough to regularly masturbate, giving yourself pleasure on your own.
  • Mental disorder. Lack of intimacy leads to the accumulation of negative emotions. And this is manifested in the form of aggression, quarrels, inadequate behavior. Neuroses often accompany a sexually unsatisfied girl.
  • Disgust. For a woman, it is important that she enjoys intimacy with a man with the frequency that she needs. Each frequency of sexual intercourse is different. One is enough to have sex every day, the other is enough once a month. The main thing is not to force yourself if there is no desire. Long -term abstinence can lead to an aversion to intimacy, so you need to satisfy yourself more often, masturbate. They will help to enjoy the toy from an intimate store, their assortment allows you to choose a great assistant for caresses for themselves.
  • Depression. She belongs to mental disorders. Quite often, sexually unsatisfied women dig in themselves, look for flaws in the figure, appearance, character. Girls are convinced of their unattractiveness for men, they feel incompletely. This causes the emergence of depression, aggression in relation not only to itself, but also to others.

, What is the danger of abstinence from sex? | Psychology of relations

The consequences of abstinence for men

The lack of sex in men can negatively affect the mental and physical condition.

  • Psychological problems. There are 2 types of men, one sex is constantly needed, restrictions in it lead to a depressed psychological state. The second type of men does not depend psychologically on intimacy, it can easily refuse it. Only the first type is subject to depression, apathy during abstinence.
  • Reducing the activity of sperm. With prolonged abstinence, the amount of sperm increases. But at the same time, seed fluid is not always able to cause conception. The number of spermatosaids is reduced, and their activity is also reduced.
  • Prostatitis. If the secret of the prostate gland does not leave the body, and this happens about the time of ejaculation, it stagnates, which leads to an inflammatory process. Prostatitis is a serious illness that is treated for a long time and can even lead to infertility.
  • Weakening of potency. If there is no sex for a long time, then there is a probability that in the future a man will suffer from a weak erection. Linked to intimacy, the body ceases to fulfill its functions. And the more there is no sex, the higher the probability of misfires in the future.

How to solve the problem of lack of sex?

If there is no partner for intimacy, a person can satisfy himself. Can be masturbated at any convenient time. And the received discharge reduces the likelihood of problems described above.

To make the process of self-satisfaction easier and more pleasant, we recommend using sex toys for adults. These are devices that cause maximum excitation. For women it is worth buying the following sex toys:

  • Dildo.
  • Vibrator: submersible, clitoral, for point g.
  • Vibroopul or vibroyite.
  • Anal sex toys.

A man for masturbation should buy:

  • Masturbator: realistic or ultramodern.
  • Sex doll.
  • Prostate massager.
  • Anal sex toys.

All products are made of high -quality materials, they do not cause allergies and discomfort, but only give pleasure, give the opportunity to caress themselves and satisfy.

Recall that during intimacy stand out Hormones of happiness – Endorphins. They cheer up, restore the nervous state. Therefore, to be happy and satisfied, do not forget to have sex more often.

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