Why is they moaning during sex and how to do it

Why do girls moan during sex?.

Let’s immediately designate that there is no norm in sex, if everything happens by mutual agreement and pleases all participants in the process. If you make comfort love in silence, it’s fine. But moans and loud sounds are some of the interaction tools that you can set yourself up and partners in the right way, they should not neglect them. Understand why and why they moan during sex, and whether it is worth doing, our article will help. , Why is they moaning during sex and how to do it

Causes of sweet groans in bed

Some will be surprised how you can have sex without screams of passion heard by all neighbors? But many such an expression of feelings are incomprehensible due to another temperament, natural modesty or psychological clamps. The nature of this phenomenon as a whole is embedded in us genetically, but there are social reasons why the girls moan during intercourse.

The approach of orgasm

. This is a process, partly uncontrolled, signaling a partner about the imminent onset of discharge. But also girls can “adjust” themselves to orgasm, starting to moan long before his onset. Indeed, during such vocal support, the muscles of the press and the pelvic bottom are strained, which allows you to accelerate and get more strong pleasure to both participants.

Scientists claim that females of some monkeys shout when mating to show the male that the member has reached a depth sufficient for fertilization. This signal is recorded on the subcortex in males Homo sapiens. Female screams act on men excitingly, which means they are approaching the finish line. So, if the process is dragged out, you can pose to the vocal cords.

More passionate sex

, Why is they moaning during sex and how to do it

Many girls will confirm that even when you have long been together and sex no longer portends any unexpected turns, everything can be changed by just adding a little more voice. Firstly, even if it all started as usual, moans arouse the woman itself, her sensuality, she is more included in the process, which means that it can no longer be just fuss under the blanket. Secondly, a man draws attention to the fact that the partner is in a special mood today, which means that he is really good, and begins to give all his way to one hundred percent. Especially if you usually be silent, moans will give a feeling of novelty. We are not talking about imitation of orgasm, but about what is important to show your emotional involvement. The inclusion of the “voice regime” can change the course of the sexual scenario.

The best interaction of partners

No one can guess what exactly you like, people are not psychics. Of course, it will be best to discuss your preferences in the dialogue, but if this is not possible to do this, the groans will be very useful. Why be shy and hide what you feel, because both are much more pleasant and easier when there is a clear reaction to the actions of the partner. Going without words, in one voice, a woman can make it clear to the man that she is so for her pleasure, but this is not worth doing. Believe me, men are very grateful when partners actively express their contentment, because everyone is pleased when they are encouraged.

Stimulation of endorphins

The more groans, the happier we are! Remember when you were the last time you were pleasantly surprised. Beautiful view from the hotel window at sea, a delicious dish in a new restaurant, an unexpected meeting with an old friend. Most likely, from the splash of endorphins, the involuntary “ah!»Blind from your lips. The same in the bedroom – increasing the production of the hormone of happiness by heating itself with moans can serve as an answer to the question of why they scream during sex.

Self -expression

, Why is they moaning during sex and how to do it

Perhaps you are just a temperamental and liberated person, regardless of gender, and you can’t imagine how it could be otherwise. Or do you want to try on a new “loud” sexual role in the bedroom for you. There may be a very opposite situation, and you are quiet, who silently bite the edge of the pillow, which is also normal. In any case, express yourself as you are more comfortable.

Do men like it when girls moan?

Any natural (!) Men likes the behavior in bed, this is an axiom. The keyword here is natural. No need to portray a frantic passion, especially if you have never done it with him. In the event that a partner is familiar with you quite well, the playfulness for him will be obvious. If a man in a harsh form criticizes your emotions in bed, persistently asks to be more actively or vice versa, quieter, this is a reason to think about whether you with such a person.

How to learn to moan excitingly?

The recipe, how to moan correctly, does not exist. First, train at home with yourself. Watch a good erotic movie where the actresses have a voice set. Choose among them the tonality close to you and try to repeat. Be natural, do not try to do exactly.

, Why is they moaning during sex and how to do it

Develop your sensuality as a whole, touch yourself objects with different texture, for example, different pieces of fabric – from silk to fur. The body will react, but you do not hold back the impulse if you want to crumble or sigh quietly. At exhalation, just use your vocal cords. But do not be monotonous, add emotional coloring. When you decide to put the acquired skills in practice, begin to moan slightly from the moment of prelude, increasing the frequency and volume as events develop.

The inclusion of a voice in your bed practice can bring you to a new level of sensuality, because, as we wrote above, a lot in this mechanism enhances your pleasure receptors, the sensations become brighter, and experiences intense.

Grout in bed or not is only your choice, for which no one has the right to criticize you. You do not need to restrain yourself if such an expression of feelings for you is the norm (until it interferes with your neighbors). But also to adjust yourself to the standards of pop culture, which claims that the girls are required to moan is not worth it, just enjoy sex.

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