What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys

What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop?.

, What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys
The first time in an adult store seems to be very terrible. It is actually very interesting. And if you know what to look at, the visit turns into a unique excursion. So what should you choose when you first visit a sex shop? What products will be useful for those who have not yet bought sex devices?

Toys for a beginner

There is no such thing – goods for brand new. After all, everyone in the adult store comes with his request. Someone wants to diversify the sex life in a couple, someone to brighten up loneliness, feel something new or choose an erotic outfit.

Therefore, it is worth understanding what categories of goods are in a sex shop, this will help to navigate:

  • Men’s sex toys. Designed to relieve stress, endurance training, strengthening an erection or increasing a member. Very often buy masturbators of different sizes, vacuum pumps, prostate massagers.
  • Women’s sex toys. Used to arouse, achieve orgasm, enhance sensations in sex, to strengthen muscles. Clital vibrators, vibrotrusics, vaginal balls are designed not only for masturbation, but also to strengthen health.
  • Paul goods. Items that can be used in ordinary sex. They perfectly complement intimacy, help to know each other better and synchronize orgasms. Massagers, vibrators for steam are examples of things that are useful in any union.
  • Universal toys. Suitable for both women and men. Anal sex toys, electrical stimulants, clamps for the nipples give unusual experiences, expand the boundaries of emotions. Moreover, they are safe and easy to use.
  • Intimate cosmetics. Makes sex more comfortable. These are lubricants, massage oils, exciting creams, dehs with pheromones, shower gels and other compositions with which it is possible to realize many new ideas or even solve some problems, for example, difficulties with an erection or an unpleasant odor from genitals.
  • Erotic linen. Decorates the bodies of men and women, ideal for seduction. Finding a role suit will turn out not only for a date, but also for a carnival. At the same time, there are a variety of colors and sizes that are difficult to find in a regular store.

These are the most popular categories. But for the first time it is difficult to understand what to buy. Therefore, it is important for yourself to answer one question – for what experiments the selected device will be applied. There can be two answers:

  • For two. A sex toy is selected for a couple, the use will occur when both.
  • For one. Buying will be used for masturbation.

You must decide in advance in these options. Then we will tell you what to buy for a couple, and what for personal use without a partner., What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys

What to buy a woman for masturbation

Masturbation is a process of studying your own body, searching for new sensations and pleasures. He is very useful for a lady, as it allows you to find your way to orgasm. At the same time reduces nervousness, improves mood, since in the process hormones of pleasure are produced in the body. There are several things that women buy most often. It is about them that will be discussed.

Wave or vacuum stimulator

With the help of air fluctuations, an effect on the clitoris occurs. And not only its external part is activated, but also the internal one, which gives the most powerful orgasms. The stimulator is installed on the body, and you just need to switch speeds so that it is pleasant. The subject does not need to be moved, directed, performed by progressive movements. Often waves combine with vibration, the presence of two types of exposure is much more interesting than one.

Vibrator Rabbit

Very popular model for simultaneous caresses of clitoris and vagina. Two processes relate to the most tender zones and cause a strong response. In the process, a woman feels fullness, which is very important for some, while the clitoris is also felt. Two processes can vibrate synchronously, but if there are two motors in the model, then they will be able to manage separately.


A device that takes up little space does not exceed 10 cm in length. Designed for external stimulation. They can touch the neck, nipples, crotch, but an orgasm occurs when the clitoris is stimulated. It is convenient to take such a toy with you. In traveling or visiting it will be invisible, but at the right time it can be reached and used. Many models look harmless, do not attract attention, they are chosen by women living with children or curious parents., What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys


A special composition causes a rush of blood to the place of application. And this enhances sensitivity several times. After using the cream for 15-20 minutes, any touch seem magical. And it will not work from the cream, an additional effect will be required. But any stimulation will become many times more interesting. There are compositions for the clitoris, for point g. They are rubbed into the body before sex or masturbation.

In addition, a woman will find in a sex shop a lot of beautiful linen, caring cosmetics and useful little things that will come in handy in everyday life. For example, tampons for sex or menstrual bowl will save during critical days.

What to buy a man for masturbation

Masturbation in a man’s life is often present, this is an important process in the formation of sexual life, maintaining an emotional mood. But these actions should be diversified, to make new sensations to them. You can do this with the help of accessories that are in a sex shop. What to buy a beginner?

Manual masturbator

The compact masturbator that is held in the hand at the time of use is a great solution for a man. A special relief is drawn inside the device, it can copy the vagina, ass or mouth of a girl. Or even have special properties that do not resemble the usual effects. To use, you need to pour a little lubricant inside, immerse the penis in a soft sleeve and begin to move the device. Everything is extremely simple, but very interesting. The sensations are strikingly different from the stimulation of the hands.

Automatic masturbator

Masturbator with a motor-this is also a curious sex toy. She herself makes massage movements, a man does not need to do anything, you just have to keep the device in his palms. Overflowing, compression, massage movements can occur inside. The user increases or slows down the pace and selects a certain mode or exposure pattern. Orgasm with such things can be delayed or accelerated, while it is very intense and memorable.

