Where to have sex outside the house? 14 great places. Is it possible to do this in public places?

Where to have sex outside the house? 14 great places.

, Where to have sex outside the house? 14 great places. Is it possible to do this in public places?

There is nowhere to have sex? Look around: a little fantasy, a short excursion in equipment and sex will become possible almost everywhere. In any case, we know exactly 14 excellent places where you can have sex outside the house.

, Where to have sex outside the house? 14 great places. Is it possible to do this in public places?

4 places for sex for those who have money:

1. Hotel or hourly apartment

The simplest, but also the most costly option, but offers – More than enough. Another minus – squeamishness and preset the girl about apartments «mass use».

2. Car

Traditional one hundred percent option for lovers of standard dimensions. It is enough to wait for the darkness and choose a quiet place, and the owners of well -tinted cars also get an additional advantage – Sex day anywhere, because if sex occurs inside the car and others do not see it, then you cannot make claims to lovers.

3. Sauna

Rent «Warm» a place can be for a period of 2 hours or more. Of the pluses, we note the presence of a shower, pool, rest rooms, TV. Of the minuses – Sometimes sauna visitors are shot and video on the Internet. And don’t forget about Silicone lubricant – He is not afraid of water.

4. Cinema

Choose places for kisses and an unpopular film to make the audience as little as possible. Some craftsmen manage to have sex even sitting in the front row.

, Where to have sex outside the house? 14 great places. Is it possible to do this in public places?

10 budget places for sex:

1. Deaf yard

Recently, such places relate to «dying look». Fish places are traditionally occupied by visited lovers, as an option, you can wander around the old areas and look for places that civilization have not touched.

2. Entrance

Favorite classic of teenagers, as well as extreme sex lovers. According to the latter, the best place is by no means near the garbage chute on any of the floors, but before the staircraft behind the entrance doors, the main thing is to find the entrance on the code castle in order to take the form of a couple in the arms in time.

3. Roof

Getting there is not so easy – Usually the locking path is blocked by the castle. If you still managed to break through, then freedom of action is provided around the clock, especially if the selected roof is above the roofs of nearby buildings. Do not forget to take the litter or blanket. Not only is it always windy and cool on the roof, so there is also very dirty – to put something will not hurt.

4. Toilet in cafes, bars and clubs

Clean toilets without sexual separation into M and f are suitable, the number of which exceeds one unit, otherwise the queue of ferocious visitors will not allow you to enjoy intimacy. In order not to delay the queue and not to cause curiosity, try to get excited faster, for example, with the help exciting lubricant.

5. City Park

For centuries, this is the most ideal place: a lot of free benches, shaded places and deaf corners.

6. Beach

In the afternoon you can have a great time in water, on a catamaran or boat, and at night there is enough litter and unlit space.

7. An abandoned construction

A really secluded place, but you should beware of the watchmen, as well as to competently choose places, because some construction objects can be dangerous.

8. Kindergarten

Suitable only for the evening or night. Here you can hide in shrubs or even have a good time in the gazebo. However, beware, kindergarten watchmen are usually very frisky. Do not forget to remove garbage, after all, children will come here in the morning.

9. Meeting room

There are many tables, sometimes there is even a convenient sofa, and in all it is worth buying a guard or borrow a key. The main thing is to check the schedule so that there are no meetings in the company for this time, it is better to wait for all colleagues to get home, check that there are no video cameras in the room.

10. Stadium

In some cities there are still stadiums with an open entrance, but do not forget that people come here to train here.

It is worth remembering that if law enforcement agencies cut your pair, you will have to fork out for a fine for petty hooliganism, so do not fall.

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