Where to find a partner for virtual sex? | Psychology of relations

Where to find a partner for virtual sex?.

, Where to find a partner for virtual sex? | Psychology of relations
World Computerization gave people another opportunity to do their favorite business. Virtual sex from the category of science fiction smoothly moved into the area of the usual, and in some cases even everyday. You can find a partner for virtual sex using various messengers, social networks or dating sites. So where to find a partner for virtual sex?

Sex is not only a tool for continuing the genus, but also a way to obtain moral and physical satisfaction. People who do not have a permanent sexual partner try to find it by any way, looking at colleagues at work, acquaintances, fellow travelers in transport and so on. But why not try sex at a distance? It is exciting and exciting.

Where to meet for a virtual? We will talk about free methods, not options where you can pay for the service of intimate communication.


Nowadays, these methods are practically not used, as there are tangible material expenses.Nevertheless, intimate correspondence using messages has its own undeniable advantages: you do not need the Internet, you can exchange messages at any time and anywhere. But there are also disadvantages: the virtual partner will know the phone number, knowing which the rest of the data can be obtained, the messages of erotic content can read other people or messages with frank contents may come at all on time. And not everyone can write such a message, it is not easy to find a friend for such communication.


The emergence of a large number of smartphones that practically displaced the usual button phones is accompanied by many messengers installed on them, for example, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. As in any other case, communication in messengers has its own undeniable advantages: you do not need to constantly replenish the balance of the phone to send a message and minuses: you need to connect a mobile Internet and the phone number will still be highlighted.

It is convenient to correspond in messengers, but finding a person is still not easy. This is a communication way, but not a way of acquaintance., Where to find a partner for virtual sex? | Psychology of relations

Social network

Registration on social networks gives unlimited scope for communication and acquaintance with new people. Among millions of users there will definitely be those who want to have fun. There are groups in which people are gathering, and a huge number of communities of virtual entertainment lovers.


According to statistics, the main visitors of this social network are people aged 23 to 35 years. Most of them have already received an education and a certain social status. To find a partner for Virt on Facebook, you will have to make a lot of effort and be sure to be careful.

In contact with

Here you can find visitors, starting from infancy and ending with ancient elders, so choosing a really suitable partner for virtual sex will be easy. It is necessary to find a thematic public, enter it and observe offers on the wall. It is worth writing independently, an announcement of acquaintance will definitely be seen.


As practice shows, in this social network it is difficult to find a partner without a couple, many registered ones are already married, and the remaining faces are sexually preoccupied or have high requirements for the entire population of the planet. However, communication in a classmate has its advantages: it is always clear when a person is online or entered the last time;There is an opportunity to study all the information on the page of a potential virtual lover, if it is reliable, of course;the presence of a black list in which you can bring objectionable. This social network also has disadvantages: they will also closely study your entire insimpensive, they can write to your friends or second half, if any., Where to find a partner for virtual sex? | Psychology of relations

Dating websites

The creators of such pages claim that with the help of dating sites you can find pure and bright love for life. However, according to the result of hundreds of questions, only 40-45 % of people present there are looking for a half for marriage, the rest simply correspond to intimate topics, exchange private photos or plan a meeting away from the eyes of people. The undeniable advantage of such services: there is a guarantee of data privacy and correspondence, you can take a fictional name and upload other people’s photos, there is a chance to find long -term relationships. The only minus of some dating sites: charging fees for the use of the platform.

Special chats and forums

A huge number of chats for intimate communication can be found on sites offering watching porn films. Undeniable advantage: you can communicate in a chat, or go to privat, at any time to stop correspondence without explanation, you can go to the video chat and see a potential partner with your own eyes. Of the minuses of sex chats, the following are noted: some people are a “good lover” only in words, minors or simply mentally unhealthy people are found. It doesn’t matter at all in what way you will look for a partner, the main thing is until you are completely confident in a person, do not provide him with any confidential data to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Sex toys for virtual sex

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