Vacuum pump

A pump for men is a device to enhance an erection or increase the penis. This is a flask in which you can control the pressure, pumping out air from it, how it turns out to cause strong excitement. And it works at any age. This gives confidence to people who doubt their capabilities. But the device is also used for tissue growth, but then it is not used before sex. The pump is a simulator, to get the results with it, you need to practice regularly using special methods.We offered the most popular goods for beginners. Experienced users choose also urethral masturbators, sex doll or sex machines. There are thousands of useful things in a sex shop, which are interesting to experiment., What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys

Accessories for the couple that will definitely like

In an adult store, you should choose something for two. And these may not be banal condoms, although there are also many of them at pleasant prices. Ideal solutions for the first purchases will allow you to try something unusual, bring a little variety to the sexual life.


These are universal vibrators that are needed in different situations. Of course, the main goal of the purchase is pleasure in bed. But even after a hard day with their help you can knead the muscles of the spin or legs, they will help to recover after training. And at low speeds they are suitable even for facial massage. The advantage of such models is a harmless appearance, it does not attract attention, does not cause suspicion of domestic. At the same time, modern models are very powerful and practical.

Erective rings

A ring for a man allows you to control the duration of sex. It does not allow blood to be cast from the penis, so premature ejaculation is impossible. Of course, it will not work endlessly to restrain the orgasm, but it is quite possible to extend for 5-15 minutes. At the same time, the sensations of the man will not be dulled, and the erection will be stone. A ring with vibration can stimulate a girl, touch her clitoris during frictions, increasing excitation. Rings have different diameters, beginners are suitable options with width adjustment.

Exciting lubricants

The perfect thing for two. Only you need to choose not a cream, but a lubricant. She will solve several problems at once, firstly, will improve sliding. Secondly, it will make the sensations more acute. Thirdly, the erogenous zones of both participants will activate, which will lead to more powerful orgasms. The lubricant can be warming, cooling or simply exciting. The intensity of the composition is different, some means give the strongest effect, others less pronounced. You need to try a few to find the optimal brand for yourself.

Oral lubricants

Tasty lubricant can decorate oral caresses. It improves gliding during blowjob or cunnilingus. Pleasant aroma and taste stop sex into something unusual. While the composition does not contain extra calories, although the taste is sweet. Lubrication is suitable for any type of sex, especially it is useful to people who like to alternate vaginal and oral contacts., What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys

Massage oils

Erotic massage compounds help to knead the body. But the main thing is that they are safe for the mucosa, and with them you can go to sex immediately, using oil as a lubricant. In this case, the process will accompany a pleasant smell, and there will be no spots on the sheets that are difficult to wash. Special oil is very practical in use, and it is designed precisely for intimacy, unlike other compositions sold not in a sex shop.For two, you can still choose a variety of vibrators, penalties for penis, strapons. And almost every toy created for masturbation can also be brought to bed to a couple.

Sex shop for brave

You can choose in a sex shop not only “modest” things. A beginner to find in such a store is capable of devices that will seem alert to many. This is something that many do not use in sex and masturbation, which only individual people decide. But it is these things that allow you to realize very bold fantasies.

Anal stimulants

Sex toys for anus is used by women and men. They allow you to activate a very delicate zone where hundreds of sensitive endings are located. Anal traffic jams, stimulants, prostate massagers open the way to new sensations. Their use is safe, all such sex toys are equipped with limiters, so they will not remain in the body. Moreover, they will not cause pain or discomfort, because the correct use gives only pleasure.

Role costumes

With the help of sexual images, you can experience a gamut of bright experiences. And the suit will help to turn into a new person for some period. It is appropriate to master a new profession for several hours, turn into a fairy -tale character or animal. Dressing games allow you to realize hidden dreams, return passion in relations, discover new talents. You can start with something simple: schoolgirls or photographer. And then try on the role of a pirate, nun or doctor., What to buy a newcomer in a sex shop? | Questions about sex toys

BDSM devices

Lashes, handcuffs, latex costumes – these are all accessories for games with subordination and dominance. They can only be decorative elements, but more often they are used as intended. And a newcomer in a sex shop can also realize a fantasy with binding. For the same, the goods definitely need to take a closer look, if not for the first time, then someday they will definitely need. After all, to realize a fantasy, to arrange a punishment can be useful in the form of a game, not a real fight.For the brave in a sex shop, there will also be objects that are worthy of attention. Sex machines, swings, clamps, medical fetish-all this is in demand and popular. But the main thing is that all this is available today, and there is delivery throughout the country.

Questions about the first purchases in a sex shop

There is no 100% guarantee that a thing from an adult store is suitable for you. The intimate life of each person is unique, and the sensitivity of the body is different. Therefore, we offer to try what the majority like. But sometimes you need to apply several different things even from one category to find the perfect model for yourself.There are no things that should not be recommended. There are thousands of goods that are very interesting to use. And each person comes for something his own. And it is important to understand that there is nothing dangerous in a sex shop, everything is suitable for use in an intimate sphere, everything is undergoing quality control.In our online store, dialogue will begin with you only if you are initiated by it. If you have a question, ask his consultant. He can recommend something to you, but the client makes the final choice. It is worth listening to an opinion, but it is important to rely on your own desires and needs.

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