When a woman wants sex? 5 situations that occur with each | Psychology of relations

When a woman wants sex? 5 situations that occur with each.

, When a woman wants sex? 5 situations that occur with each | Psychology of relations
There are times when sex is very interesting for a woman. These are not obvious situations, but often encountered. At such moments, it is most easily seduced by intimacy or persuade something new. This is the perfect time for bold sex experiments.

1. Physiological period

The female cycle is the period during which the lady is experiencing a number of different states. Before the PMS menstruation, when you want to kill the whole world and at the same time “climb into the pens”. But there is a time of maximum desire.

In the middle of the cycle, ovulation occurs. At this time, a woman can become pregnant, and the body “includes” the desire. At such a time, she wants to look more attractive, rejoices in attention and is ready for new experiments. Moreover, the probability of orgasm during this period is higher than at another time.

How to calculate ovulation? The easiest way to look into her female calendar, today these are applications where the cycle is fixed. If this is inaccessible, it is worth calculating the length of the cycle and find the middle. How to count? From the first day of menstruation to the next first day. This is the length of the period. It is divided in half, and in the middle the right event. 2-3 days before him and 2-3 days later, the lady is ready for sex more often than at another time.

2. With love

If she is in love, sex with the subject of adoration is something magical and very desired. Therefore, for seduction of a girl, it is worth causing her a feeling. It is important to understand that the process is hormonal, it can be caused by a series of non -complicated actions. And if this turns out, she will be ready for frequent sex and even bold experiment. The method is suitable for those who are recently familiar, rarely working in the prevailing families.

How to fall in love with a girl? First you need to amaze it with your success, attributes are easy to rent. Then it is important to find out what she likes in men, what she appreciates the most. Someone loves romance, and someone adrenaline, understanding needs will help to play the right role.

The most difficult thing is to maintain an image for a long time. As a result, she still finds out that it was a game. It can hurt her. This behavior rarely leads to a serious relationship, but allows you to realize a lot of fantasies with the lady you like.

3. With the manifestation of her language of love

A woman wants a man when he shows the qualities that are important to her. And here everything is very difficult: someone dreams of care and support, someone about a general hobby, and someone about gifts. It will not work to identify the needs in a couple of days, their study takes time. To figure it out, it is recommended to read the book of Gary Chapman “5 Language Languages”.

When a person does what she expects from him, when he does it sincerely, it causes a feeling of joy and gratitude. I would like to reward a partner for such behavior. And also to please himself, since the feeling is created that he managed to explain what exactly he needed to do. The technique allows you to not only arrange sex, but also establish relationships in a couple for a long time., When a woman wants sex? 5 situations that occur with each | Psychology of relations

4. Gratitude with sex

Surprisingly, sex in society can be a way to thank for something. And if the lady is grateful, she is more prone to intimacy. It is important to understand that it works in a constant relationship, less often when meeting. And it is important to do something really important so that the mechanism works, and not just “convey bags”.

For example, a woman is ready to make love if a man is taking her to the resort. And she will experience a real desire to do this, since the mechanism of gratitude works. Similarly, expensive gifts, pleasant surprises are valid. Unexpected pleasant moments include hormonal response in her body, and this is a step towards excellent sex.

The story of gratitude works better in the absence of overwork. With constant stress, lack of sleep, this technique gives less results. The exhausted organism is not able to fully experience delight.

5. In case of interest in sex

A woman wants more sex if she enjoys in the process. But it is important that her orgasms are bright and saturated. If the process is pleasant and exciting for her, it will attract very much.

How to make sex for her magical? It is important to try to give her pleasure every time. And regularly “pamper” something even more interesting and bright. Sex toys help to do this. It is with them that it is possible to open new facets of sensuality.

When a lady understands that she has a new device from a sex shop in her hands, she is interested in. And if she already has the experience of using other sex-tovars, she understands that something special awaits her. And this stimulates the desire. Therefore, the use of toys is of interest and desire, and you should not ignore them, if you want to cause it instant inclusion in affection for many years.

And if you buy a toy and give it during ovulation and after a gorgeous gift – there may be sex that is remembered for life.

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