Who is the demisexual – and 16 signs of demisexuality

What does demesxuality mean?.

, Who is the demisexual – and 16 signs of demisexuality

This concept appeared recently, in France, from the French word “demi”. What does half of something mean, that is, a non-core pronounced sexuality. It turns out that a person is considered not sexy and not asexual. May have a friendly attraction to someone, absolutely unrelated to sexuality. Has a certain basis for satisfaction with actual communication, not emotionally connected.

A person can be a person of any gender, both a man and a woman. Moreover, any orientation, both heterosexual and homosexual, or bisexual. It is more characteristic of creative people with a subtle mental organization. It is located somewhere next to asxuality, which, in fact, is itself part of the sexuality.

Well, why, in fact, this prefix “Demi”?

Is it really necessary to feel just a person? This prefix is needed, rather, to identify a person in the sexual life of society. Some people from childhood felt that they were not like everyone else and something in life is going wrong.

It happens that all the boys at school are in love with a cool skater girl. Run and achieve its location. Or vice versa – there is a beautiful and stately guy, an athlete constantly earning sambo cups, let’s say. He always walks confidently, like a real man.

, Who is the demisexual – and 16 signs of demisexuality

Almost the king, feeling his significance and usually not paying attention to anyone around. All the girls dry on him, but someone is not and, at the same time, he cannot understand why everyone hung on his neck! Thanks to our society where the success and cult of celebrities are raised to the high bar, such a guy or girl begin to feel flawlessly, trying to walk in everything on the rest, while breaking their psyche.

Most of the demisexuals are not too interested in sex, as exactly physical proximity. Although they like him, and they understand his attractiveness.

How demisexuality is expressed?

A person positioning himself as such can feel a sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of the gender of the applicant. The most important thing is a psycho -emotional connection, a kind of romantic feeling or a halo of romance associated with a specific person. These feelings are usually very strong and the demisexuals themselves call them true love.

Psychotherapists still cannot establish an accurate understanding of the problem, since the feeling of love for everyone occurs and is experienced in different ways.

Types of sexuality

Two types of sexuality are currently determined – the first and second.

The sexuality of the first type, which can arise with contacts with a person without psycho -emotional binding, as a rule, not for demisexuals.

Psychologists consider their peculiarity the sexuality of the second type, which can be formed only if there is satisfaction from communication and romantic attachments. As a rule, the sexual component, as such, can be reduced to a minimum. Replacing the need for constant communication with a person, the opportunity to feel each other both physically and emotionally.

Sexual attraction, which in people of the first type can arise to absolutely strangers, for example, rich, beautiful, famous. Demesexual usually does not arise, since there is no psychological component connecting with them.

Demesexuality is an innate property. Often replacing the usual sexual attraction and can manifest itself absolutely without sexual contact, both between lovers and between colleagues and just acquaintances. Romantic feelings usually prevail and replace a strong sexual attraction based on the status of a person, his appearance or fame.
There is a joke in certain circles:

What if you need to choose sex or cake. Demisexual will definitely choose a cake.

, Who is the demisexual – and 16 signs of demisexuality

Can demisexuality be a consequence of high morality?

Many people believe that the cause of the phenomenon of demismalism is the high moral qualities of people. But this state of the body is far from always present only in highly moraine individuals. Quite the opposite – most likely – this is the process of education since childhood. Which, however, is criticized by some psychoanalysts, since it is not gained by a good evidence base, due to the novelty of the phenomenon under consideration.

It is possible that a decrease in libido before the start of emotional attachment may be innate – if an ordinary person is enough to the ordinary person to have a visual contact, then the demisexual still needs attachment more powerful than just a look.

Since asexuality is often the result of psychological trauma. Some experts can decide that demisexuality is associated precisely with a sexual trauma or emotional shock.
But at present, an assessment of the erroneity of this theory has been assessed as a basis. Thus, it is believed that demisexuality is not any pathological phenomenon. It is only a variable state of ordinary sexuality close to asexuality.

Signs of demisexual

There are quite a few signs on the basis of which you can suspect the presence of demisexuality:

  1. Sexual attraction is not experienced particularly often. Complete misunderstanding of porn films. Since sex in them is a simple physiology and does not meet the needs of psycho -emotional proximity before sexual intercourse.
  2. Often there is no clear description of elements of attractive appearance.
  3. A disturbing state constantly arises at the thought of a date with a stranger.
  4. For love, you need a habit of a person and a fairly large number of meetings. Demisexual believes that for a start, sexual activity should become good and reliable friends. Have in habits, there is a lot in common both in conversations and in emotions.
  5. Inability to sexual relations even after a large number of dates.
  6. Often a sexual attraction to friends, colleagues and friends, and close acquaintance does not scare that it can develop into intimate.
  7. The appearance as a romantic relationship with a person and affection of emotions is not so important. It is believed that sex itself is a purely physical phenomenon and is only a continuation of warm and friendly feelings.
  8. Intimate relationships are not prevailing in relationships. Tenderness, sincere conversation and common values are often more important. Sex, as such, can be very little. And the word “sleep” can be a direct action – sleep, feeling warmth, proximity and tenderness, hugging each other and feeling a single whole.
  9. In the early stages of dating, communication is very important. Moreover, this can turn almost into an interrogation with addiction. And exciting personal and intimate details, which can frighten a partner.
  10. Low and rare sexual attraction may entail accusations of low libido and asexuality, or lack of attraction to a partner. Sex itself is only the result of a relationship. If the relationship has become not close enough, then building relationships in violent sex will seem impossible. This is essentially like ice cream for dessert. A thing is certainly pleasant, but it can be replaced by something else.
  11. The impossibility of intimate relationships with a completely stranger and misunderstanding of such people. How can you start to love a stranger? Maybe he is stupid like a cork and not even to talk about with him.
  12. Misunderstanding the moment when they flirt with them. How to start flirting, having nothing to do or walk only for this to clubs and bars.
  13. It’s hard to make acquaintances with new people. Therefore, better love and romantic feelings for old friends that you know for a long time, you understand and have many topics for conversation.
  14. Great sense of emotional attachment and trust.
  15. There is no sexual attraction at all – it is absent to all people who have no strong psychological connection. As a rule, there is an attraction to only one partner.
  16. Sex seems simply with a duty, you have to think more about how to please a partner, but without an emotional connection you only feel unpleasant impressions.

This condition, in contrast to similar short -term periods in an ordinary person, is persistent and continues with a person either all his life, or a significant part of it, starting from a certain period of life.

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