Why do girls scream during sex

Why do girls scream during sex.

Many girls during intercourse are not limited to sighs and groans. They prefer to scream and they have several reasons. What caused this behavior, is it normal either strange, good or bad, let’s try to figure it out.

Screams and moans themselves talk about temperament, degree of liberation and involvement in the process by the representative of the gentle sex. Some admit that they would like to be more emotional, but they are hindered by constraint, excitement and self -doubt. Others say that they never wanted to make sounds in bed in their lives. Why is this happening?

Why do girls shout during sex: creating an atmosphere

During intercourse, the girl acts in a passive role. It is more correct to say they are the receiving side and there are much less active actions on its part. Frictions are performed by a man and most often it is he who sets the rhythm of intercourse.

The exception can only be considered the position “Girl from above” when the partner takes control. In all other cases, it can only take a position more convenient for a man, sit correctly so as not to create barriers to penetrate.

At the same time, she creates an atmosphere in which a man sees the result of his efforts. So that there would be no feeling that he “puffs” how much in vain and everything that he does pointlessly. For such a version on the forums, women themselves most often act. It’s all for him!

Why do girls scream during sex: approaching the final

In this case, screams are also aimed at a partner. She was either tired of what was happening, or she has already finished and in order to accelerate the end she has to resort to tricks. Sometimes women do this for help, because many men simply cannot finish and they are clearly not enough for them.

Loud moans act on the psyche of the representative of the stronger sex, excitement intensifies, a feeling of satisfaction arises, the result of actions is obvious. Many men are convinced that the only positive outcome is a bright orgasm of a partner, but they do not know any other ways, except vaginal penetration in high rhythm.

As soon as a strong moan is heard and the woman in every possible way demonstrates complete satisfaction, the man calms down and understands that the goal is achieved, after which he focuses on himself and thereby ejaculation.

Polls of women and men

As mentioned above, men are convinced that their partners receive the highest pleasure point of pleasure from vaginal sex. The higher the rhythm, the better, they think. The screams of women are evaluated as an inability to restrain pleasure, supposedly she is so good that it is no longer possible to remain silent. The louder screams, the more buzz.

For the most part, women defeated this theory to fluffs. According to their assurances during intercourse, emotional closeness, trust and the opportunity to be without fear of condemnation or ridicule are of greatest importance. A high pace does not always lead to orgasm, moreover, prelude and oral affection, they called priority actions in bed.

Thus, everything that the girls really like, that is, prelude, kisses and oral affection, they do without loud screams. Make sounds, breathe faster than usual, the pulse rises and this can cause moans. But this is only accelerated breathing, in which sounds occasionally slip due to the participation of the vocal cords.

Instead of the result

Loud screams are almost always aimed at regulating the process. But what are the reasons in a particular case, you can’t find out. She wants him to finish faster, wants to increase his self -esteem or thus accelerates her consciousness in order to achieve the peak of enjoyment of herself? Only a woman knows the answer.

Loud screams, oddly enough, rather indicate that sex is not diverse enough, it does not have important elements and partner’s technique leaves much to be desired. We must not forget that the girls scream in bed and simply because they live in stereotypes. It seems to them that this is a sign of good intercourse is precisely a loud moan. And since she came here and it all started, then the result should be like in a textbook. Even if you have to artificially create it.

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