Wonderful sex after 50 … Experience, experience and experience again

Wonderful sex after 50 … Experience, experience and experience again.

, Wonderful sex after 50 … Experience, experience and experience again

At this age, a woman joins that very menopause when the opportunity to get pregnant “comes to naught”, but sexual attraction often flares up with renewed vigor. Unlike male. For this reason, some women at this age tend to have a young lover. Women with special pleasure have sex and often even “catch up” with everything that was “missed” in youth.

However, in a man at this age, sexual activity depends … on a woman. A man can feel not so confident in bed, since serious problems appear with an erection. At this age, it is necessary to lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle and openly discuss your problems with a partner. By the way, according to statistics, men over 55, who have regular sex at least 1 time per week, live longer and, of course, much more pleasant.

Sexual activity after 50 is not utopia. However, regular sexual sexual relations can interfere with ordinary laziness. Husband and wife live together for a long time, they were injured in each other and arranges a lot of them. A woman with age has sexual potential desire intensifies, but men are on the contrary, because for many years he had to be the initiator, and now it’s easier to watch TV, lie down on the sofa or sit on the Internet.

A man in this situation has a choice: a man can choose an active position in sex, or adapt to the opinion of the majority relative to age, and approaching with seven -mimic steps to old age.
If a man decides that age is not an obstacle for active sex after 50, then great opportunities are opening before him. A man at 30-40 years old is more busy with his career, he does not have enough effort and time for high-quality sex. By the age of 50, a man already knows what he wants and how and he is not so worried about some failures in bed.
You need to learn for yourself, sex after 50 requires consistency, dimensionality and regularity. By preserving sexual intimacy, both biological and social activity of the personality is extended.
It is no accident that long -livers are always happy in family life, and sex after 50 can be no less beautiful than in youth.

Sex rules 50+


Patience and labor
Alas, her flirty look, calls are no longer able to cause combat readiness for sex. At this age, a good erection is possible only with the help of direct stimulation of the genitals. Rather intense and long.  Viagra will help significantly.

Not to the finish

At 20, it was extremely difficult to control the ejaculation during intercourse. Now you can safely not remember this.  The older, the longer the ejaculation does not occur during sex. It is time to learn how to get a deep sensual pleasure from the very process of sex, without focusing on the result.

Only without panic 

If your sexual desires suddenly ceased to match the possibilities, then this does not mean at all that it is time to put a cross in your sexual life. As a rule, we are talking about temporary impotence. Perhaps you are just too often recently overturning the glass. Relax. And reduce your alcoholic diet. If sex has not died in your head, not everything is lost yet. Potency will most likely be restored.

Suitable poses
If the torso is in an upright position, a high -quality erection is obtained. Then the space for improvisation opens.  The best pose is when the partner is with your back, and breasts on the bed. Thus, the maximum freedom of friction and minimum physical activity appears. In addition, an effective stimulation of the point g is possible.

So if you do everything right, you will find a long, rich and interesting sexual life. The main thing is to monitor health, visit a doctor in time and not be afraid to diversify your “intimate space”.

And if it seems to you that there is no sex in 56-70 years, then you are deeply mistaken!

Naturally, remote feats are already unlikely to be possible, but the body is also quite capable of “reproduction” of orgasm. In addition, sex has a pronounced anti -aging effect on the body. You probably heard about the “age” fathers who conceived their kids after 60 years!

Medical studies confirm that long-term sexual life prolongs life, improves health, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, immunity.

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